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Where to find the best overnight parking in San Francisco

  • City Parking
  • Celine Jerly
  • 6 minutes

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At 80 car break-ins a day, San Francisco’s gravest parking trouble recently spiked to nearly 200%. With stats like that, picking a spot for overnight parking in San Francisco isn’t an easy choice. Gambling with street parking might not end well, as the city’s off-street parking rates are as steep as its hills. However, the quickest fix for the problem at hand is a secure garage space. Here’s how and where you can find a few affordable options in San Francisco.   

The golden city of San Francisco is perfect in many ways – but not for city parking. Finding a spot during the day is challenging enough; even seasoned drivers struggle to find the perfect spots. Street parking rules and off-street parking rates are the major hurdles in your path. The city is working towards hassle-free parking with innovative strategies and programs like demand-responsive meters. However, one factor that needs a lot more work is safety. On-street parking is subject to risks beyond expired meters and parking tickets, depending on where you park in San Francisco.   

Overnight parking on most streets in San Francisco is free unless otherwise indicated. But you can’t take advantage of these free spots without a thought for the safety of your car. Overnight parking garages in San Francisco, on the other hand, presents drive-up rates that not all can afford. Take a look at all your options before you make a choice.  

Find affordable san Francisco overnight parking rates on Way

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Where to park overnight in San Francisco  

Can you park overnight on the street in San Francisco?

Yes, the city usually enforces parking meters from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Saturday. Outside these hours, you can park free of charge on most streets in the city. However, depending on the neighborhood, there are exceptions and risks.

The other option is city-run public parking lots that allow 24-hour parking in San Francisco. It’s safer than the street but certainly not the safest. There’s also the issue of space availability as these cheaper garages often see high demand.

Your final option is privately-operated parking lots and garages, most of which guarantee maximum safety with the latest security features. The high quality of service often rubs off on the parking rates, but there are a few tricks to find your way around it.   

San Francisco free overnight parking  

Free overnight parking in San Francisco is allowed on the streets after the meters are suspended for the day. However, look out for restricted areas – keep an eye out for parking signs indicating no-parking periods nearby. In such cases, parking restrictions are usually between 12 am and 6 am. But it could vary; in south SF, overnight parking restrictions start at 10 pm.

Look out for street cleaning and other nighttime restrictions too. Loading and tow away zones are also off-limits for overnight parking. With a residential parking permit, you can park for 72 hours straight in your designated RPP Zone. Without a permit, you can park only at unrestricted spots. Do not forget to check parking signs posted on-site and meter displays to confirm you are parked legally.   

No parking sign on a light pole in San Francisco

Public garages and lots  

San Francisco Municipal Transporation Agency (SFMTA) operates a few surface lots and garages across the city that offer 24×7 parking.

Fifth & Mission / Yerba Buena Garage at 833 Mission Street is always open and is ideal for parking downtown. It is open 24×7, and the overnight parking rate (between midnight and 9 am) is currently $4/hour. A $44 flat rate for 24-hour parking in San Francisco is also available at this SFMTA garage.

Union Square Garage and Sutter-Stockton Garage are the other 24×7 city-operated garages downtown. Overnight parking is also available at SFMTA’s Kezar Lot (825 Stanyan St), Pierce Street Lot, Vallejo Street Garage, North Beach Garage, and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center Parking Garage.

You can also park your car overnight at BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station lots on weekends. Single and multi-day parking spots can be reserved on the official app.   

Affordable 24-hour parking lots and garages  

Drive-up rates at top San Francisco parking garages could break your budget. But most of these top-rated parking facilities offer special rates and exclusive discounts on online reservations. So, booking your parking spot at the earliest is the best way to find cheap and safe overnight parking.

Finding an overnight parking garage space near you is easier than you think. Parking apps and websites like Way.com bring all the best deals in one place, right here on your screen. You can compare rates and offers at various parking lots in San Francisco and book a spot at the lowest prices right now. Get contactless parking, 24×7 security, easy cancellations, valet parking, additional discounts, and more perks when you pre-book your overnight parking online.   

Best Deals for Overnight Parking in San Francisco

Check out these top-rated lots in San Francisco that offer overnight parking spots at cheap rates, without compromising quality of service or safety:

Parking Lot/Location Overnight Rate Book a Spot
98 Franklin Street Parking $25/10 hours Book Parking
Elif 344 14th Street City Parking $20/12 hours Book Parking
661 Broadway Parking $18/12 hours Book Parking
470 Broadway Valet Assist City Parking Lot $22/12 hours Book Parking
North Beach Parking (65 Fresno Lot) $20/12 hours Book Parking
Mission Masonic Center Parking $30/12 hours Book Parking

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