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Where is ORD Airport? Info and directions 

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  • Gerard Stevens
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Some airports in the world are easily recognizable by their codes. ORD Airport is one that is are pretty easily identified as O’Hare Airport! But, where is ORD Airport located? How can you get to O’Hare Airport? Read more to find out! 

Located 14 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago lies O’Hare International Airport, also famous as the ORD Airport. O’Hare Airport offers nonstop flights to more than 200 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North America, and South America. The airport is one of the busiest globally, with around 80 million passengers using its terminals annually before the pandemic. You can easily imagine how busy the airport will be throughout the year. So, you need to be well aware of how to get to the airport and onsite parking options if you’re flying out of Chicago via O’Hare. Here’s all the info on what you need to know while planning to fly out from O’Hare Airport.  

About ORD Airport 

O’Hare Airport received much fame during the ‘jet age. The airport got its name from Edward “Butch” O’Hare, who received the U.S. Navy’s first Medal of Honor recipient during World War II. The airport was the busiest globally from 1963-1998. ORD Airport had annual passenger traffic of around 30 million in 2020, making it the 13th busiest in the world. United Airlines and American Airlines have one of their major hubs in O’Hare Airport.  

O’Hare Airport has two sets of parallel runways located on both sides of the terminal complex. The airport features four terminals – 1, 2, 3, and 5, with nine concourses and 191 gates.  

Address: 10000 W Ohare Ave, Chicago, IL 60666 

Contact number: (800) 832 6352 

How to get to ORD Airport 

You can reach the airport via public transportation services, bus/van shuttle, taxi/rideshare services, or driving if you’re traveling from Downtown.  

Using public transportation services 

You can reach O’Hare Airport easily if you travel via public transportation services. Using the service of the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is the most ideal and affordable option. Metra and Pace Bus routes are the other options you can use to commute to ORD Airport.  

CTA Blue Line 

Chicago Transit Authority has service throughout the Chicago city and the nearby areas. Blue Line trains offer the most ideal and economical way to reach O’Hare from Downtown. The Blue Line trains in Chicago are famous as ‘L.’ Blue Line trains charges you $5 for a trip to the airport. The service operates 24 hours, having more frequent services at weekday morning and evening peak hours. The Blue Line also connects you to most other CTA lines. It takes approximately 45 minutes for the ‘L’ train to reach ORD Airport from Downtown.  


It is another public transportation service that provides service throughout the Chicagoland area. The North Central Service train line has a weekday service that connects Downtown Chicago’s Union Station to the north-central suburbs. The service terminates at Antioch.​ 


It is another service that conveniently connects Dowtown and ORD Airport. You need to use Pace routes 250 or 330 if you want to travel to the airport. Route 250 connects the airport to Des Plaines Metra station and east to Downtown Evanston through Dempster Avenue. Route 330 has weekday and Saturday service connecting O’Hare Airport to Archer Ave/Harlem Ave in Summit. Pace service offers drop-off and pick-up services at the airport’s Multi-Modal Facility.  

Bus/Van shuttles 

Use the ‘Go Airport Shuttle’ service to travel to O’Hare Airport from the Downtown hotels. This shuttle service operates every 10-15 minutes throughout the day. Using this service costs you around $30 and takes around 25-90 minutes to reach the airport depending o the traffic.  

Taxi/Rideshare services 

Using a taxi/rideshare service will be a good option if you don’t want to use public transportation services. Getting a taxi from Downtown to ORD Airport will cost you approximately $50+tip. Ideally, it takes 25-40 minutes to reach the airport. However, it is sure to increase if you’re traveling during peak hours or seasons.  

Hiring an Uber/Lyft service from Downtown to O’Hare Airport ideally costs you anything between $35-50. However, the rate can differ depending on the ride type you choose. The rideshare service rates can go as high as $140 during peak hours or seasons. So, ensure to check the rates before you book the service. Normally it takes around 25-40 minutes to reach the airport from Downtown. It will increase if you’re traveling during peak hours or seasons.  

Driving to ORD Airport 

Go for driving to the airport if you’re flying out with family or have a lot of luggage. Typically, it takes around 25-40 to reach the airport if you’re driving from Downtown. But, the driving time can increase if there’s traffic congestion or you’re traveling at peak hours or holidays. Ensure to reserve an ORD Airport parking spot if you’re planning to drive to the airport. However, be aware that parking never comes easy at one of the world’s busiest airports. So, be well aware of the ORD Airport parking lots and reserve a parking spot while you pre-plan your journey.  

Is there parking at ORD Airport? 

Yes, there is. You can get ORD Airport parking via these main lots – Main Garage – Hourly, Main Garage – Daily, Economy lots (F and G), Daily Lot, and International Lot D.  

ORD Airport parking offers

Economy Lots 

You can locate Economy Lot G along Bessie Coleman Drive. Parking at this lot charges you $3 for the first 60 minutes. The parking rate at this lot increases to the daily maximum rate of $15 after the first hour. Use Economy Lot F if you want to have covered long-term parking. You can locate the lot on the fourth and fifth floors of the Multi-Modal Facility. Parking for the first hour costs you $3. The rate increases to $6 for the 1-2 hours, $10 for 2-3 hours, and $14 for 3-4 hours. The parking rates reach the daily maximum rate of $22 after four hours of parking. The Economy lots offer free shuttle service to the terminals every 5-15 minutes throughout the day.  

Parking at Main Garages 

Use the Hourly Main Garage if you’re looking for short-term ORD Airport parking. You can locate this lot at Level 1 near the domestic terminals. Parking for the first 60 minutes charges you $3. The rate increases to $6 for the 1-2 hours, $10 for 2-3 hours, $14 for 3-4 hours, and $36 for 4-8 hours. After that, the parking at this lot costs you the daily maximum rate of $77.  

You can locate the Daily Main Garage on levels 2-6 adjacent to the domestic terminals. Daily Main Garage charges you $3 while you park for the first 60 minutes. The rate increases to $6 for the 1-2 hours, $10 for 2-3 hours, $14 for 3-4 hours, and $24 for 4-8 hours. After that, the parking at this lot costs you the daily maximum rate of $77. After that, long-term ORD Airport parking at this lot costs you the daily maximum rate of $42.  

Daily Lot 

This lot is located near the domestic terminals. Getting an ORD Parking spot in this lot costs you $3 for the first 60 minutes. The rate increases to $6 for the 1-2 hours, $10 for 2-3 hours, $14 for 3-4 hours, and $24 for 4-8 hours. The parking at this lot charges you the daily maximum rate of $42 after eight hours of parking.  

International Lot D 

This lot is within walking distance from Terminal 5. Using a parking spot in this lot costs you $3 for the first 60 minutes. The rate increases to $6 for the 1-2 hours, $10 for 2-3 hours, $14 for 3-4 hours, and $36 for 4-8 hours. Daily parking at this lot costs you a maximum of $77. 

Does ORD Airport parking offer Valet service? 

Yes. There are Valet parking spots available at Main Garage for Terminals 1, 2, and 3. Valet parking service costs you $26 for the first eight hours. The rate surges to $64 while you use the parking from 8-24 hours.  

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Where is the best place to park at O’Hare Airport?  

The best place to park at O’Hare Airport is not at the airport, period. Onsite ORD Airport parking is expensive, and a parking spot is never guaranteed without pre-booking. Are you looking for cheap long-term parking while flying out of ORD Airport?  Then it is always better to check out the offsite garages and lots. The offsite garages and lots offer long-term parking starting at rates as low as $2 per day. Always book via the Way.com app or the website to get great ORD parking at cheaper rates! 

Tips on ORD Airport 

  • The airport lies around 14 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago. 
  • CTA Blue Line offers the most ideal and economical way of transport to O’Hare Airport. 
  • Economy Lots are the most suitable option for long-term onsite parking. 
  • Use the Cell Phone Lot if you want to get free parking at ORD Airport while picking up someone.  
  • O’Hare Airport has plenty of lounges and things for travelers to do.

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