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Who Makes Nexen Tires? Here’s the Info

  • Wheels and Tires
  • Vanessa Norris
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Your car’s tires are not just a feature; it’s much more. It speaks volumes about one’s choice for comfort and performance. Read on to learn more about one such industry expert, NEXEN Tires. In this article, you’ll learn who makes NEXEN tires, its technology, why to choose NEXEN, how to get the right tire, and reviews. 

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Who makes NEXEN Tires?

NEXEN tires have become a household name for most car users who prefer comfort and performance at an affordable price. But how did it all begin? NEXEN, one of Korea’s first tire manufacturing companies, was established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire Company. Headquartered in Yangsan, NEXEN has served the industry for over 80 years.  

The Name Change

The company changed its name twice throughout its course. First, in 1994 the company changed its name to Woosung Tire. And later, in 2000, Woosung Tire changed its name to NEXEN. A futuristic combination of two words, ‘Next’ and ‘Generation,’ that set the direction for the company. Nexen ever since has been working towards perfecting durable and futuristic auto tires.  

The Design and Technology

With an award-winning Green Hive Tire Concept and patented nanotechnology, NEXEN’s innovative ways have created Korea’s first V-shaped directional tires. NEXEN has always been dedicated to researching and developing new tire technologies. They use cutting-edge equipment to ensure their tires are safe, reliable, and good for the environment.  

Why choose NEXEN?

Excellent warranty

NEXEN offers the best warranty in the industry. Their unbeatable warranty is made for customers. It protects the value of their purchase, gives them peace of mind when problems occur, and puts their worries behind them.  

New technologies

Nexen is a leading brand in creating and using advanced technology in tires. V-oriented and Green Hive tires are two of the brand’s unique products. 

Impressive design

The Nexen tires stand out more than any other choice in the same segment. This tire company’s designs have even won top awards worldwide.  

Most Popular NEXEN Tires

Getting the right set of tires can be a challenge for many. But then, it is essential to car safety and a great driving experience. Whether you own an SUV, a truck, or a performance car, NEXEN will find you the right match.  

Touring All-Season Tires

An all-season tire helps you reduce the effort of changing tires twice a year. The all-season tires perform well in all conditions and provide a smooth ride on warm and cold roads. 

NEXEN Tire N Priz AH5


  • Reasonable price 
  • Excellent on wet roads 
  • Good traction on flat roads 
  • Robust build lasts a long time 
  • Service warranty for 50,000 miles 


  • Not advised on snow or ice 



  • Reasonable price 
  • Dry work is impressive 
  • Good for very little snow 
  • It is easy to drive on the highway 


  • There is less grip on the road when going fast in the rain
  • Not good in a lot of snow or ice 

NEXEN Tire Aria AH7


  • A smooth and quiet ride 
  • Good grip and maneuverability on flat roads 
  • Works well in the rain and on light snow 
  • Good enough for daily drive
  • The warranty covers up to 80,000 miles 


  • Poor results on ice and snow 

Highway All-season Tires

NEXEN highway all-season tires are designed especially for traction and smooth highway driving. 

Nexen Roadian HTX RH5


  • Very good on the road 
  • Easily handles light snow 
  • Impressive turning in the rain 
  • Good grip on flat roads
  • A smooth and quiet ride 


  • Not a great choice for off-roading

Nexen Roadian CT8 HL


  • Durable 
  • Easy ride 
  • Good driving in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Good enough for daily drive 


  • Not made for cold weather. 

Summer Tires

Summer tires make your drive fast and agile, so they are best for high-performance cars. They make the car easier to control, easier to turn, and easier to stop. Their Summer tires provide much-needed resistance and grip even in relatively high temperatures. 

Nexen Tire NFERA SU1


  • Durable 
  • Stable grip 
  • Good ride quality 
  • Can handle wet roads well. 
  • Tire tread guarantee for 25,000 miles 


  • Not the best choice for driving fast



  • Excellent in both dry and wet conditions
  • Stable even when moving quickly 
  • Suitable for fast drives
  • Good for the summer


  • Not as strong as you imagine

All-Terrain Tires

NEXEN offers one of the most affordable all-terrain tires that gets you a stable ride even on shallow mud, dirt, and gravel. 



  • Enduring 
  • Good grip on both dry and wet ground 
  • Strong grip on rocks and dirt 
  • Good for soft mud. 
  • Great in the winter 


  •  Not the right choice for a relaxing ride. 

Winter Tires

Winter tires will make it easier to stop on roads that are cold, wet, icy, or covered in snow. Furthermore, depending on the speed and road conditions, a winter tire can help you stop up to 25% sooner than an all-season tire. 

NEXEN Winguard Sport 2


  • Response time is good 
  • Feels sporty to drive 
  • Excellent at dealing with snow 
  • It can work even when the weather is bad


  • Poor wet handling 

NEXEN Winguard Ice Plus


  •  Unique tire design 
  • Quiet ride with less sound 
  • Give traction on wet, slippery ground 
  • The performance on snow is very good 


  •  Not great on ice 

NEXEN Winguard Winspike 3


  • Holds on to the ice 
  • Good traction in the rain 
  • Flexible mix for winter tires


  •  Average performance when it’s dry 

Most NEXEN tires are very affordable. In this way, even the cheaper choices are pretty valuable. They sometimes last longer than well-known companies like Michelin, Continental, or Goodyear tires. 

You should try them, but if you can help it, don’t choose the cheapest tires. The others are mostly good in a lot of ways. 


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Where are NEXEN tires made?

The Changnyeong plant has the most advanced automated facilities and makes high-value, eco-friendly goods with the world’s best technologies, driving NEXEN TIRE’s growth. 

Are NEXEN tires any good?

NEXEN is a relatively good brand with affordable tires. They provide a wide range of options for each category. 

What is the meaning of NEXEN tire?

NEXEN- Next Generation Tire. 

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