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What Is No License Car Insurance? How to Get It?

  • Tips & Trips
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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Is there a thing called no license car insurance? Can you get a permit without any car insurance? What happens if you get car insurance without any proof? Are there any risks of going for auto insurance without any such proof? 

There are some mandatory questions you must consider asking yourselves before getting your car insurance. In the same way, you must also know the penalties and ways to stay away from them. Here’s everything you need to know about no license car insurance. 

What is a no license car insurance?

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Why should you go for no license car insurance? 

Getting car insurance with no license is something risky to do. However, you may need the license in some emergencies. Here are some situations you may need car insurance but may not have a license: 

  • You should get car insurance if you have a learner’s permit. 
  • You have a license holder in the family who can’t afford to pay their insurance. 
  • You use or car rarely or don’t use it at all. 
  • You must go for car insurance if you can’t drive under any particular circumstances and need assistance driving. 
  • You are only a temporary driver and must return the car soon.
  • You need to stop the coverage lapse. 

How to get no license car insurance? 

Now that you know what no license car insurance is, here are some of the easiest ways you can get one: 

Add another person as the primary driver 

The primary driver may not always be the owner of the car. For instance, one of your closest family members can make you the primary driver due to acute health issues. In such a situation, though they may transfer the car ownership to you, you may consider it as being a caretaker of the car for some time. Remember that if you become a vehicle owner without any license, you may have to pay higher insurance. 

Could you remove yourself from an existing policy?

The best way to get no license car insurance is to remove your name from the list of drivers. Removing your name from an existing policy means less risk if the car involves an accident. However, failing to remove your name from the list of drivers can also mean that you may end up paying hefty amounts of money. 

Add a co-owner for your car. 

You may have more time to get car insurance without a valid license. Therefore, one of the easy tips to follow is to add another person as the co-owner of your car. If you don’t have a license, the company may mostly disapprove you from becoming your car owner.  

In any case, if you get a license soon after buying the car, then you may talk to the provider. After that, they may change your name from co-owner to an owner. 

You can go for a storage policy. 

You can apply for storage if your car is parked until it gets insurance. You can apply for a storage policy if your car is parked until it gets insurance. Storage coverage will be better since you can get your car covered when you keep the car in the garage. Not giving your car enough attention until you get your license is dangerous. With a storage policy, you get the needful coverage or fair coverage. 

Consider buying an SR-22 certificate. 

An SR-22 is a preventive measure if the DMV catches your car on no-license car insurance. However, ensure that your provider gives you this certificate and auto insurance. Also, ensure to buy the license separately if you aren’t eligible. 

Is it expensive to get no license car insurance? 

Yes, getting no license car insurance can be expensive if you lack the proper experience. 

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