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What is a Legal Tint in Michigan? Exceptions and Penalties

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The DMV lays out the rules on legal tint in Michigan after consideration. Not every tint is legal, and there are some restrictions too. The laws are stronger in Michigan than in other states due to the rising number of accidents, and collisions, especially at night. Therefore, you need to know the rules, the exceptions, and the penalties before tinting your car windows. 

Regardless of the laws, tinting your windows can cost you a lot in Michigan. So you must know the restrictions and exceptions you must keep in mind before you spend money. Also, Michigan Laws clearly explain the dos and don’ts of tinting your windows. Here’s everything you need to know about the legal tint in Michigan. 

What is a Legal Tint in Michigan? Exceptions and Penalties

What is a legal tint in Michigan?

Please know what a legal tint in Michigan is and what is not. You need to remember some important laws before tinting your car windows. 

According to the Michigan Window Tint Law, you may tint your side windows and front and rear glass only to a certain percentage. The law states that you must not tint the passenger and driver’s windows more than 35% VLT. 

VLT refers to Visible Light Transmission or the amount of light that can pass through glass. Hence, it is always best to keep the VLT high for better visibility. 

Also, as a responsible owner, please ensure that the tint from the top of the windshield, for both driver and passenger side, should be more than 4% VLT. 

The following rules decide a legal tint in Michigan: 

  • Your windows should not have any stickers, posters, or films obstructing the view from the outside. 
  • You must only use films that prevent 35% of solar reflection or more, in gold or silver colors. 
  • Yours is a legal tint in Michigan only if you use it within 5-6 inches and not beyond the AS-1 mark that your manufacturer puts. 
  • You may use darker window tints that do not block views from either side. 
  • As a responsible car owner, you must refrain from using any illegal object other than a film. 
  • Do not use stickers to prove your tint supplier’s identity. 

What is a Legal Tint in Michigan? Exceptions and Penalties

Exceptions on a legal tint in Michigan 

There are exceptions on a legal tint in Michigan, which you need to check. MCL 257.709(3) mentions these exceptions. Some of them are: 

  • You may increase the tint percentage on your windows if you suffer from acute skin diseases. 
  • Similarly, you must go for a special window if you are under treatment for specific and rare skin conditions. 
  • Consequently, use a legal tint in Michigan for your car’s side windows. The DMV must accept the medical certificate, too, to exclude you from using a tint. 
  • Also, remember to carry a medical certificate if you have any other valid reason for not using a legal tint in Michigan. 
  • These laws do not apply to any cars that belong to other states that you are driving in Michigan. 
  • For the backseat windows, you may use gold, silver, or decorative tints. However, make sure you use a normal tint for your front windows. 

Penalties for not using a legal tint in Michigan 

Remember, Michigan’s penalties for not using a legal tint are huge. You get an exemption for the first violation, a fix-it ticket. After that, you may have to pay a fee of $25 as a penalty. Repeating the same offense makes you give up two points on your driving record. 

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