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What Does Your Car Say about You? Unlocking the Unseen!

  • What your car brand says about you
  • Ray Sanders
  • 6 minutes

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Your choice of cars and car brands reflects what kind of person you are. You wouldn’t clearly go for a Jeep Wrangler if ‘roads’ are your thing. Likewise, a boring Toyota Camry cannot be your first pick if you enjoy the thrill of driving. All these choices are connected to your personality in some way or another. We’ve curated a list of some popular car makes and models available in the US and will shed some light on what driving these car brands says about you.  

What does driving a Porsche say about you? 


Do you drive a Porsche? You most probably have racing genes, somewhere hidden inside you, patiently waiting for them to unleash while you get your hands on a Porsche. Driving a Porsche is also a clear indicator that you hate garage queens and prefer your car to be driven to the core. Also, you’re ready to scream ‘911’ if asked about your idea of a one-car garage! 

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Drive a BMW? Here’s what it says about you! 


You have an array of luxury car options out there, and out of these, if you got your eyes stuck on those iconic kidney grills, you’re probably one of those who appreciate good design. You are also someone who values quality, enjoys the thrill of driving and prefers a car as your preferred mode of transport on every possible occasion. 

What does driving a Tesla say about you? 


Seems like they do! Tesla drivers don’t usually plan trips involving trailer hitches that compromise the range. Rather, they prefer the weekend getaway mode instead, thanks to the “Camp Mode,” which converts your car into a proper camping setup with a temperature and airflow-controlled cabin with features like music streaming, lighting, and charging facilities. Know more about Tesla drivers here! 

Reliable much? You drive an Accord! 


Driving a Honda Accord says that you are reliable, just like your car. Not just that, it is also an indicator that you’re smart with money, and someone who stays away from showing off their ride! You’re the master of understated elegance. And these are just a few! Click here to read more about some unique Honda Accord owner traits! 

What does driving a Toyota Prius say about you? 


The Prius might be a bit of a boring car, but that doesn’t make you a boring person. It, in fact, is a matter of pride to be able to say that you’ve made one of the best choices for the planet by choosing to drive one. Driving a Prius also says that you already have a gas guzzler at home and can’t afford a Tesla to balance it! 

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Drive an MX-5 Miata? You have great taste!  


Nobody knows this better than Miata owners, but small things can be just as good. The Miata is a fun car to drive around, making it the top pick for people who enjoy driving. Miata drivers not only have good taste but are also really smart with finances. The fact that you can get a brand new one for as little as $31k says a lot about the owner’s fiscal savvy.

Love going off the beaten path? You’re a Jeep driver! 


Jeeps are for rebels who choose to go off the road on weekend jaunts to the mountains. Driving a Jeep also says that you aren’t that concerned about the safety and are willing to go the extra mile for the thrill. All this adventure stuff aside, Jeep drivers are also super friendly, value brotherhood, and are part of communities with like-minded off-road enthusiasts!  

What does driving a Mustang say about you?


When you drive a Mustang, everyone sees and hears you coming, which makes it the perfect pick for drivers who want to grab attention! You’re also most likely to travel light, and alone, thanks to the “generous” space a Mustang offers its drivers. Driving a Mustang also says that you’ve got that I-don’t-care attitude and like a bit of danger in your life! 

Drive a Corvette? You’re nostalgic!  


Driving a Corvette says that you love to keep a bit of nostalgia in your garage! Many middle-aged Americans have their sights set on a Corvette, but they won’t be able to afford one until they’ve hit retirement age. Corvettes are also one of the most stolen classic cars, and you’re most likely to use your car alarm if you own one. 

What does driving a Subaru say about you? 


Driving a Subaru says that you love your car, and it equally loves you back. Research shows that people who drive Subarus are more likely to vote for Democrats like Joe Biden, so there’s that. You are also an outdoorsy person who is eager to discover uncharted regions. Subaru owners are fiercely brand loyal, and they love to brag about driving Subarus. 

Bonus: What does driving a Vespa say about you?


Vespa means “wasp” in Italian. But that doesn’t mean that the scooter or its owners are annoying like one. Driving a Vespa says a lot about you, like that you’re someone who appreciates the classic ’90s design. You’re also not too afraid of being cute and not concerned about the kind of respect that a much bigger vehicle commands. You have zero parking anxiety and enjoy the countless freedom a scooter provides! Long story short: You’re a free bird.

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