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What Is the Arkansas Tint Law and Why Is It Important?

  • Car Care Tips
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 4 minutes

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The Arkansas tint law 2022 is a major update you need to know before you tint your car windows in the ‘bear state.’ These laws explain what percentage of tint is allowed and what kind of tint you should use. With markets introducing new kinds of tints every year, it is important to know which suits your car the best. Therefore, remember to check the laws before tinting your car windows.¬†

Violating the Arkansas tint law leads to hefty penalties. You must also know the percentage of tint you may use for your car and follow the guidelines. Here’s everything you should know about your car tints, and their legalities, in Arkansas. 

What Is the Arkansas Tint Law and Why Is It Important?

Why was the Arkansas Tint Law introduced?  

The risk of driving with window tints is very high in Arkansas or any other state. However, having the wrong kind of tint can make driving risky and make it difficult to get a full view of the road. The Arkansas tint law came into force in 1993 and emphasized the percentage of darkness allowed for your car window tints. 

Knowing the Arkansas Tint Law helps you drive safely within the state and to avoid accidents or other mishaps. The tint laws and penalties vary depending on the kind of vehicle you own. Therefore, adhering to the law and choosing the right tint for your cars while driving through Arkansas is important. 

What does the Arkansas Tint Law state? 

The Arkansas tint law elaborates on the tint percentage for the type of vehicle you own. Also, this law mainly checks the vehicles using the right kinds of tint with the right amount of VLT (Visible Light Transmission). While using tints, you must ensure that these provide adequate visibility from the outside and take professional help while installing them. 

Here’s the breakdown of the law and some essential things you need to take care of while choosing your tints: 

Tint laws for multipurpose vehicles 

If you own a multipurpose vehicle, you must use a simple anti-reflection tint. Similarly, make sure to place the tint five inches above the windshield. Also, the window tints for the side front and back windows should have at most 10% darkness. Similarly, the percentage of tint reflection should be zero. Finally, please also make sure that you go for non-metallic tints for the front side and back windows. 

Tint laws for passenger vehicles 

The Arkansas tint law is almost identical for passenger and multipurpose vehicles. Even if you are driving a passenger vehicle, the side-front and side-back tints you use should be non-metallic. This tint law also means that the tints you use should let in at least 25% of light and provide good visibility. 

Laws for drivers with medical exemptions 

The Arkansas DMV gives you some medical exemptions and allows you to use darker tints in some cases. However, you need a medical certificate from a physician certifying your disease, mentioning the need for darker tints.  

Remember that your medical certificates in Arkansas for using darker tints are valid only for three years. Also, medical exemptions don’t mean that you may drive your vehicles without tints. If you have a medical certificate, your vehicle needs 50% tint for the windshield, 20% for the side windows, and 10% for the front windows. 

What Is the Arkansas Tint Law and Why Is It Important?

Arkansas Tint Law Penalties 

Make sure you follow the rules set by the DMV while choosing your tints or additional layers. Also, going for the darker or wrong tints without prior permission may cost you a lot. As per the law, if you use dark or wrong tints, you may have to pay a fine of $1000 or undergo three months of imprisonment. 

Things to keep in mind while tinting your car windows in Arkansas 



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