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Why Booking a Hotel Airport Parking Spot Is a Great Idea

  • Airport Parking Tips
  • Renee Martin
  • 5 minutes

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Anyone who has rushed to catch a flight on time would have encountered the following events. You hurriedly leave home, get caught in a traffic snarl downtown, are forced to take a diversion, and reach the airport barely on time. Furthermore, you pay through your nose for on-site airport parking and reach your terminal out of breath! And then you find that your flight has been delayed! You’re left sweaty, annoyed, and cursing your luck as you agonizingly wait in a crowded terminal for your flight plan to resume. That’s why booking a hotel airport parking spot nearby is a great idea!

airport parking

We all know travel isn’t as smooth as all those Instagram posts make it seem. One of the biggest worries is where to leave your car while you’re away. Airport parking lots are expensive and always sold out!  And yet, that’s not even close to where the headache ends. When you return from your tripyou may find that your vehicle has numerous nicks, bumps, and dents – even a cracked windshield, if you’re that unlucky. That is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. If only there were a cheaper, easier, safer, and more convenient option to park at the airportright? 

Well, you’ll be glad to know that there’s something better waiting just around the corner – literallyThere are plenty of airport hotels with parking lots that are just a stone’s throw away from airports, where you can get cheap and secure parking spots at a fraction of the on-site rates. Hotel airport parking also gives you the freedom to book a room for a few hours, where you can unwind before jetting off. 

Reasons to book a room and parking spot at an airport hotel. 

Why booking a hotel airport parking spot is a great idea 

Travel can really tire you out

Your body can be put through the wringer during a journey – both during the drive to the airport and during the actual flightYou may cross time zones, have a busy trip schedule, or just be suffering from stress. You don’t need the added hassle of finding airport parking or sleeping at the terminal during flight delays. At an airport hotel, you can avoid rush hour, drive stress-free, park at your leisure, and rest easy in a room until your flight time. This option is most convenient for those red-eye flights – the late night and early morning trips – that are the bane of every traveler. 

 Flight delays won’t trouble you anymore

 Whats worse than getting to the airport in a rush is getting there and then realizing that your flight’s been delayed! With a hotel airport parking spot and room, you can avoid the anxious wait in the terminal and instead kick back and relax until it’s time to head out. If you’ve seen the movie The Terminal, starring Tom Hanks, you’ll know how it feels to be stuck in an airport while your flight is delayed – it feels like an eternity! 

Free shuttles round the clock

Airport hotels don’t just provide you a safe and cozy nook to park your car – they also ensure you get the convenience of free shuttles to and from the airport, 24×7An Uber or Lyft ride from downtown of any city to the airport will cost at least $20 and can go up to $100! Why pay an arm and a leg for ride-sharing or taxi service when you can park easily and stretch your legs in a free shuttle bus? Leave your car in good hands while you travel on autopilot! 

Parking and room rates are an absolute steal

 On-site parking in certain cities is so costly that the total parking cost might be even higher than your airfare. That beats the entire point of traveling! For example, JFK Airport’s parking will cost you $18/day; LAX Airport will cost you $42/day; while Chicago Midway Airport parking will put you back by a whopping $64/day! In contrast, an airport hotel parking spot at any of these cities will not cost you more than $7/day – for both long-term as well as short-term parking! What’s more, most of them also offer free cancellations, which is an added advantage.  


Things to do before booking airport hotel parking 

Look for great deals – Off-site airport hotel parking can offer several discounts, vouchers, and parking coupons that can cut up to 60% of your on-site parking cost.  

Keep an eye out for package offers – Airport hotels have attractive package deals where you can book a room plus parking at a discounted rate. That way, you nab two birds with one stone! 

Check reviews online  Do a thorough search for the highestrated off-site lots and see if they offer everything you need – like free shuttles, CCTV, or even car maintenance services.   

Do a quick drive-by – Make a quick visit to the lot to see if you’re satisfied with the facility. The chances are that once you get hooked, you won’t feel like choosing any other option.


Travel Tip:

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