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What Is the Cost of a Car Air Filter Replacement?

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  • Natasha Young
  • 4 minutes

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If you want to keep your engine clean, you need an air filter. Because of its consistent usage, the filter gets cloggy quickly. Your vehicle’s performance may suffer if the air filter is full of dirt. It starts malfunctioning and prevents enough air from reaching the engine. An air filter replacement is often overlooked by many. But it is super important to do so if you wish to maintain your car. Read to know more about the importance and cost of a car air filter replacement. 

cost of car air filter replacement

What is a car air filter? 

Your engine takes in the air just like you do. You take in air through your nose, but your car takes in air through its air intake system. This set of plastic tubes brings air from outside your car into the engine. The air intake system of your engine starts with a simple filter, usually made of paper.  It ensures that your engine only gets clean air, with no dust or other particles that could hurt sensors or the engine itself.  

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What will happen if you don’t replace the air filter in your car’s engine? 

If you breathe in dirty air, what happens? You cough, sputter, and breathe in the dirt. The same happens to your engine if you don’t change the air filter. The engine might get noisy. You might lose speed or gas mileage. The check engine light may come on, especially if your engine misfires or shows a “lean” condition, which means your mass air flow sensor is contaminated or has completely stopped working. A dirty air filter can lead to bigger problems, but it is easy and cheap to replace. 

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How long does it take for a car’s air filter replacement? 

A mechanic will only need a short amount of time to change this filter, maybe half an hour. You can get it done from a lube shop while you wait to get the oil changed. The same time applies when you are doing it yourself. 

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What is the cost of car air filter replacement? 

A replacement air filter may be bought for as little as $40, and at most auto shops will cost you between $80 and $100.  

Air filters may cost anywhere from $20 to $25 on average (though this can vary widely depending on the model), and labor can cost anywhere from $20 to $40 (again, this can vary greatly depending on the amount of time it takes).  

You can save around $50 by replacing the air filter by yourself, but you shouldn’t attempt this unless you’re familiar with your car’s make and model. 

Factors that influence the cost

The make and type of the vehicle determine surprisingly little of the total price tag. If you do a web search for a replacement filter, the first results will be for the more expensive filters perfect for “exclusive” brands like BMW. If you keep looking, you should be able to find a suitable replacement filter at a more reasonable price. 

The greatest variation in cost will occur between different varieties of filters. The disposable, less expensive paper filters are available for $10 to $30. When one breaks, you must go out and get a brand-new one. 

The higher-end filters, which are washable and can be reused, cost $40 or more. For repeated cleaning and reuse, these filters are made out of high quality. Filters that can be reused can save you money throughout your vehicle’s lifespan, but they cost twice as much as disposable filters. 

Air filters come in various shapes and sizes, and these variations are often reflected in the names and descriptions of the filters themselves. Only one particular brand, kind of car, and year may use a “vehicle-specific” fit. In contrast, the “universal fit” filters are suitable for use in various vehicles of varying sizes and shapes. 

cost of car air filter replacement

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