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Why opt for valet parking at LAX Airport

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By its very definition, valet parking is a service meant to eliminate the need for people to park their own cars. Whether you need to park at a hotel or at the airport, the same basic rule is expected. One of the best things about valet parking is that can pull right up outside a place and not have to worry about finding a parking spot. This makes valet parking at LAX the probably most convenient mode of parking when it comes to LAX Airport parking.  

The Los Angeles International Airport is the second-busiest airport in the US. So it’s no surprise that finding a LAX parking spot can present a bit of a challenge, especially if you don’t have a lot of time to spare. There’s a solution to this, though. Let’s walk you through finding a LAX parking spot that’s convenient and secure.

Picture this – you drive up to the LAX airport (yes, we’re talking curbside!), exit your car, and leave your car keys with the waiting valet. The valet will drive your car to a completely secure parking lot while you make your way to your boarding gate. Sounds like the best way to park and fly from LAX Airport, doesn’t it? This easy and convenient LAX Airport valet parking experience can be yours when you book your parking spot with LAX valet parking. Whether you are hurrying to catch a last-minute flight or are a frequent flyer, valet parking lets you get to your terminal well on time with no fuss.

Top reasons why LAX airport valet parking is more convenient

  1. The numero uno reason has to be the amount of time saved. With LAX airport valet parking, there’s no need to stand around waiting for a shuttle to come to pick you up or drop you off. There’s also no time spent on finding a parking spot.
  2. Curbside to curbside pick-up and drop-offs can reduce the overall duration of your journey, thereby reducing travel fatigue.
  3. Only the parking valets can usually enter and exit LAX valet parking garages. This means your lot where your car will be parked during your journey is completely secure.
  4. LAX valet parking lots often offer add-on services like car wash and car detailing. For instance, the Airport Valet LAX facility provides these and even more services like engine cleaning, gas fill-up oil change, and smog check.
  5. If you’re traveling with multiple pieces of luggage, LAX valet parking ensures that you don’t have to haul your bags during multiple luggage transfers. Your luggage will only ever need to be in the boot of your car.
  6. Your personal safety is also ensured with no waiting around for shuttles in secluded lots.

LAX Airport

If it’s ease of travel and convenience you’re looking for, there’s no better option than valet parking at LAX Airport. Take the Airport Valet LAX facility, for instance. When you choose to book your LAX parking spot with them, you can drive straight to the airport, meeting a personal valet who will take your vehicle and park it in a clean, well-lit, and secure LAX valet parking lot. All you need to do is call them when you’re approximately 10 minutes away from your terminal. You can call their toll-free number on your return to LAX when you are ready with your luggage. A valet will deliver your car to your terminal curbside, hand you your keys, and you’ll be free to drive home! They’re available 24 hours a day, so it does not matter whether your flight gets in or takes off really late. Valet parking at LAX cannot get simpler than this!

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