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Wyoming Catalytic Converter Thefts- All You Need to Know

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  • Melanie Barrett
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Wyoming catalytic converter thefts are a major issue of concern that is still rising.  The police authorities and DMV have been working on action plans and programs to prevent the same. However, the biggest danger you’re likely to face does not realizing that the converters are missing until you start the vehicle. 

The danger of not reporting missing or lost catalytic converters is that your car accumulates harmful emissions.  Similarly, these emissions circulating within the car can cause major health issues. This also leads to low air quality, posing a great threat to the driver and passengers. Hence, it is always best to report Wyoming catalytic converter thefts as soon as you notice the missing.  

Wyoming catalytic converter thefts

Laws against Wyoming catalytic converter thefts 

The Bill 2015 SB11 talks about laws and regulations regarding Wyoming catalytic converter thefts you must know. 

This bill emphasizes the importance of systematically maintaining the bills of sale and purchase. It should also have the details of the buyers and sellers to ensure that the transactions are fully transparent and legal.  

In case of purchases less than $50, the buyers must also obtain the seller’s residential address, name, and photo identification details. These can be used to get any missing details about the catalytic converters or to confirm that the transaction is legal.  

Similarly, according to this bill, no buyer should purchase catalytic converters without sufficient and valid proof from the buyer’s side. In addition, the buyers must check the purchase history of the catalytic converters and ensure that they are safe for use.  

Once you purchase the catalytic converters, ensure you systematically maintain the bills and proofs. Also, see that you maintain the purchase records, such as the bills, until you use the converters.  

Most importantly, the buyers must ensure that the seller does not resell the catalytic converters to them. In case you find that the converters are resold, you may return them to the seller immediately. Therefore, remember to check the purchase history of the catalytic converters before you go ahead. 

Penalties against Wyoming catalytic converter thefts 

It is important to keep your converters safe and know the penalties against Wyoming catalytic converter thefts. For the first offense you commit, you may have to pay a fine of $50 to $200 or serve up to 60 days of imprisonment. On repeating the offense, the fine may increase to $100 or $300 or undergo 30 to 90 days of imprisonment. 

Wyoming Catalytic Converter Thefts- All You Need to KnowEasy ways to prevent Wyoming catalytic converter thefts

  • Remember to park in well-lit areas or between other vehicles. 
  • Buy an alarm to help you protect your catalytic converters in your absence. 
  • Engrave your VIN on your converters. 
  • Get a catalytic converter specialist lock to keep your catalytic converters safe. 

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