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What Happened to Bonnie and Clyde’s Car? Where Is It Now?

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They’re romanticized; they’re reviled. But there’s no arguing with the fact that Bonnie and Clyde are the most famous criminal duo in American history. Everyone’s fascinated by their lives, the way they died, and even what happened to the Bonnie and Clyde car after they died! The intrepid researchers at Way.com started digging around, and this is what they came up with. 

Pop culture loves Bonnie and Clyde. There have been at least three movies, including one starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway and a Netflix movie. There have been numerous pop songs written about Bonnie and Clyde and countless series made.


Their crimes were horrible and violent. They were thieves, kidnappers, and murderers. So what about them that has kept us going back for more? Why did these partners in crime and life become almost iconic?

To understand why they were such important players in history and in the 1930s, you must first understand the historical context of these crazy outlaws.

Simply put, they were regarded as folk heroes despite their actions, owing to America’s social and economic situation at the time. The impacts of the Great Depression were still gripping the United States in the 1930s, and practically everyone was experiencing the repercussions of the crashing economy. Because people were doing anything to avoid going hungry or losing their houses, crime was at an all-time high nationwide.

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That’s when Bonnie and Clyde started their crime spree. They were viewed as some kind of Robin Hoods, perhaps. After all, they were fighting cops and the FBI (then known as the Bureau of Investigation) as they fled across the country. Also, they sent money to their family whenever they had money. When they had nothing or were injured, they were helped by family, friends, and strangers alike.

Were Bonnie and Clyde real people?

Bonnie and Clyde were very real people with complex and sad backstories. Their romance was more than a touch weird. Also, their crime spree wasn’t as spectacular as legend has it, and pop culture makes it out to be.

Who were Bonnie and Clyde?

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker and Clyde Chestnut Barrow were a notorious American criminal duo who committed 21 months of crime from 1932 to 1934.


Clyde attempted to enlist in the United States Navy as a teenager. However, lasting effects from a catastrophic childhood sickness, possibly malaria or yellow fever, resulted in his medical rejection. It was a crushing blow for Clyde, who had “USN” tattooed on his left arm.

Bonnie excelled in creative writing and poetry writing in school. While imprisoned in 1932 for an attempted hardware store theft, she wrote a collection of ten odes titled “Poetry from Life’s Other Side.” This includes “The Story of Suicide Sal,” a poem about an innocent country girl enticed into a life of crime by her fiancé. Bonnie gave her mother a foreshadowing poem titled “The Trail’s End” two weeks before her death, which ended with the verse:

Bonnie and Clyde Death Poem

Were Bonnie and Clyde in love?

Bonnie Parker met the charismatic Clyde Barrow in Texas when she was 19 years old. Her husband (she married Roy Thornton when she was 16) was in prison for murder. Barrow was imprisoned for robbery shortly after they met. Parker paid him daily visits and smuggled a gun into prison to aid his escape. However, he was apprehended in Ohio and returned to prison. When Barrow was released on parole in 1932, he quickly reconnected with Parker. The couple then embarked on a life of crime together.


Bonnie was quite possibly the original ride-or-die chick. The term refers to a woman to embraces an ‘us-against-the-world’ relationship with her accomplice, even if their relationship is doome to end in tragedy.


Even though the pair fell in love, Bonnie actually never divorced her official husband, Thornton. On the day Bonnie and Clyde were slain in 1934, she was still wearing Thornton’s wedding ring. She had a tattoo of two interconnecting hearts labeled “Bonnie” and “Roy” on the inside of her right thigh.

How many people did Bonnie and Clyde kill?

They were supposed to have committed 13 murders and multiple robberies and burglaries until they were killed in 1934. Barrow, for example, was wanted for the murder of two police officers in Joplin, Missouri, as well as the kidnapping of a man and a woman in rural Louisiana.

Why were Bonnie and Clyde idolized?

Because they were done by a young, attractive couple in love, everyone idealized what were actually quite awful crimes. The fact that they weren’t married added a risqué element. They were ideal tabloid material. But because of public interest, they also made front-page news in legit newspapers.

The discovery of some charming photos Bonnie and Clyde took was another reason they became famous. It was essentially a few rolls of undeveloped film that the cops uncovered during a raid on a safe house. However, the cops analyzed the images, which were subsequently published in a local newspaper and transmitted over the wires. These photographs of Bonnie and Clyde helped them become celebrities.

Bonnie and Clyde Photos
Undeveloped photographs, left behind by the gang at a hideout, were taken as evidence by lawmen. Recovered from Bonnie and Clyde after their deaths on May 23, 1934. Credit FBI., CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The images were well received by the general audience. They portrayed the couple having fun with each other. In some photos, Bonnie pretended to shoot Clyde, sat on his shoulders, and, most famously, sat with a cigar between her teeth. There’s one of her with a revolver in her hand, looking like the ideal gun moll. This is how the public imagined Bonnie, even though she didn’t regularly handle guns and smoked cigarettes rather than cigars. Thanks to those photographs, they went from being mere local Texas outlaws to “criminal celebrities.”

What did Bonnie and Clyde do?

They mostly robbed gas stations, restaurants, and small-town banks in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Missouri. They’ve also kidnapped people, including their robbery victims and cops.


Clyde’s brother, Ivan M. “Buck” Barrow, was freed from Texas State Prison on March 23, 1933, when the governor gave him a full pardon. He joined Clyde and Bonnie shortly, bringing his wife, Blanche, with him. Along with W. D. Jones, Henry Methvin, Raymond Hamilton, Joe Palmer, Ralph Fults, and S J Whatley, they made up the Barrow gang. This gang carried out a series of daring robberies that grabbed national headlines. They evaded capture in a number of encounters with the law.

What was the reward for Bonnie and Clyde?

On Easter Sunday, April 1, 1934, Barrow and Methvin killed highway patrolmen H.D. Murphy and Edward Wheeler at the crossroads of Route 114 and Dove Road near Grapevine, Texas.


As public sentiment started turning against Bonnie and Clyde because of the Grapevine Murders, L.G. Phares, the head of the Highway Patrol, offered a $1,000 reward for “the dead bodies of the Grapevine slayers,” not their capture, just the bodies. Texas Governor Ma Ferguson increased the incentive to $500 for each of the two killers.

Who killed Bonnie and Clyde?

Texas Ranger Captain Frank Hamer and Texas Officer Maney Gault killed Bonnie and Clyde on May 23, 1934.

How did Bonnie and Clyde die?

On May 23, 1934, posse-hunting Bonnie and Clyde set up an ambush along Louisiana State Highway 154. Fearing for his family’s safety, their associate Henry Methvin’s father, Ivy, consented to help the posse. Ivy was told to park his truck on the major road into town and pretend to change a tire.

Bonnie and Clyde sped down the road in their car, a Ford V-8, at 9:15 a.m. but slowed to assist Ivy. Hamer had wanted to capture them alive, but the plot fell apart when a logging truck came, forcing one deputy to open fire. Bonnie and Clyde reached for their firearms, and it all went south from there. The cops decisively concluded the conflict by firing 167 bullets and buckshot at Bonnie and Clyde.

What car did Bonnie and Clyde drive?

The Bonnie and Clyde death car is a 1934 Ford Model 40 B Fordor Deluxe sedan. The car was faster than most police cars at that time, making it the ideal getaway vehicle. The interior had a leather finish. The 1934 model featured a few changes that distinguished it from prior models. It was equipped with a 3.6 liter Flathead V8 engine (the first Ford vehicle equipped with a V8) and a 3-speed sliding-mesh manual transmission.

greyloch, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Ford V8 that they drove in while they were killed was tan-colored.

Where is Bonnie and Clyde’s car?

The original Bonnie and Clyde death car is as difficult to locate today as when the duo was still alive. The car’s legitimacy is complicated. This is due to a large number of fake death automobiles on display, the majority of which are from Warner Bros.’ 1967 film “Bonnie and Clyde.”

where is the bonnie and clyde car
                                              Image by Al Pavangkanan via https://flic.kr/p/ed3B84

Bonnie and Clyde’s death car is currently on display at the Primm Valley Resort & Casino in Primm, Nevada, which is 35 miles south of Las Vegas. It is parked close to the main cashier cage on the luxurious carpet. It comes with some letters attesting to its legitimacy. There are also a few relics, such as Clyde’s bloody and bullet-riddled clothing when he and Bonnie were attacked and killed.

Bonnie and Clyde’s Death Car was relocated from Nevada to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Museum in California until February 2022, where it was part of the “FBI: From Al Capone to Al Qaeda” display.

How many bullet holes were in Bonnie and Clyde’s car?

Bonnie and Clyde’s car is reported to have a whopping 112 bullet holes!

Where are Bonnie and Clyde buried?

Both Bonnie and Clyde are buried in Dallas, Texas. While Bonnie is buried in Crown Hill Memorial Park, Clyde’s grave is in the Western Heights Cemetery.

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