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50 White Car Names to Suit Your Ride’s Classy Looks

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Classy, clean, and charming – white cars are anything but basic, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Now all you need is the perfect name to match your car’s persona. We found a few to inspire you – try these white car names for your ride.   

Want a car to get around daily, or are you looking for a classy ride? White suits both! Those who prefer white cars are often perfectionists and like staying organized.  

Looks matter – when buying a car, its design is one of the factors you must consider. White has a timeless appeal – an advantage that translates into better resale value. So, it’s no surprise that many car makers and owners are partial to the color.  

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Surveys and studies continue to place white cars at the top of popularity lists. Though Americans love their red cars, the color of passion and ambition can’t beat bright white. Over 25% of cars on the road are white, and it has been the most popular choice since 2011. However, it’s not just the clean look that drives the trend; white cars have several understated benefits.  

Why are white cars the most popular? 

  • White cars are easy to spot against black asphalt and most surroundings. Even in the dark, the contrast makes white the safest color for a car.  
  • Unless you drive in cold weather year-round, a white car is most effective in keeping the interiors cool and cozy. White absorbs lesser heat and, thus, is the most functional color. 
  • Water spots, scratches, and dents are harder to spot on white cars unless you get up close. So, it is easier to maintain if you regularly take it to an affordable carwash.  

When you add persona to your car, the color becomes a big part of the identity. In addition, white is easier to style with decals and other cosmetic upgrades that bring out your style. Besides, you’ll find a white option for most models – matt, pearly, metallic, creamy, or a no-cost flat white.  

So, there are a lot of pros to owning a white car. Now, let’s delve into finding the perfect white car name that suits your ride’s persona.  

Reel Inspo: White car names from movies 

We often turn to movies and TV for creative inspiration, so here are a few white cars that earned fame on the screen: 

Herbie, The Love Bug 

Everyone knows Herbie from the Disney movies. However, the adventurous Love Bug made its first on-screen appearance in 1968. The ‘63 Volkswagen Beetle has red, white, and blue racing stripes on a pearly white body.  

The Love Bug Herbie Volkswagen Beetle White car name

Greased Lightnin’ 

I know what you are thinking – Greased Lightnin’ is red! Yes, but only in the Greasers’ imagination. Danny’s beat-up 1948 Ford De Luxe convertible is actually white, with the iconic silver lightning bolts on the side. 

So, how cool is “Lightning” for a white car name?  

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Ectomobile, Ghost Busters 

Are you humming the theme song now? The iconic Ecto, a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor, is one of the unforgettable on-screen cars. But did you know that the show makers originally planned to feature the Ghost Busters hearse/ambulance-like car in black? But white was more practical for the many scenes shot at night.

Ghost Buster white car

What should I name my white car? 

When picking a name for your white car, remember that it’s not just the color represented. You’ve got to consider the model and persona. You know your car best, so check out if one of these short and cute white car names is a perfect fit: 

  1. Betty 
  2. Frosty 
  3. Icey 
  4. Mayo 
  5. Misty 
  6. Sugar 
  7. Dove 
  8. Blanco 
  9. Fluffy 
  10. Daisy 
  11. Ivy 
  12. Dew 
  13. Bonny 
  14. Lily 
  15. Moby 

Cool, not cute? Try these chic and sleek names for your white car: 

  1. Blizzard 
  2. Knight in White 
  3. White Wolf 
  4. Albino 
  5. Avalanche 
  6. Yang 
  7. Winter’s Wrath 
  8. White Noise 
  9. Vapor 
  10. Thunderbolt 


White car names inspired by movies and TV 

Celebrity names are a great pick if your car gives off superstar vibes. But you can get more creative by comparing your car’s persona to a character from your favorite shows/movies. Here are some we love: 

  1. Ghost 
  2. Snow White 
  3. White Walker 
  4. Walter White 
  5. Jon Snow 
  6. Gandalf 
  7. The White Witch 
  8. Elsa 
  9. Khaleesi 
  10. Storm Trooper 
  11. Olaf 
  12. Casper 
  13. Polar Express 
  14. Targaryen 
  15. Galadriel 

Finally, if you are interested in some wordplay, you’ll love these names for your white car: 

  1. White Won 
  2. McWhitey 
  3. Bourne White 
  4. White Wight 
  5. Witty Whitey 
  6. White’s Right 
  7. Snow Den 
  8. Amazing Glace 
  9. Sleet Fleet 
  10. Snowy Howl 

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