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Where should you drop off passengers at LAX airport?

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Located about 18 miles (30 km) southwest of Downtown Los Angeles, the LAX Airport serves Los Angeles and the surrounding metropolitan areas. Jam-packed terminals are a regular sight at the LAX Airport, which is currently the fifth busiest airport globally, according to OAG. Also, construction works are underway at the airport on a $14 billion budget that aims to improve the existing facilities and modernize all terminals. All this right when the airport is witnessing heavy passenger traffic with more people traveling post-vaccination. Because of how far LAX Airport is from downtown, often, relatives or friends drop off passengers at the airport or arrive at LAX via shuttle services, taxi, rideshare services, or hotel and private shuttles. So, where should the passengers be dropped off at LAX airport? Here’s some information on it! 

Drop off by relatives or friends 

Many will be discouraged from driving to LAX Airport, considering the heavy traffic from downtown LA. However, if you’ve been coaxed by your friends or relatives to drop them off at LAX, here’s what you need to know. Entry to the airport is closed to all except those with valid tickets, airport personnel, and people assisting ticketed passengers. The restriction is to ensure the health and safety of everyone during the pandemic. So, if you are planning to drop off a friend or a relative, drop off at the terminal on the Upper level/Departures area.  

Flyaway Nonstop Bus Service 

Passengers can get to and from the LAX Airport using the Flyaway Nonstop Bus Service. The Flyaway service offers transportation between LAX, Union Station, and Van Nuys at a one-way fare of $9.75. You have to reach at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Onboarding the bus to LAX, the passengers will be dropped off on your terminal’s Upper/Departures Level.  

Taxi/Rideshare services 

Many of us tend to hire a taxi or rideshare service when we have to catch a flight from LAX Airport. Hiring a taxi or using a rideshare service avoids the tension of driving through congested roads to LAX. Lyft, Uber, and Opoli Uber are the official rideshare services at LAX.  

  • Suppose you are arriving at the airport via a taxi. In that case, you will be dropped off at your terminal on the Upper/Departures Level. 
  • The rideshare services will drop you off directly at your terminal on the Upper/Departures level.  

LAX Airport

Hotel and Private shuttles 

Many private shuttle services operate at LAX Airport. These have designated areas to drop you off. The hotel and private shuttles can drop off passengers at the stop located on the Upper/Departures Level marked by red curbside pylons.  

Using Cell phone lot at LAX Airport

You can use the Cell Phone lot if you’re at the LAX Airport to drop off/pick up someone. The lot is one-quarter mile west from the 96th Street Bridge entry into LAX’s passenger terminal area. You can use Cell Phone lot parking for a short period if you’re at the LAX airport to drop someone. Ensure that you don’t exit the vehicle. Also, no commercial or rideshare services are allowed to use the lot.  

LAX Airport

Drop off at LAX Airport: Some essential info 

  • Private vehicles/taxis/rideshare services can drop off passengers at their terminals in the Upper level/Departures area. 
  • Hotel and private shuttles need to drop off passengers at the area on the Upper/Departures Level marked by red curbside pylons.  
  • You can use the Cell Phone lot for a short period if you’re at the airport to drop off someone.  

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