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Will There Be a Cars 4?

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Pixar’s Cars series is one of the most iconic animated movies of all time. The world of John Lasseter’s CGI-animated television show and movie franchise Cars is populated by talking cars. The same-named Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures movie from 2006 marked the start of the franchise. A sequel to the movie was released in 2011. In 2017, the third movie, Cars 3, was released. The franchise generated over $10 billion in merchandise sales within its first five years.¬†

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Since the 2000s, Pixar’s legendary series Cars has been the preferred movie of kids and animation aficionados, leaving fans wondering what the company has in store for Cars 4. The demand for Cars 4 is evident among moviegoers, as seen by the constant speculation about the forthcoming movie on social media and Reddit. Despite this, Disney and Pixar keep mum on the current status of the much-awaited movie. Disney and Pixar have made no formal statements regarding the status of Cars 4.¬†

History of the Cars franchise 

The first film in the series, which debuted in 2006, shook the world. The storied race car Lightning McQueen gained widespread recognition. Then, as products began flying off the shelves, Disney and Pixar made a tonne of money. 

Cars 2 was another massive hit for the blockbuster studio, with over 500 million dollars in revenue for the franchise.¬†It wasn’t the groundbreaking game changer that the first was, but it was nonetheless a smash considering this was an animated film.¬†

Cars 3, the follow-up to the mediocre second film, was released in 2017. Unfortunately, Disney took a step back with Cars 3 because it only made about 370 million dollars. That was a letdown for Disney compared to Cars 2’s 570 Million US Dollars despite the higher ratings.¬†

Nevertheless, Cars was and is still one of the most popular and successful animated film series of the last two decades. The animation and creativity of the film were way ahead of their time. Nevertheless, series fans cannot wait for the upcoming release of another epic film. The hype for the upcoming film is already very high. In 2018, fan-made trailers teased the release of Cars 4. However, as of 2022, little is known about the movie’s situation.¬†

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Why was Cars so iconic? 

Cars 4Geoffrey Chandler on flickr.com

  • Visually and aesthetically pleasing: The animation was miles ahead of the quality of the animated films that used to exist.¬†
  • Creativity: They were able to create an entirely believable world populated by machines with tractor cows.¬†
  • Characters: Every character has something distinctive to their own. Every character is memorable and relatable.¬†
  • Plot: Although the plot was simple, it had incredible depth and moral messages. The plot moves quickly and keeps you interested.
  • Voice cast: Pixar selected recognizable and talented voices for the characters.¬†

All that we know so far 

Nobody knows anything except maybe the folks at Pixar and Disney. Nobody knows if they have shut down plans for Cars 4 or if they have any plans to make another classic Cars movie.  

But the start of production on another Pixar animated spinoff series ‘Cars on the Road’ was announced at the Disney Investors Day event. Everyone’s favorites, Lightning McQueen and Mater, would embark on a cross-country journey to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.

Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy will reprise their roles as Lightning McQueen and Mater in Cars on the Road. We have to wait until the fall of 2022 for the series to premiere on Disney+, but we can’t wait. So we can assume that any plan for completely shutting down the franchise is not even a logical question from a business standpoint. ¬†

Until now, the producers of the Cars franchise have been hesitant to discuss making the fourth film in the series. Disney seems more interested in focusing on other movies and studios than in making this one. In the last moments of Cars 3, we saw McQueen still putting in long hours at the track. Although he was slower than the Rookies and the newer cars, he was not about to quit. Cars 3 left things open-ended at the end.

Lightning McQueen still has much to offer. There are so many possibilities.¬†If a Cars 4 were to be made, there’s just a small chance that McQueen’s racing would play a key role. But he remains unquestionably, the franchise’s poster boy.¬†


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