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Who Is the Actor in the Liberty Mutual Commercials?

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Who is the actor we see in the Liberty Mutual commercials? Well, to begin with, there are two of them – the Liberty Mutual commercial bad actor and the Liberty Mutual commercial actor Doug.  We’ll see who the actors are in the Liberty Bibberty and LiMu Emu commercials.  

Liberty Mutual, which offers property and casualty insurance, is a major player American insurance sector. It is part of the Liberty Mutual Group, including Liberty Life and Safeco. Liberty Mutual has carved a niche in the fiercely contested insurance commercials space, including Flo from Progressive, the Allstate Mayhem guy, Progressive’s Baker Mayfield, and Jake from State Farm. This is partly thanks to the quirky and fun LiMu Emu and Doug commercials, the Liberty Mutual Struggling Actor commercials, and the actors in them. Here’s more information about the actors in the Liberty Mutual commercials.  

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LiMu Emu and Doug commercials  

Commercials featuring the LiMu Emu and Doug have been a hit for Liberty Mutual since they debuted in March 2019. The commercials follow the exploits of an emu and a human named Doug. The twosome tries to help clients save money on vehicle insurance. LiMu Emu and Doug are dressed identically, down to their matching pairs of sunglasses. 

According to a press release, LiMu Emu and Doug are a “fictional dynamic duo that are enthusiastic about sparing people from overpaying for one-size-fits-all insurance.” To capitalize on the popularity of the buddy-cop genre, the two have starred in a series of commercials, some of which even include a car from the 1970s and other period pieces. The commercials are goofy and entertaining, as one might anticipate, often because emus will be emus, and there is an undeniable sense of nostalgia. 

The LiMu Emu has gotten most of the attention in the advertisements. But we think Doug should also get some credit for his contribution to the commercials’ success. Here’s the thing, though. You’d probably not ever recognize the actor who plays Doug if you saw him on the streets!  

So then, who is the actor who plays Doug in the Liberty Mutual commercials?  

David Hoffman, an actor and comedian plays Doug in the ads for Liberty Mutual. Hoffman had a busy acting career before joining Liberty Mutual, with most of his roles being comic. 

His agent called him after Hoffman’s time on the show ended. Hoffman was no stranger to commercials, but he was determined to make this one hilarious. David has been Doug ever since simply because there’s no one better!  

David Hoffman claims that nobody has ever mistaken him for Doug in public. IRL, Hoffman looks drastically different from his role as Doug with those sunglasses. 

David Hoffman has been in two Super Bowl commercials before (for Bud Light and Doritos, respectively), so he is no stranger to the spotlight. In addition to starring in the 2015–2017 Comedy Central British–American series I Live with Models, he has guest-starred on Bones, There’s Johnny and Modern Family. 

Did you know?

It’s a testament to Hoffman’s acting skills that he usually films these Liberty Mutual commercials on his own. He seldom shoots with a real emu! Most of the time, he is on his own and has to wing it by pretending the emu is by his side. However, three actual emus play the title role of LiMu in the ads.

Liberty Mutual Struggling Actor commercials  

We’ve all seen those commercials for Liberty Mutual Insurance when a hunky yet untalented actor poses in front of the Statue of Liberty. He pretends to be a satisfied customer bragging about the company. 

Several outtakes feature him stumbling over his lines or offering inane advice. It’s Liberty Mutual, and he can’t even say it. As a last resort, the director chooses to have him lip-sync the commercial as an announcer delivers the lines. 

A longer cut reveals the magnitude of his difficulties. However, the actor playing the ‘bad actor’ does an amazing job, thereby showcasing, ironically, his acting skills.  

Who is the Liberty Biberty guy? 

The ‘bad actor’ struggling to get his lines right in the Liberty Mutual commercials is played by an actually successful actor Tanner Novlan, a Canadian actor and model.  

You may have also seen him playing Gregory Manes on The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, and Dr. John “Finn” Finnegan in CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful. 

Liberty Biberty Guy Tanner Novlan

Novlan says he was happy to be recognized in the street and requested to say Liberty Biberty.” He said that he enjoyed playing the Liberty Mutual actor! While he was aware of the impact his character on B&B would have on public perception, the Liberty Mutual commercial’s reaction came totally out of the blue.  

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