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Why Should Young People Buy Life Insurance Now?

  • Life Insurance
  • Sara Sam
  • 4 minutes

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 It is that time you juggle your dreams, balance your ambitions and begin life’s ride. You might think life insurance doesn’t deserve a space in your plan; then you are probably mistaken. Life insurance is a fantastic investment and a safety net for those you consider important in your life while you are out there conquering the world! If you are young, here is everything you need to know about why young people should buy life insurance.   

What are the benefits of buying insurance at a young age? 

Here’s a quick look at why you should buy insurance when you are young. 

  • It is affordable. 
  • You have unlimited coverage options. 
  • You can use it to pay off debts or your student loans. 
  • It can help grow credit. 


Why should young people buy life insurance? 

There are compelling reasons why young people should consider buying life insurance early on. Here are the reasons, from affordability to unlimited coverage options and credit-building potential.  


Its affordability is the most appealing factor in purchasing life insurance at a young age. In other words, insurance companies offer lower premiums for a young individual with a generally lower risk profile. Therefore, you can secure coverage at a cost-effective rate. Consequently, you can enjoy long-term savings compared to purchasing life insurance later in life when premiums tend to be higher. 


Unlimited Coverage Options 

Young people have the advantage of a wide range of coverage options. Whether you prefer term life insurance, which provides coverage for a specific period, or permanent life insurance, which offers lifelong protection and the potential to build cash value, you can choose according to your needs and future goals. 

Debt Repayment and Student Loans 

The burden of debt, such as student loans, credit card debt, or mortgages, can be overwhelming for young individuals. Life insurance would make sure that your loved ones are not left with the financial strain of unpaid debts if something were to happen to you. The death benefit from a life insurance policy can be used to pay off these debts, allowing your family to maintain their financial stability and not be burdened with loan repayments during an already challenging time. 

Credit-Building Potential 

A good credit history becomes increasingly important once you begin handling finances independently. For example, life insurance can play a role in boosting your credit by providing collateral for loans. If you opt for permanent life insurance policies, they have a cash value component that grows over time. The cash value offered in such policies can be accessed or borrowed against, allowing you to build creditworthiness while maintaining financial security. 

Therefore, life insurance is not just a financial tool reserved for older generations. Young people can reap significant benefits by purchasing life insurance early on and making it a smart investment for the young ones.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should millennials buy life insurance? 

Yes, life insurance is for everyone who plans a secure future. Therefore, you will get good coverage at lower premium rates if you are a millennial with no unhealthy habits.  

Is it okay not to have life insurance in your 20s?  

It is okay not to have life insurance in your 20s if you do not have a stable income. However, with a stable income, one can think about life insurance as a step towards investment and a safety net if you have outstanding student loans, for that matter.  

Is it smart to get life insurance at 18? 

Yes, but you should be able to pay the premiums. If you are unable to pay even after the grace period, your policy will certainly lapse.  


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