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Why does your car insurance premium rise without filing claims?

  • Cars Explained
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 4 minutes

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There is nothing more frustrating than opening the renewal of your car insurance and seeing your premiums rise. It’s a lot worse if you don’t make any statements. Understanding why you’re doing this will help save you surprises and save you money. 

Common reasons why car insurance rises

A set of variables will increase the auto insurance premium. In some instances, this has to do with your experience as a driver or as a carrier. If you fall in each of these three categories, the insurance premium will go up. 

  • An accident-prone driver 
  • History of violations 
  • Cancel an associated policy 
Rising car insurance premium
Car insurance premium always rises

 Let’s take a closer look at these reasons: 

If you are an accident-prone driver

If you were involved in an accident and you were at fault, the insurance would increase. Many insurance companies base their premium on the amount of time you spent between accidents. If you’re reporting a faulty crash, you have to start again. 

If you have a history of violations

Likewise, if you have a history of moving violations or convictions such as DUI, the carrier will see you as a dangerous driver. This is going to raise the price. 

If you cancel an associated policy

Car insurance companies will also give you discounts based on programs such as homeowner coverage. If you cancel these similar policies, which will increase your premiums, you will lose your discount. 

Save on your insurance premium
You can save on your insurance premium

Reasons beyond your control

The rising-rate in general

Besides, the cost of car insurance is increasing everywhere. The rise in rates is primarily due to higher maintenance costs, increased accidents, increased hospital costs, drunken and uninsured drivers, weather incidents, etc. There are a few reasons for this. 

Higher Maintenance Costs

New cars are fitted with state-of-the-art security and computer systems and high-end technology. They protect drivers and passengers, but they cost a lot more to fix when the car is damaged. 

Distract Driving

Despite higher education about the dangers of distracted driving, it is increasing rather than declining. There are more accidents involving people using cell phones, reading, eating, etc., and they also cause significant harm. This allows the overall premiums to increase. 

Growing costs for health care

Health care costs are on the rise. Although this does not seem to be directly linked, paying for physical therapy and medical care for incidents that affect you will cost your auto insurance money.  As this costs money to the insurance provider, the premiums are rising. 

The rise in uninsured drivers

Driving without an insurance policy is illegal everywhere. Despite that, more people do it every day. This results in increased claims on insurers if they need repairs following an accident with an uninsured driver, resulting in higher premiums. 

Natural disasters

Weather disasters can also contribute to an overall rise in premiums. Such disasters are causing a rise in car claims, from hurricanes and tornadoes to flooding and earthquakes. This again leads to higher general premiums in a particular region, as insurance providers struggle to pay for the lack of funds. 

Credit score variations

To manage risk more efficiently, insurance companies often change the way they measure premiums. In some instances, this may be a bad thing. One way to do this is if the insurance agent changes the priority of your credit. They can have preferential rates for high credit rates, although this is not feasible in every region.  However, among those that do, it may cause complications for the insured. A poor credit score has a higher rate of claims and a much higher rate of false claims. Your insurance premiums will be adversely affected if your credit score is poor. It may not be reflected in your current insurance rates, as your credit score has increased. 

You will be encouraged to contact your insurer if you think your insurance premium is affected by your loan value. Ask if they can add to your score and further adjust your rate to your advantage.  


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