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Why is car insurance for women cheaper?

  • Auto Insurance
  • Xavier Sabastian
  • 5 minutes

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It is a universal truth in auto insurance – car insurance for women is cheaper when compared to that of men. To put it bluntly, men are more costly to insure than women.

car insurance for women

Male drivers are charged higher car insurance rates than female drivers for a variety of reasons. One simple reason for the disparity is that men file more insurance claims than women. Furthermore, men drive more frequently than women. Men also prefer to drive more expensive cars that are more expensive to repair. In the last decade or so, conventional roles for men and women have become more equal, but the overall insurance costs have remained relatively unchanged.

student car insurance

Why are men seen to be riskier drivers?

Male drivers have higher insurance rates than female drivers starting in their early teenage driving years. This rate disparity is not the result of insurance companies’ idle stereotypes. Men have been demonstrated to behave in ways that are more likely to result in accidents. They have a greater propensity for driving faster and changing lanes quickly in traffic. Women, on the whole, are more deliberate when it comes to lane changes and turns. Police have cited more men than women for running red or yellow lights around the country, leading to more accidents.

Regardless of individual conduct, car insurance companies must protect themselves from the possible costs of claims. Even if a male can demonstrate that he has a perfect driving record, he will still pay more for insurance than a woman with an excellent driving record. 

Based on the national trend of men filing more insurance claims than women, each guy is charged a higher rate. It may appear unjust, but when the averages are compared between the genders, the disparity in rates can be justified. When you consider that insurance firms cover many male drivers ranging from cautious to reckless, it’s easy to see why male rates are higher overall.

According to studies, men are involved in more accidents than women.

The insurance firms’ claims are backed up by solid research. Males engaged in a wide range of dangerous activities behind the wheel, according to a 2020 study. Male drivers accounted for more than 70% of all reported automobile deaths in the United States. Male drivers were involved in 70% of pedestrian fatalities in automobile collisions. When a pedestrian is killed while riding a bicycle, the rate rises to 87 percent. In the United States, men drivers accounted for almost 90% of all motorcycle fatalities.

According to these figures, male drivers were significantly more than half of the most severe accidents. Insurance firms use these figures to calculate rates, ensuring that each client is adequately insured in the event of an accident. When the numbers are so lopsided, it’s simple for insurance firms to justify charging men more for vehicle insurance than women.¬†

Each insurance premium is calculated depending on the risk involved. Accident statistics supplied by objective third parties such as highway patrol and city police agencies have shown that men are higher risk drivers than women across the country.

Damage caused by accident can vary

Male drivers’ aggression contributes to more severe accidents. Men have been demonstrated to drive faster and less predictably than women, which means that the accidents they are involved in occur faster. When an accident occurs at a higher speed, the cost of the damage is substantially higher for an insurance company to cover.¬†

Males’ overall driving behaviors result in more collisions, resulting in higher levels of vehicle damage and a higher risk of injury to drivers and passengers. When establishing insurance rates, insurance firms must consider the severity of male car accidents.

According to a study, men are more likely to engage in risky behavior, resulting in more significant injuries in less serious automobile accidents. Men are more likely than women to drive without wearing a seatbelt. If a male driver is involved in an accident, this can result in more severe injuries. 

Cultural factors result in cheaper car insurance for women

Insurance prices for women are lower for various reasons, not the least of which being males’ risky driving. There are also cultural factors why men’s insurance is more expensive. In most households, the male head of household drives far more than the female head of household. Despite the surge in female workers, men are still expected to be the primary breadwinners in most households. Men go to and from work more frequently than women, making them more vulnerable to accidents simply by being on the road.

Even if a married pair works and commutes the same distance every day, there is still a higher chance that the male will be driving when they are in a car accident. Many of the worst accidents occur late at night or on weekends when the man is usually at the wheel, and the woman is in the passenger seat.

car insurance for women

According to research, men also tend to favor more expensive and powerful cars, which can result in substantially bigger insurance claims if they are involved in a car accident. A soccer mom in a minivan will not require nearly as much compensation as a single man in a compact sports car.

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