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WWE Monday Night Raw 2023: Schedule, Tickets and Parking Info

  • January Events
  • Silas Smith
  • 7 minutes

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Another wrestling season is warming up with new shows, rivalries, and, hopefully, some surprises. WWE Monday Night Raw is entering its 31st season. It is the longest-running episodic TV show in the United States. Are you ready for some high-flying action? 


We will help you with the WWE Monday Night Raw 2023 dates, tickets, and even parking options. For those who want to see the superstars up close, see if your city is a location for the live event. 

WWE Raw parking

What is WWE Monday Night Raw? 

‘RAW’ is one of the two flagship shows along with Frida Night SmackDown, which features professional wrestling matches. Owned by WWE, this weekly show airs at 8 pm Eastern Time on Mondays on the USA Network. In addition, there is online streaming which includes past episodes. The competition includes one-on-one fights along apart from Tag team and special events like Hell in a Cell and Table, Ladders, and Chairs for both men and women superstars. ¬†

Which season is the WWE Monday Night Raw 2023? 

The show is currently in its 31st season. As part of the 30th Anniversary of Raw, which started in 1993, a special event is coming up. The special event, titled ‘RAW Is XXX,’ is set to be held at Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, on January 23, 2023.¬†

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WWE is set to bring out some of the legends from the WWE Hall of Fame along with the current roster of athletes for this event. You can watch episodes from the show’s early seasons from online streaming services like Peacock.¬†

What is the show roster for 2023? 

Some popular stars from the 2023 WWE Raw roster are listed below. 

  • AJ Styles¬†
  • Baron Corbin¬†
  • Bobby Lashley¬†
  • Cody Rhodes¬†
  • Dolph Ziggler¬†
  • Edge¬†
  • Bayley¬†
  • Elias¬†
  • Finn Balor¬†
  • The Miz¬†
  • Randy Orton¬†
  • Seth Rollins¬†
  • R-Truth¬†
  • Kevin Owens¬†
  • Alexa Bliss¬†
  • Asuka¬†
  • Becky Lynch¬†

Before the event, you can find the main matchup previews on the official WWE website. 

What is the WWE Monday Night Raw 2023 schedule? 

The WWE Raw will start in January and end on May 22, 2023. In 2023, one of the 14 shows will take place in Canada. In addition, there is the special event ‘RAW Is XXX’ celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the show. It will be held on January 23, 2023. You can find the dates and venues for each weekly show below. For the complete schedule of Monday Night Raw for 2023, visit the official WWE website.

Date Venue Find Parking
January 16, 2023  Heritage Bank Center, Cincinnati, OH Book Parking
January 23, 2023  Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA  Book Parking
January 30, 2023  BOK Center, Tulsa, OK Book Parking
February 6, 2023  Amway Center, Orlando, FL Book Parking
February 13, 2023  Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY Book Parking
February 27, 2023  Van Andel Arena, Grand Rapids, MI Book Parking
March 6, 2023  TD Garden, Boston, MA Book Parking
March 13, 2023  Amica Mutual Pavilion, Providence, RI Book Parking
March 20, 2023  Enterprise Center, St. Louis, MO Book Parking
March 27, 2023  Footprint Center, Phoenix, AZ Book Parking
April 3, 2023  Crypto.com Arena, Los Angeles, CA Book Parking
April 24, 2023  Allstate Arena, Rosemont, IL Book Parking
May 22, 2023  Giant Center, Hershey, PA Book Parking

Apart from the usual episodes, the ‘Raw after WrestleMania’ offers something special. Fans of the show know how important that day is, as anything can happen. You can expect rematches and some surprise appearances following the biggest WWE night.¬†

How much are the tickets for each show 

The ticket price might vary depending on the demand. Get them early so that you can save money on the charges. Tickets for Monday Night Raw are available through the WWE website.  


On average, the ticket charges will vary from $20 to $500. The best seats are the ones closer to the ring. Generally, these are usually priced higher because of the demand. The further you are from the action, the less the cost of tickets will be. Also, for events like the Anniversary special, you will have to pay much higher than normal Monday Night Raw shows.  

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In addition, online ticket marketplaces like Ticketmaster and AXS also sell Raw tickets. When you buy from these platforms, there will be an additional fee. Also, there might be resale tickets that will cost twice as much as the actual rates. You can also get them from the venue websites. 

Where can I watch Monday Night Raw 2023 online? 


Apart from cable TV and watching at an arena, online streaming services have Monday Night Raw episodes. One of these is the USA Network channel, where you can stream the show on your TV. Similarly, you can also watch the weekly show via Peacock TV. In addition, YouTube TV also streams Raw.   

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Is there on-site parking at the venues? 

Most of the WWE Monday Night Raw 2023 venues are major arenas and convention centers in the US. So you can expect some level of on-site parking at these venues. Also, there will be different areas designated for general, VIP, and reserved parking, which will charge different rates.  


For an event of this scale, on-site parking spaces will be in high demand. So unless you purchase early, chances are you have to look elsewhere for parking your car while you watch wrestling. Besides, if you feel the on-site parking charges are too high for WWE Monday Night Raw, there are much cheaper choices. 

Can I get street parking for WWE Monday Night Raw? 

Street parking may be available near most of the arenas which host RAW. Some may have free and metered parking spaces in the neighborhood. But if it is a busy location with popular destinations nearby, the street parking spaces will always be in high demand. In addition, parking in the streets is not always safe. 

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Your car is not secure on the streets as there are chances of theft and other crimes. Similarly, parking rules will vary for each city. Some of these include street cleaning schedules and alternate side parking. Unless you are familiar with the parking regulations of a city, it is better not to use street parking. Even minor parking violations will result in hefty fines and other penalties. 

What are cheap options for parking near event venues? 

Even though street parking is cheap, the risks outweigh the advantages. Your car is not secure on the streets as there are chances of theft and other crimes. Similarly, parking rules will vary for each city. Some of these include street cleaning schedules and alternate side parking. Unless you are familiar with the parking regulations of a city, it is better not to use street parking. Even minor parking violations will result in hefty fines and other penalties. 


Off-site parking garages near WWE Monday Night Raw 2023 venues are the best choice. Apart from savings on parking charges, they also offer premium parking features. Finding and booking a space at these off-site facilities is also easy. 

How to get cheap parking garages near WWE Raw venues? 

A simple way to find off-site facilities is using an online parking service like Way.com. Way.com and the Way app will help you find nearby garages that offer cheap rates. 

Once you enter the website or app, search your location along with entry and exit times. The app will list all active off-site parking garages along with their rates and features. Choose a garage and pay the respective rates to guarantee parking for the next Monday Night Raw 2023. 

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Off-site parking garages have security features like camera surveillance and security personnel, along with lot attendants. They will make sure your car stays safe while you watch Raw superstars throw punches and suplexes. In addition, other premium features include contactless parking, valet parking, ADA/Aisle access, covered parking, and more. The highlight is that you can get these features for no extra charge. 

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