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What Is the Average 2-Car Garage Sq Ft?

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Do you own two cars and wonder whether your average 2-car garage sq. ft. will fit them in? The size of your car garage is crucial if you want a seamless entry from the driveway. In this blog, let’s find out the standard dimensions of a 2-car garage. By getting deeper into the sizing details, you’ll know which 2-car garage size is best for you and your vehicles.¬†

Average 2 car garage sq ft

What can you store inside a 2-car garage? 

It is the size of the vehicles that decide what can fit inside a 2-car garage. A two-car garage is typically adequate for two cars. Additionally, the walls can serve as a place to keep things like bikes, ladders, garden tools, trash cans, bin shelving, etc.  

In a 24′ x 24′ garage, for instance, there would be plenty of room for a workbench, which would come in handy for any home improvement or leisure pursuits. With a big garage, you’ll have enough space¬†to spread out while you work on your hobby, install shelves on both walls, and still have plenty of clearance for opening and closing your car doors. ¬†

How many sq ft is the average 2-car garage? 

The standard garage size for a 2-car garage can be 360 sq ft (18′ x 20′), 400 sq ft (20′ x 20′), 484 sq ft (22′ x 22′), 576 sq ft (24′ x 24′), or 720 sq ft (24′ x 30′) square feet. In order to calculate the perfect square footage for a 2-car garage, you will need to measure out your desired space, taking into account the dimensions of your vehicles, the amount of storage space you require, and any other amenities you might want, such as a workbench or sink.¬†

What are the different ways to effectively use your storage space? 

You can use the following tips to utilize the garage space effectively. 

Use hanging shelves

Shelves that can be hung from the ceiling are a convenient way to save floor space while still providing a place to stack boxes and other objects.  

Hang clothes, luggage, and even some toolboxes

Tucked-up clothes, luggage, and even some toolboxes against a wall help in freeing up a lot of room. 

What is the minimum sq ft for a 2-car garage? 

If all you need is to park your car and not fit anything inside, then the minimum possible dimension is 360 sq ft (18′ x 20′). It can be a tight fit, depending on the dimensions and design of your automobiles. It is possible to park smaller to average-sized cars with extreme caution.¬†

If both of your cars are larger than average, you might have trouble opening both doors at once. This is especially true if you have side shelves installed. If you need space for trucks and SUVs, you should build accordingly. 

What is the right size for a 2-car garage? 

There is no fixed right size that fits all. Based on the variations in requirements, the size required will vary. If the right garage size means plenty of room to park your cars, open and close the doors, install shelving, and even fit a workbench, the best size is 24 feet by 24 feet. A 24′ x 24′ 2-car garage gives you. However, the best size for parking a heavy-duty truck and other large vehicles is 24′ x 30′.¬†

A two-car garage is the most cost-effective solution for storing your cars. Benefits will accrue immediately, and you’ll get a return on your investment if and when you decide to sell the home. ¬†

What are the different factors that affect garage sizing? 

When planning and building a garage, there are several factors to consider. First, let’s examine the major factors:¬†¬†

Garage height 

Not only do you need to make sure your vehicles can fit through the door, but you also need to think about things like overhead storage, lighting, and garage door mechanisms when planning the height of your garage. Antennas, the highest point on most vehicles, should also be considered. 

Garage width 

Even if your vehicle¬†has a parking sensor, you’ll still need some space to maneuver in the garage. After all, nobody likes having to squeeze out the door and possibly scratch the finish. In addition, vehicle maintenance is simplified with the right amount of clearance. Finally, when deciding on a width, remember that most people also utilize their garages as storage space.¬†

Each garage door must be at least 1.4 feet from the adjacent wall. So, remember to account for this when measuring for a two-car garage. 

Garage depth 

If you place your car in the garage properly, you’ll have plenty of room to maneuver around it. When planning a garage, depth is an often-ignored factor. Remember that you’ll most likely need to use the additional space in front of your vehicle for storage.¬†

The purpose for which the garage is used 

There’s more to a garage than merely parking a car in there. Car repair, metalworking, woodworking, and other hobbies are just some of the many uses homeowners find for their garages. Plan ahead for the additional storage and working space you’ll require if you intend to use your garage for purposes other than parking cars.¬†

How can you calculate the average 2-car garage sq ft? 

Time to know if your garage fits perfectly for parking your new and old car. It’s not as hard as you imagine to determine how many square feet your garage is. In that case, let’s take a trip back in time to high school and recollect the area formula, which is:¬†

Area = Length (L) x Width (W) 

Substitute the value of your garage’s length and width in the above formula to find the area of your garage. 

How can you perfectly park in a small car garage? 

Have no fear if you need to park two cars in your garage but only have a tiny space. Parking strategically allows you to make the best use of the available area. Because of the high costs and lengthy construction period, expanding your garage should be the last resort. 

Here are some tips to safely park your cars: 

  • Park the two cars either side to side or front to back.¬†
  • Optimize your garage storage space to provide more room for your vehicles.¬†
  • Use DIY techniques like the installation of highly visible reflective tape on garage walls in alignment with a reference point on the car.¬†
  • Set up better lighting in your garage.¬†
  • Mount wall bumpers on your garage to protect your vehicle.¬†

Get the right auto insurance to protect your car from damages caused due to garage operations and enjoy the benefits. 

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