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Who Makes Innovus Cars?

  • Things To Know
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Have you tried googling Innovus cars and come up blank? So what’s this car that defeats the search prowess of even Google? Does it even exist? The intrepid detectives at Way.com find out.¬†

The background

On January 6, 2022, an episode on Law & Order: Organized Crime featured an electric car. The episode called “Nemesis” focused on a cybercriminal. He escaped from a high-security prison and an elite NYPD team’s mission to find him and bring him to justice before he can create any additional e-chaos.

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How the Innovus car scene played out

In one of the scenes, Detective Elliot Stabler and Sergeant Ayanna Bell are following a person they believe to be an accomplice to the fugitive cybercriminal. They are keeping a watchful eye out in front of the man’s house, waiting for him to come out.

Stabler says to Bell, “Fancy ride for an insurance analyst,” as a dark blue and black automobile pulls out of the driveway. “What kind of car is that?”

“Innovus,” replies Bell. He then goes on to claim that it is one of the new electric cars that’s giving Tesla a run for its money.

Stabler smirks and asks, “What’s a Tesla?”

The situation immediately escalates into a high-speed automobile chase. During this, the Innovus displays some impressive precision driving in an effort to outrun the police. However, the pursuit ends with a standoff in which Stabler and Bell face the vehicle with their pistols drawn and yell at the driver to get out of it.

The car does a  couple of pump fakes. For a brief minute, it even appears as though the driver may attempt to run down the two officers. But then, the door opens, and there is nobody on the other side! This is the shocker.

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What happened next?

The police officers then return to the station and debrief. They come to the conclusion that the cybercriminal was able to pull this off by breaking into the operating system of the car. They’ve then taken remote control of it. The thing is, they aren’t thrown off by the thought of a remotely driven car, even if this is a rather sophisticated move to make here.

This places us smack dab in the middle of our current technological moment. We can’t help but be fascinated by the concept as we wait on tenterhooks for technological advancements. Even if Tesla’s fully autonomous driving has issues, we can’t help but be smitten by it. But it’s still a cautious fascination.

The cunning antagonist is also a reference to how we currently feel about electric automobiles. Of course, the people who hacked the government would have a luxury ride. But the technology that controls this ride would be inaccessible to anyone who lacked the education and experience necessary to acquire it.

But it’s not all going over the heads of the plebeians. Stabler’s quip about Tesla is very much an inside joke. Even if we do not yet fully understand the inner workings of electric vehicles, we live in an era in which the prevalence of electric vehicles is rapidly growing.

So was there a car made by Innovus in Law & Order: Organized Crime?

Nope, there wasn’t. The Innovus car seen in Law & Order: Organized Crime is just a Toyota Camry in disguise!

Fans on Reddit who have keen hearing pointed out that the engine’s noise during the pursuit was a bit of a dead giveaway that it was not electric.

So maybe Innovus isn’t a real electric car, but the good news is that many new electric car manufacturers are popping up everywhere. Moreover, all the big automakers are coming out with electric vehicles!

In the not-so-distant future, we might see a Tesla Model S and a Lucid Air engage in a pitched car chase across our screens!

On the other hand, electric car makers can finally relax. The appearance of an electric car on a hit TV show is an indication of the public’s level of familiarity with electric vehicles. If you’ve made it into popular culture, you’ve made it!

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