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What Should You Do if a Tree Falls on The Car While Driving?

  • Car Care Tips
  • Melanie Barrett
  • 3 minutes

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What happens if a tree falls on your car when you are driving? First off, please, keep calm! Just so you know, the damage is big, and you’ll need to go for a repair. You’ll also need to cover up the loss by going for insurance coverage. But what coverage should you choose? What are the available coverages? How can you stay safe from such damage? 

It is always wise to go for insurance coverage if a tree falls on your car. Since the damage is big, keeping the proof and getting insurance is ideal. However, the more the delay in getting coverage, the more will be financial loss you’ll have to bear. Hence, you must go for the right coverage at the right time. 

What to Do if a Tree Falls on Car While Driving?

A tree falls on your car- Who is at fault, and what to do? 

Your coverage may differ based on who is at fault when a tree damages your car.  Here are the different situations you may face when it comes to fallen tree damage. 

Your tree falls on your car.  

If a tree in your property causes damage, you can go for comprehensive coverage to cover the loss. However, you must pay out of pocket and show proof of payment to your insurance company. Your insurance company will release the claim only if you produce proof of payments. Your case may also come under premise liability. Such a liability also means that you may not be able to get coverage as you were already aware of possible damage due to a rotten or damaged tree. 

Your car hits a tree while driving. 

If your car hits a tree while driving, you may go for collision coverage. Also, insurance companies may only provide coverage if they watch for obstacles before driving. 

Your tree falls on a neighbor’s car. 

Even in this situation, you may have to pay for the loss. This damage may cost you a hefty sum since you know there are chances of it. Yet, you had ignored the situation. So, you’ll have to pay the sum which your neighbor demands.  

Your neighbor’s tree falls on your car.

Your neighbor could be at fault for the damage. In such situations, you can go for a claim using ”act of God’’ insurance. However, in this case, you will have to share the details of the damage with your insurance provider to get coverage. It is also better to have video proof of the incident to get the best insurance benefits. 

What to Do if a Tree Falls on Car While Driving?

Other situations and coverages  

Here are some other situations you should know about a tree falling on your car 

A city-owned tree falls on your car. 

If a public authority’s tree falls on your car, you must inform the authorities first. So, the authorities will help you recover the damage immediately. However, if the public authorities are well aware of the hazards of such a situation, they must pay for the damages your car undergoes. 

What to Do if a Tree Falls on Car While Driving?

Tips to protect your car from falling trees 

Here are some easy tips to protect your car from falling trees: 

  • Park inside your garage. 
  • Avoid parking under trees. 
  • Look for dead or decayed trees and ask for removal. 
  • Ask your neighbors to trim their tree branches. 
  • Get in touch with the city authorities and inform them about the threat of a decayed or dead tree. 

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