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Why road trip car games are the best things since sliced bread

  • Things To Do
  • Natasha Young
  • 6 minutes

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Hey, fall is finally here, and road trips are desperately knocking on your doors to get you out and about! It’s high time for us to give in to it. As Marshall Sylver said, one should enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Having a bunch of super fun road trip car games is a great way to make your journey enjoyable. And everyone on the drive gets brownie points for the bonding. 

Well, everyone appreciates a good chuckle. Whether it’s just buddies goofing around with crazy ‘would you rather’ propositions or couples adding that fun element to their getaways. In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of interesting games to play on a road trip. These will help you pass the time in the car and make your journey more enjoyable. Keep reading for some inspiration for your own list of fun games to play on a road trip.  

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Road trip car games for friends

Road trip car games for friends

Don’t Break the Rules 

Make up funny rules for typical road trip occurrences, such as everyone clapping their hands every time you drive over a bridge. Or the one who spots a bird must laugh like Scooby-doo or Skeleton from He-man if you trying to get Halloweeny already (*wink *). Try to think of as many as you can. The player who is the last to break a rule receives a point, and the one with the most points wins. 

Triple Threat 

Be warned: things are about to get extremely silly, very fast. One player must randomly choose three words. For example, words like “plate,” “monkey,” and “snow.” The rest can take turns and come up with a story that revolves around these three random elements. The person whose story cracked you all up the most wins! 

Wait, What? 

Come up with a set of hypothetical questions, such as “What would you do if you won the lottery?” Alternatively, “If you could transform into any animal, what would it be?”. Make sure that everyone gets to answer; leave no stone unturned. The person who comes up with the silliest or most creative answers wins! 

While You Were Sleeping 

We all have that one friend who dozes off quickly on every road trip. Well, we have a plan for them. While the unwitting snoozer is asleep, others should come up with a bizarre or funny story about what happened while that person was sleeping. When the sleepyhead finally awakes, you all try to persuade them of your made-up story. Whoever breaks character first or gets caught as a fake by the person who just woke up will be met with the consequences (*evil laugh*). 

Truth or Dare 

The classic! This game needs no explanation. It is perfect for playing when you are out with your buddies. It is also an eerie way of getting to know your buddies more. Penny for thought: try to limit your dares to activities you can do safely within the car or quickly at your next gas station or the restaurant you guys plan to stop by. 

Never Have I Ever

This is most certainly the most revealing of all road trip car games. Players take turns and make a statement that begins with “Never have I ever”. The other participants must guess whether the statement is true or false. As the rounds progress, the wilder and funnier it gets. In the end, the one who got the most guesses right is the winner!


We can’t expect sunshine all the time, right? But will it stop us from having fun? No. Being on the road doesn’t mean you can’t hang stick figures. That’s when you should bring out the kids within yourself. All you need is a pen and paper. Oh, wait, all you need is a foggy window. It’s that simple. We all know how to play hangman, don’t we? 

Road trip car games for couples 

couples smiling at each other on a road trip

Patch it up 

If you love to play around with your favorite songs on your playlist, then this game is all you need! One should start by singing a random line from a song. The next person must then sing a line from a new song in which the final word used in the previous song is the beginning of that line. Towards the end, it’s just a matter of how many songs you can string together. 

 Try using songs that are love-themed or songs that are from your partner’s favorite playlist. For example, “But I can’t help falling in love with you” from “Can’t help falling in love with you” by Elvis Presley can be followed by “You’re beautiful, it’s true” from “ You’re beautiful” by James Blunt. 

The Compliment Game

This is a terrific way for you to say compliments to each other, but you’ll have to be really creative with it. Both parties must go alphabetically. For example, if one person says, Patrick is very ‘attentive,’ the other must continue with the letter ‘B,’ “Lily is the ‘best’ at art.” or something like that.

Opportunity Corner 

This one is an exclusive road trip game for couples. When your car goes around a corner and as your body shifts towards your partner in the driving seat, exclaim “opportunity corner” and quickly embrace them. Just keep in mind not to startle them since they are driving. Take turns driving so both of you can make use of the opportunity. There isn’t much to this game, apart from you guys getting a little cheesy on winding roads. But hey, who doesn’t love cheese?

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