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Where to find the Best Deals for The Grove parking in LA

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Shopping, dining, or entertainment – The Grove is a top destination for all three in Los Angeles. The open-air retail hub near Pan Pacific Park has some of the most popular restaurants and brand stores that attract visitors throughout the year. If you are driving down to the shopping center, The Grove parking lot, and other garages nearby, make sure you have enough options for hassle-free car parking. And if you plan ahead, you can save a few bucks at premium parking spots right next to The Grove.  

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Parking near The Grove Los Angeles can get hectic if you wait till the last minute to find an affordable spot within walking distance. Instead of driving around in circles, search for an LA parking space online – download a parking app on your phone to find all the top-rated parking lots in the neighborhood. Compare rates and amenities offered at each lot for the best deal and book your spot instantly. Now, you can drive right into your garage space when you arrive at the Grove.  

To give you a head start, check out these convenient parking spots near the Grove: 

The Grove parking lot @ 189 The Grove Drive 

The on-site parking lot at The Grove has over 1700 parking spots and even offers free parking for the first hour. The lot is open from 3 am to 4 am on all days of the week and has both valet and self-parking options. Sound like the perfect spot so far? Here’s the catch – the conveniently located parking lot’s main challenge is its parking rate. After your one-hour complimentary parking period, expect to pay $2 for the next hour and $4 for up to 75 minutes if you use a self-parking space. After 75 minutes, you’ll be charged $1 for every 15 minutes, which goes up to a daily maximum of $30 for 7+ hours. Valet parking will cost you $12 for the first hour and $2 for every 30 minutes after that, going up to the daily maximum of $30 for 5 hours. 

The parking lot at The Grove is ideal for a quick visit – just a couple of hours – if you want to keep your parking expenses low. If you are unsure how long you’ll leave your car parked, better have a plan B. Parking validation is offered at a few stores and restaurants; don’t forget to make the most of it.  

Grove LA parking

Street parking near the Grove 

If you are making a quick stop near The Grove, street parking could be an option to keep the parking costs low. However, finding an empty parking space on the streets might not be easy during peak hours of the day. You can still try your luck on Fairfax Avenue, which has the closest metered parking spots near The Grove. It will cost you $1 for an hour and the maximum parking time limit is 1 hour. On weekdays, you can park at these spots from 8 am to 8 pm. Beverly Boulevard and W Third Street also have parking meters – meter rates and maximum parking time limits could vary.   

Free street parking is also available in the neighborhood; the closest spots are at S Gardner Street, N Vista Street, and other streets near Pan Pacific Park. You can also try parking at South Ogden Drive. Be mindful of the parking rules and restrictions posted on signboards on each street.   

Park at a secure and affordable garage near The Grove to avoid the risk of street parking and hefty rates at the on-site parking lot. Get the lowest rates when you pre-book the spot online on way.com. Download the app and find your parking spot now. 

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