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What Airport is BNA? Info and directions 

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Airport codes can be weird! So you get a ticket that needs you to fly out of BNA. And you scratch your head and wonder (quite rightly!) ‘Which airport is BNA?’ We know, and we’ll tell you. Read on to find out! 

Located around eight miles from Downtown Nashville lies Nashville International Airport, also known as the BNA Airport. Spread over 3,900 acres, Nashville Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Tennessee. The airport is a public/military located on the south-eastern side of Nashville. Around 22 flights airlines serve Nashville International Airport and have nearly 585 daily flights to nearly 96 airports in Europe and North America. So, are you planning to fly out of Nashville? Then make sure that you are well aware of getting to the airport and using a parking spot. Though there are ample onsite BNA Airport parking options, getting a parking spot will be difficult if you don’t pre-plan.  

About Nashville International Airport 

The airport established in 1937 was famous by the name Berry Field until 1988. BNA Airport features a single terminal with four concourses and 42 gates. Nashville Airport used to serve around 15 million passengers annually before the pandemic. With around eight million passengers using its terminals annually in 2020, the airport was the 27th busiest in the country.  

Address: 1 Terminal Dr, Nashville, TN 37214 

Contact number: (615) 2751675 

How to get to BNA Airport 

WeGo Public Transit, Taxi/Rideshare services, and driving to the airport are the three modes by which you can reach the airport. Using public transportation service or hiring a taxi/rideshare service removes the headache of driving to the airport. These will be ideal options if you’re not traveling with family or have a lot of baggage.  

Using WeGo Public Transit 

This bus service was famous as Metropolitan Transit Authority or MTA. WeGo Public Transit features purple-colored buses and connects Downtown Nashville to many other parts of the city. If you’re traveling from Downtown, you need to get on the bus with route number 18 to reach the airport. Bus with route number 18 provides service to and from the airport and Downtown Nashville. You need to pay $2 to get a ride on this service. Bus service is free for kids aged under four. Passengers aged under 19 and above 65 gets fare discounts while traveling on this bus to BNA Airport. 

Taxi/Rideshare services 

Taxi services are expensive when compared to bus services. If you’re traveling from Downtown, hiring a taxi to Nashville Airport will cost you a flat rate of $25. The rate will increase by $1 if there’s an extra passenger. The taxis in Nashville are metered. The rates start at $7, and it increases approximately by $2.10 every mile. 

Hiring an Uber service from Downtown to BNA Airport will cost you anything between $14-65 based on the ride type you choose. Lyft service is a bit more expensive when compared to Uber. Traveling to the airport from Downtown via Lyft service will cost you $20-86, based on the ride type you choose.  

Driving to BNA Airport 

It’s always better to drive to Nashville Airport if you have a lot of luggage or leave the city for a few days. It typically takes around 12-20 minutes to reach the airport if you’re driving from Downtown. However, the driving time can increase if there’s traffic congestion or during peak seasons. Also, Nashville Airport parking spots tend to fill up soon. So, always make sure you reserve your parking spot at BNA Airport online if you’re planning to drive to the airport. 

BNA Airport parking

BNA Airport parking 

Nashville Airport parking offers ample parking spots through these main lots – Terminal Garage 1, Terminal Garage 2, Terminal Lot A, Economy Lot B, Economy Lot C, and BNA Express Park. Terminal Garages are within walking distance from the main terminal and feature 4,200 covered parking spots. Terminal Lot A is the closest surface parking lot to the terminal.  

Economy Lots B and C offer free shuttle service every 10 minutes to the terminal. BNA Express Park lot operates 24/7 on-demand, offering free shuttle service to the terminal. The lot is a five-minute ride away from the terminal. Shuttle services begin every day at 3.30 a.m. and conclude 45 minutes after the last flight arrives.  

Short term BNA parking Rate

Terminal Garage, Terminal Lot A, and Economy Parking Lots are the onsite parking lots that offer short-term BNA Airport parking. All these lots offer free parking for the first 20 minutes. Parking at Terminal Garage charges you $4 for 20-40 minutes. The rate surges to $8 for 40-60 minutes, $12 for 60-80 minutes, $16 for 80-100 minutes, and $20 for 100-120 minutes. The rate reaches the daily maximum rate after two hours of parking. 

Parking in Terminal Lot A costs you $4 for 20-40 minutes. The rate surges to $8 for 40-60 minutes, $12 for 60-80 minutes, and $16 for 80-100 minutes. The parking rate hits the daily maximum rate after 100 minutes of parking.  

Using the Economy Lots charges you $4 for 20-40 minutes of parking. The rate increases to $8 for 40-60 minutes. After that, the parking rate at this lot hits the daily maximum rate. 

Long term BNA Parking Rate

All the onsite lots offer long-term parking at Nashville Airport. Terminal Garage charges you $24 for a day’s parking. Terminal Lot A and Economy Lots offer long-term parking at $15 per day. Parking at BNA Express Park costs you $12 for a day’s parking. Terminal Garage, Terminal Lot A, and Economy Lots charge you the daily parking rate after parking for 120, 100, and 60 minutes respectively.  

Is there a Valet parking service at Nashville International Airport? 

Yes. The service is available on the ground floor of Terminal Garage 1. Using the Valet parking service costs you $33 per day.  

BNA Airport Parking Rates

Way uncovered parking $3.95 / Day
Way valet parking $12.65 / Day
Average Onsite Parking $20 / Day

How to get free parking at Nashville International Airport 

The airport features two free Cell Phone Lots that you can use for free parking while at the airport to pick up someone.  

Offsite parking near the airport 

Are you looking for cheap long-term parking while flying out of BNA Airport?  Then it is always better to check out the offsite Nashville Airport parking garages and lots if you’re looking for secure and affordable parking near Nashville International Airport. Most offsite garages and lots offer long-term parking starting at rates as low as $3 per day. Always book via the Way.com app or the website to get great parking spots near Nashville Airport at cheaper rates! 

Holiday Inn Express & Suites BNA Airport Parking $3.95 per day Book Now
Courtyard by Marriott BNA Airport Parking $4.00 per day Book Now
Rodeway Inn BNA Airport Parking $4.55 per day Book Now
Baymont by Wyndham BNA Airport Parking $4.95 per day Book Now


Tips on driving to BNA Airport

  • The airport is around eight miles away from Downtown Nashville.  
  • WeGo Public Transit offers the most affordable transportation mode to reach the airport.  
  • The airport offers onsite parking via five main lots.  
  • Use the Cell Phone Lot if you want to have free parking while picking up someone.  
  • EV charging stations are available on levels P2 and P3 of Terminal Garages 1 and 2.  

Find parking near BNA Airport starting from $3

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