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What is road trip car insurance and why do I need it?

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The fall season‚Äôs right around the corner,¬†and you know what that means – time for a road trip! Knowing that you’re¬†covered¬†if¬†anything goes wrong¬†is sure to make¬†for a stress-free travel experience. Simple advice: sort out your car insurance before you travel. That’s why we’ve rounded up¬†the top tips on¬†road trip car insurance, just for you!¬†So,¬†whether you’re¬†deciding to¬†add¬†roadside assistance¬†or¬†updating your¬†insurance¬†coverage¬†just before¬†you head out, we’ve got you covered! Read on to know more.¬†

Standard Insurance Policies

Let’s get the basics out of the way – you purchase car insurance to cover any damage to yourself or your car while driving. A¬†standard insurance policy¬†provides you coverage across every state in America, and¬†what’s more, rises to meet the legal limits of any other state you’re driving in. Only two¬†states in America don’t require car insurance (New Hampshire and Virginia). We highly recommend that you have a minimum¬†standard¬†car insurance plan¬†in place.¬†

Cross-Border Coverage

Are you planning a road trip to Canada or Mexico? Car insurance companies¬†provide coverage¬†that includes America’s neighboring countries.¬†It’s always a good idea to call your insurer to verify your international coverage status before getting on the open road, however. Some of the more affordable insurance policies¬†may not extend their cover to Mexico and Canada, so check ahead. Opt for¬†car insurance for your overseas travel.


Add Roadside Assistance

You never know when you could be stuck on the interstate with a flat tire or worse, close to running out of fuel. That’s where roadside assistance comes to your aid.¬†Some policies include¬†roadside assistance services, while others have them as add-ons for an additional price. Get temporary roadside cover before your road trip. This coverage is ideal when you’re stuck on a deserted highway or at a motel with a cold engine that won’t start. Getting roadside assistance is definitely worth the few extra dollars. A single claim will more than makeup for the amount spent!¬†¬†

Consider Increasing Your Coverage

Although it isn’t common practice to adjust your¬†auto insurance coverage¬†before you go on a road trip, it sure will give you¬†peace of mind! If you’re the kind of person that works from home and end up spending little time on the road in general, it might be a good idea to opt for increased coverage while on your road trip.¬†The minimum coverage¬†(the average is around $5,000) is hardly enough to cover¬†even¬†minor collision costs, so think twice before you skip on that opportunity to increase your coverage.¬†¬†


Road Trip Insurance Coverage Options

You might want to consider these options when looking for road trip insurance: 

  • Collision Coverage:¬†Collision coverage covers any damage borne by your vehicle in the case of any accidents. If you happen to be involved in¬†an unfortunate accident¬†and don’t have collision coverage, the insurance company will not be able to compensate you for any losses incurred.¬†Make sure you get yourself covered!¬†¬†
  • Comprehensive Coverage:¬†This type of coverage protects you from a host of possible situations like theft, environmental damage,¬†and¬†vandalism. The insurance company will¬†honor your claim¬†if your car is stolen.¬†
  • Roadside Assistance:¬†It is most definitely worth the extra dollars spent. Adding¬†roadside assistance will protect you from¬†pesky car lockouts to flat tires and fuel delivery. ¬†
  • Trip Insurance: Many insurance companies offer travel or trip-specific insurance. It is an ideal option if your trip gets canceled at the last minute. These trip-specific insurance policies come with included roadside assistance services.¬†

Final Verdict

It is¬†entirely¬†up to you¬†whether to renew¬†or upgrade¬†your¬†car insurance before¬†your road trip. Some people¬†choose to¬†have sufficient coverage throughout the road trip. Some others feel the need¬†to upgrade¬†their¬†coverage¬†plan.¬†If¬†you’re¬†going on a road trip to a new¬†and unfamiliar¬†state,¬†auto¬†insurance¬†limits¬†will increase to match¬†the minimum legal limits in¬†the¬†state¬†you’re traveling to. Dont¬†forget to check your policy or call your¬†insurance¬†provider¬†to¬†upgrade¬†your insurance¬†coverage before your road trip!


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