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What Can I Use to Clean Car Tires? All the Info You Need to Know

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Many of us do regular car cleaning to keep it tidy and shining. But is it enough to clean the windshields, body, or the interior alone? Not really. One vital part that requires a regular cleaning routine for proper maintenance is the tires!  

Whenever the tires touch the road, your car’s tires and wheels gather a lot of dirt and mud. It also collects fine shavings from the rotors and layers of brake-pad dust. Brake dust and road salt can easily threaten the life of tires. Tire manufacturers and installers recommend that you should clean the car’s tires and wheels at least once a week to maintain its look and performance.  

Spare some time weekly, and you can prevent the tires from getting wear and tear. The fact is that cleaning tires are an easy and inexpensive process. Know all about some products that you can use to clean car tires.

What can I use to clean my tires? 

There are few tools and materials required to clean car tires. Some of the tools needed are a bucket, hose and spray nozzle, clean and dry towels, pressure washer, bristled brush, lug-nut brush, wheel brush, and foam pads.  The materials required for cleaning tires are warm water, dish soap/mild degreaser, wheel cleaner, wheel wax, and baking soda.  

There are also several commercial tire cleaners available. We’ll be taking a closer look at some of them in this blog.

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Top five tire cleaners you can use

Here we list some of the products you can use to get clean car tires.

1. Meguiar’s G7516 Endurance Tire Gel

Use Meguiar's G7516 Endurance Tire Gel to clean car tires
                                 Image courtesy: https://www.amazon.com/

Meguiar’s is famous for producing superior car care products. Their products are priced somewhere between mid-range and high-end, and they are indisputably superior to most of the competition. They are typically more well-formulated than other products in their price range. It is a tire gel rather than a spray and must be applied using a waxing pad or a sponge. The gel resists water and rain and protects the tires from UV rays and browning. The gel dries quickly and makes tires very shiny. You need to swipe 1-2 times, and it may last for a month, depending on how you wash your car. The major downside is that it doesn’t come with an applicator and has the reputation of slinging off chemicals when overapplied.

2. Car Guys Tire Shine Spray

Clean car tires using Car Guys Tire Shine Spray
                            Image courtesy: https://www.carguysdetail.com/

You can use this thick, anti-sludge spray on the tires with a microfiber cloth or a normal spray. It sticks onto the tire surface, preventing runoff and sling when driving at high speeds when sprayed. Directly spraying it gives the wheels a shiny look. The main advantages are that the spray comes with an applicator and is reasonably priced. It can easily remove dirt, grease, and brake dust and offers a high glow to the tires.

3. Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner

Adam’s Deep Wheel Cleaner
                           Image courtesy: https://adamspolishes.com/

Use this product if you want to remove heavy brake dust. It comes in a spray bottle and changes the brake dust color to purple before falling off. The cleaner is apt for an extensive range of wheel finishes like powder-coated, clear-coated, alloy, chrome, and painted wheels as it dissolves metallic contamination. Its acid-free and pH-neutral formula makes it safe for skin and clear coats on wheels. The major drawback is that the bottle won’t last long, and some people may find its odor unpleasant.

4. Black Magic Wet Tire Foam

Black Magic Wet Tire Foam
Image courtesy: https://www.amazon.com/

Tire foams don’t get much love from detailers as they don’t last long. But what makes them good are they are easy to apply than gels, and you can make your tires look shining without much effort. It takes nearly 7-10 minutes for the foam to dissolve. The foam eliminates most of the dirt, mud, and brake dust as it dissolves. Though it doesn’t come with UV protection, the affordable price makes it a good alternative to tire gel. You don’t have to scrub or wipe while using this foam. Be mindful that this product doesn’t work well with white lettered tires.

5. Armor All Extreme Tire Shine Gel

Extreme Tire Shine Gel
Image courtesy: https://www.amazon.com/

Armor All is famous for making dependable light to medium duty detailing products that perform well, are affordable and are durable. You can get your tires glowing without much hassle when using this gel. It also avoids cracking and creates a shielding layer over the rubber. The product comes with an applicator and offers high gloss for nearly two weeks. A bottle may last up to one year if used on a single vehicle. The main disadvantage is that the applicator is weak. So even if the gel takes days to get dried, some chemical will always spray into your wheel wells.

Is it necessary to clean tires?

Yes, you should. It would be best to clean the car’s tires and wheels at least once a week to maintain its look and performance.  

How often should tires be cleaned? 

Whether you do the cleaning at home or take it to a car wash service, ensure that you clean car tires every 1-2 weeks. The cleaning regime also depends on how regularly you drive the car.  

How should I prepare to clean car tires? 

It is an important step while you know how to clean car tires. The initial step is to collect all the tools and materials before tire wash. Always keep in mind that while cleaning the tires and wheels, work each step thoroughly before you move to the next.  

  • Never wash or apply cleaning products on tires and wheels until the tires cool off. 
  • Keep a drying towel for this job. As tires gather a lot of dirt, mud, and corrosive brake dust, always keep these contaminants away from the car’s other surfaces.  

How to clean car tires: Some quick tips 

  • Always clean car tires and wheels every 1-2 weeks. 
  • Rinsing is the first step for cleaning tires after gathering the tools and materials.  
  • Make sure your tires have cooled down after driving before using any cleaning products. 
  • Always use separate towels to clean and dry your tires, and do not use the same towels to wash other parts of your vehicle. 

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