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What is the best option for one-week parking at LAX?

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Gerard Stevens
  • 5 minutes

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Flying out of LAX for a week or more? If you’re driving down to the airport, you’ll need to find a place to park your car for the long term. You know how hard is it to find onsite parking at LAX if you live in Los Angeles or the surrounding metropolitan areas.

Though the pandemic adversely impacted the aviation industry, LAX Airport was still one of the world’s busiest airports, with around 28 million passengers using the airport’s terminals annually in 2020.

Currently, the airport offers onsite parking only at the Central Terminal Area (CTA) Parking. CTA Parking doesn’t offer reserved parking, so getting a long-term parking spot will be nearly impossible if you don’t plan. Be aware that parking at LAX doesn’t come cheap! 

There are many offsite garages and lots that offer long-term parking near the airport. So what is the best option if you want to have a week’s parking at LAX? Here’s what you need to know! 

Cheapest long term parking at LAX

Where to park at LAX airport

The CTA Parking area offers around 7,000 parking spaces across eight parking structures located across the passenger terminals. You can use CTA parking for free for the first 15 minutes. Using daily parking at this lot charges you $40 per day. So, if you’re planning to park your car for a week in this lot, it will cost you $280. 

Daily parking rate Р$40 

Weekly parking rate Р$280 

Economy C and E lots are temporarily closed. Parking in CTA is allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. Since there is no reserved parking or valet parking, ensure you reach the airport earlier to get your parking spot.  

Offsite parking near LAX Airport 

Are you tired of looking for parking spots while you fly out of LAX? Do you find parking at LAX expensive? You needn’t worry! Many offsite garages and hotel parking near the airport offer daily and weekly parking at cheaper rates. Here’s some info on the offsite parking options you could give a try! 

parking at LAX

Some offsite parking options you can check out

105 LAX Airport Parking

This parking lot is located off Sepulveda Blvd. and just south of I-105. The lot is around one mile from LAX Airport. 105 LAX Airport Parking operates 24/7 and offers daily parking at $14.59 per day. So, a week’s parking at this lot costs you around $72.95.

The covered parking structure offers other amenities like free round-trip airport shuttle services, 24/7 security, camera surveillance, and more.   

Value Park LAX Airport Parking

Located at 9920 South La Cienega Boulevard, Inglewood, the lot is two miles away from the airport. This lot offers daily parking at $13.49 per day, and you can get weekly parking for $67.45. Value Park lot operates 24/7 and offers amenities like complimentary shuttle services, round-the-clock security, 24-hour lot attendants, and more. 

Express LAX Long Term Airport Parking

This covered parking lot is located at 9920 South La Cienega Boulevard, Inglewood. Express LAX parking lot is just two miles away from the airport. This lot offers daily parking at $13.95 per day, and you can get weekly parking for $69.75.

The parking comes with amenities like 24-hour security, free shuttle services, accessible parking, and more. 

Fairfield Inn & Suites LAX Airport Parking

This hotel parking is located at 525 North Pacific Coast Highway, El Segundo. Daily parking starts at $12.95 per day, and weekly parking costs you $64.75. The lot offers 24-hour security and a free round-trip airport shuttle service.  

Aloft Hotel LAX Airport Parking

Located at 475 N Sepulveda Blvd, El Segundo, this hotel parking is around 1.2 miles away from LAX Airport. Daily parking starts at $9.95 per day, and weekly parking costs you around $49.75. The parking lot offers contactless parking, free round-trip airport shuttles, 24-hour security, and more.  

Tip: Offsite parking rates start as low as $2 per day. However, the lots seem to get filled up fast. So, always pre-book your parking spot. You can always use the Way.com app or website to book offsite LAX airport parking for cheap rates!  

parking at LAX

Parking at LAX: Tips to follow 

  • Currently, you can only park at the CTA Parking area if you are particular about onsite parking. Daily parking charges you $40, and weekly parking costs you $280.¬†¬†
  • There is no reserved and valet parking in CTA currently.¬†
  • Never lose your parking ticket. You will have to pay $40 if the vehicle is parked for more than a day. ¬†
  • Always check the parking rates in offsite garages and lots before you travel to LAX Airport. There are many offsite lots and hotel parking near the airport, which offer lower long-term parking rates.¬†

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