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What to Do with Old Tires? 6 Creative Ways to Upcycle

  • Wheels and Tires
  • Natasha Young
  • 4 minutes

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Tires are durable and resilient; even after their life on the road, they can still strive to serve. Have you ever wondered what to do with old tires instead of disposing of them? Well, we are certain that you do! That’s why we have come up with ideas for you to explore creative and sustainable ways to repurpose old tires. Read to know more about tire upcycling. 

DIY Garden planters 

Old tires can find a new purpose as a unique garden planter. With a little creativity and some basic tools, you can transform tires into eye-catching plant containers. Paint them in vibrant colors, stack them in different sizes, and fill them with soil to create a stunning vertical garden. The rubber material of the tire provides excellent insulation, retaining moisture and protecting plants from extreme temperatures. 

Tire swings 

Remember the joy of swinging on a tire swing as a child? Repurposing old tires into swings is a classic way to bring joy to your inner child. Hang a tire swing from a sturdy tree branch or build a tire-based playground structure. With proper safety measures and supervision, tire swings and playgrounds offer a fun and eco-friendly way for you and kids to enjoy outdoor activities. 

Tire furniture 

Unleash your creativity by transforming old tires into unique pieces of furniture. Paint and stack them to create an ottoman or a coffee table. Adding a wooden or glass top can create a stylish and functional piece for your living room or outdoor space. With a little sewing skill, you can repurpose tires into stylish poufs or seats by covering them with fabric or upholstery. 

Tire art and decor 

Old tires can be transformed into stunning pieces of art and decor. Cut them into various shapes, paint them, and use them as decorative garden borders. Incorporate them into sculptures or wall art by assembling and painting them in creative ways. The texture and durability of tires lend themselves well to artistic expression, allowing you to add your unique customization to your living space or garden. Or you can think out of the box and actually sculpt something extraordinary out of old tires with some help.

Tire safety barriers  

If you’re involved in a community project or have a larger outdoor space, consider repurposing old tires as safety barriers. Stack them securely and use them as bumpers around play areas or to protect delicate plants. Well, if you are an F1 enthusiast, you know the drill!

Recycling and donating

You can explore tire recycling programs or reach out to local recycling centers that accept old tires. Proper recycling ensures that the materials are processed and reused in an environmentally responsible manner. Or you can donate them to communities that recycle them and use them for the better.   

Bottom line 

When it comes to repurposing old tires, the possibilities are endless. Instead of letting them end up in landfills or becoming an environmental burden, we can unleash our creativity and transform them into valuable items. Whether you opt for DIY garden planters, tire swings, furniture, art, or recycling, each contributes to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. So, roll up your sleeves, explore tire upcycling, and positively impact our environment, one tire at a time!  


what to do with old tires | Save $3000 on car expenses


What to do with old tires? 

You can dispose old tires or upcycle them. If you are unsure of recycling your old tires, donating them to the communities who do so is better. 

What to do with the old rims and tires?  

Most tire rims for cars and trucks can be recycled easily at a trash yard, junk yard, or recycling center. You can use the rim again as long as the brake track isn’t too worn. 

What to do with old bike tires? 

Bike tires are a bit different from car tires. So, it’s best that you give them away for recycling after taking care of all the unnecessary parts of it. 


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