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Why Peachy Airport parking is best for parking near ATL Airport

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If you’ve taken a flight out of ATL Airport, you’ve most certainly considered booking yourself a spot at Peaching parking! We’ll find out why Peachy parking is ideal for parking near ATL Airport. 

As the second-busiest airport in the world, the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has an unenviable task. It’s one of the largest airports in the country. ATL operates more than 1000 flights to 225 destinations. A whopping 110 million passengers pass through its terminals every year. Many of them drive to the airport and use the on-site parking lots. However, anyone who’s been to the airport knows that ATL Airport frequently runs out of parking spaces. And that the ones remaining will be very expensive!  

Safe Atlanta Airport parking The solution to your woes is right around the corner. Way.com has partnered with Peachy Airport Parking to solve all your airport parking problems in one go! Just a few minutes from the Atlanta Airport, Peachy Airport Parking has been a trusted off-site parking provider for many years now. With premium airport parking spots, competitive prices, professional staff, and great amenities, Peachy Airport parking is your best bet for a smooth Atlanta Airport parking experience. 

atlanta airport parking

Don’t take our word for it, though. A simple comparison of the rates at Peachy Airport Parking with the rates for on-site parking, public transport, and ridesharing will clear all your doubts.  

Peachy vs. public transport

  • Taking the MARTA Line from downtown Atlanta is pretty cheap at $2.50. But it isn’t very convenient if you have heavy luggage with you. 
  • Ride-sharing through Uber or Lyft can cost you $30-$50 one way. That means you’ll be shelling out at least $60 for a round trip. 
  • Driving yourself to the airport is convenient. However, ATL on-site parking rates start at $10/day and can spiral to $24/day depending on where you park.

atlanta airport parking

Peachy Parking beats out all these options with the best combination of convenience and affordability. Off-site airport parking here starts at just $7.50/day, with a free shuttle and contactless booking enabled via Way.com. While your car is parked here, you can also opt for add-on services like auto detailing and car wash too!  

How much is Peachy Parking at Atlanta Airport? 

Peachy offers parking spots starting from $9/day. This includes free shuttle runs, free carwash, and complimentary bottled water. They will also help with your heavy luggage.    

How far is Peachy Parking from ATL airport? 

Peachy Parking is less than a mile from ATL Airport.  

Don’t delay – go onto the Way.com website or download the Way app and pre-book an affordable Peachy Airport Parking spot in just a few easy swipes! 

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Why Peachy Airport parking is best for parking near ATL Airport

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