What to Know About NYC Parking

The Big Apple has a major problem that hundreds of thousands of people deal with each day – parking. NYC parking can be stressful and a huge “parking” challenge. At Way, we are making New York City parking simple and easy. That way, you’ll be ready for almost anything when hitting the streets.

NYC traffic is commonplace… So are road closures…

In a city with more than 8.5 million people within 300 sq. miles, you can probably understand why NYC is the most densely populated major city in the US. So, what does this do to the parking in NYC? It makes parking in NYC hard to find and expensive! However, by using an NYC parking app like Way, you will find the best discount parking in NYC, easier than ever.

Valet parking in NYC is pretty much all you will find

Parking your car, yourself is not the norm in NYC. Once you arrive at a parking lot in NYC, a parking attendant will take it from there and park your car. Due to the density of the population, parking garages in NYC need to pack in the cars as much as possible.

Car bigger than a sedan? Be prepared to pay more.

If you drive an SUV, large truck, or van, you will be paying more for parking. NYC parking garages like ICON Parking in NYC are known for charging an oversize vehicle parking fee. On average, you will be looking at paying an extra $10-$20 to park your oversized car.

Get ready to play the waiting game – especially on Holidays and Weekends.

Due to the majority of locations being valet parking in NYC, there are lines to enter and exit. Wait times to park in NYC tend to vary, but you could be waiting in a line for at least 10 – 15 minutes. Parking attendants try to park and retrieve cars as soon as possible, and since customers are not just paying and then parking themselves, this is the unfortunate outcome.

Once you’re in, you are there until you are ready to leave.

There are no in’s and out’s in the majority of parking garages in NYC. If you want to leave, understand that you will be paying another parking fee if you decide to come back. Make sure to let the attendants know if you are going to get your car later on, or if you are parking overnight, so they have an idea of when to expect you.

To tip, or not to tip, that is the question.

A question that people often wonder is if they should be tipping the NYC parking attendants. Understand that tips are not required, but if you do have an attendant who delivers awesome service, you should tip! Obviously, the amount you decide to give is ultimately up to you. If you tip $2 – $5 for both drop-off and pick up, that ends up being a $4 – $10 tip! Understand that NYC parking attendants have a rough job. It can be chaotic with people wanting just to park their car and go to their destination, on top of the number of people who want parking in NYC.


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