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What Is an OBS Truck? Here’s All You Need to Know! 

  • Cars Explained
  • Ray Sanders
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You are somebody who has been following the automotive scene for quite a long time now; you must have heard the term OBS Truck. But what does an OBS Truck Mean? This article explains what it is and how to build one.  

What is An OBS Truck? 

So, OBS simply means Old Body Style. This refers to the boxy truck designs that American manufacturers adopted in the trucks they produced during the 90s and early 2000s. However, this peculiar design language isn’t the only thing that got OBS trucks this name. Factors like production year have also played a key role in this nomenclature.  

What makes an OBS Truck an OBS Truck? 

Enthusiasts point out that only trucks manufactured in the 1990s (precisely, after 1988) till 2000 are eligible for the OBS categorization. Since subsequent truck releases generally adhered to a New Body Style (NBS), they were not included in the OBS group. Likewise, OOBS (Old, Old Body Style) is another truck category used to differentiate OBS trucks from the trucks produced in years prior to 1988. 

An OBS Truck must be made in the United States as another defining characteristic. Though that isn’t stringent of a norm, we can see that trucks manufactured by GMC, Chevrolet, and Ford dominated the OBS scene, giving no chance to any overseas manufacturer to invade that territory. Of these three, Chevy stayed on top with their C/K line, which is considered OG OBS Trucks.  

What is an OBS Truck?

What are the best mods to perform on an OBS Truck? 

Classics have always had a prominent place amongst petrolheads and collectors; the same is true with OBS trucks. The latest trend is to unearth some classic OBS Truck models and tastefully modify them. Aesthetic mods are commonly seen in these vehicles. Here’s a list of some, and we hope it’ll come in handy when you buy one for yourself.  

Paintjob and exterior mods 

OBS Trucks were produced in the 90s, and there’s a slim chance they’ll have the same sheen as they were new. Getting a custom paint job done on your truck is a surefire way to make it look miles better than it does now.  

Choose a paint shade that matches your taste. For example, if you love flashy and shining cars, go for a glossy paint job. Else, you could even opt for matte paint or a regular single or dual-tone hue. In case you’re not a fan of mods, just repaint your truck to its original shade to retain the classic look. Matching window tints can also be a great choice. 

Custom fender tubs can be a great accessory for stanced trucks. They look cool and offer great functionality by protecting the front tires from damage. 


What tires should you use on an OBS Truck? 

Tires are one of the most important components that improve a vehicle’s overall appearance. Getting an oversized tire with a raised suspension or low-profile tires with a stanced setup would go well with the overall aesthetics of an OBS Truck. This mod gives massive road presence, which screams out, “Make Way!!” 

Performance mods 

Installing a custom exhaust system can help elevate the acoustics as well as the performance of your OBS Truck to a whole new level. A good cat-back exhaust from a brand like Flowmaster would be a great pick. Also, free-flow exhausts are the best pick if you want a deeper, more ominous rumble from the back. 

Modifications such as a new gearbox, suspension system, an aftermarket intake manifold, and brake upgrades can also boost your truck’s ride and performance.  

What are some of the best interior mods for an OBS Truck? 

Performing interior modifications like new seats, a custom dashboard, a sportier steering wheel, and roof linings make sure that it goes well with the refreshed exterior of the car. Again, this is subjective and should totally depend upon the owner’s personal interests.  

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What are some of the popular OBS Trucks? 

Chevrolet and GMC C/K trucks 

1995-96 Chevrolet C/K: IFCAR, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The C/K line of trucks, manufactured between 1988 and 1998 by Chevrolet and GMC, is considered the OG Old Body Style Trucks. They include both heavy-duty as well as medium-duty trucks. In case you’re wondering what C and K are, C stands for two-wheel-drive, and K stands for trucks equipped with a four-wheel drive system. These vehicles were based on the fourth-generation C/K platform called the GMT400. This platform was later replaced by GMT800, which didn’t find much acceptance from the general public. 

Some of the popular GMT400-based vehicles are: 

  • Chevrolet C/K 
  • GMC Sierra 
  • GMC Yukon 
  • GMC Suburban 
  • Chevrolet Suburban 
  • Chevrolet Tahoe 
  • Chevrolet Blazer 

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Ford F-Series 

Ford F250 XL: LukaCali, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The 7th generation F-Series (F-150, F-250, and F-350), produced from 1980 to 1986, is a good candidate for the OBS Truck classification because of its boxy design and flat body panels. They were available in V6, V8, and Inline-6 powertrains.  

With a distinct grille with a huge Ford badging and 17 different color options, and a handful of trim levels to choose from, the F series had a lot of takers back then and even now on the pre-owned car market. 

Custom/Base, FS, Ranger, XL, Ranger XLT, Ranger XLS, Ranger Lariat, XLT Lariat, Explorer, and the Eddie Bauer Edition (1985) are the various trim levels in which the F-series came out.  

Should you buy an OBS Truck? 

Now that you’ve got an answer to an OBS Truck and how to customize one to perfection, you may wonder if you really need one. If you have a thing for classic cars, and an insatiable desire to keep these machines from the 1990s alive, we say you should go for it. 

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