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Yankee Stadium parking tips to save your time and money

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Don’t let the 9000 Yankee Stadium parking space figures fool you! Parking in the Bronx can test your limits unless you have a pre-booked spot. With no official Yankee parking lots, the challenge mounts. However, you can still save your time and money on parking garages near the ballpark. Here’s all you need to know about the best spots and deals.   

New York Yankees’ home field in the Bronx is the third-largest MLB stadium by seating capacity and truly an iconic venue for baseball fans. It is the most expensive ballpark ever constructed, spread over 24 acres in the Concourse neighborhood. Remodeled in 2009, the current Yankee Stadium replaced the original opened in the 1920s at what is now known as Heritage Field. Fans flock to the stadium complex for more than the exhilarating experience of watching a game live; a century of Yankee history is enshrined at the site. Behind the center field, Monument Park also showcases plaques dedicated to the Yankee greats.  

Besides baseball, the Yankee Stadium is also home to New York City FC and hosts the annual Pinstripe Bowl games. College football games, outdoor NHL games, soccer matches, and concerts have also taken place at the venue. After the Pinstripe Bowl in December, the new year promises a packed schedule for the stadium, starting August 7th, 2022, with a Yankees vs. Red Sox game. Meanwhile, stadium tours and other events are in full swing around the year. It’s not hard to find reasons to visit the ballpark, even during the off-season. But whether it is a quick tour or a big game, you’ve got to plan your visit well for a hassle-free experience. Let’s start you off with how to reach and where to find the best parking near Yankee Stadium.  

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Where is the Yankee Stadium?  

The Yankee Stadium New York is in The Bronx’s Concourse neighborhood. It’s about a 20-minute drive from Midtown Manhattan and half an hour from JFK. For navigation, use the address 1 East 161st Street, Bronx, New York.   

Entry and exit gates  

There are four Yankee Stadium gates for visitors.  

  • Gate 2, next to the left field, is at Jerome Avenue and East 164th Street.  
  • Behind home plate, Gate 4 is at East 161st Street and Macombs Dam Bridge  
  • Enter Gate 6, near the right field, at East 161st Street and River Avenue  
  • Gate 8, next to center field, is at River Avenue and East 164th Street  

All four gates open 90 minutes before the game begins. However, there could be changes due to weather, doubleheaders, special events. Gate timings also vary for Opening Day, the Old-Timers’ Day game, and postseason play. For other public events and concerts, gate openings are announced closer to the scheduled date.  

Aerial view of Yankee Stadium

How to reach the Yankee Stadium  

You can take the subway, train, and bus or drive to the Yankee Stadium.   

161st Street/Yankee Stadium subway station is on East 161st Street and River Avenue. The No. 4 train from East Side and D Train from Sixth Avenue stop here. During weekdays, the B Train is also an option. New York City bus lines also serve the ballpark; Bx6 and Bx13 buses stop near the subway station, Bx1, Bx2, and BxM4 buses stop at East 161st Street, and the Grand Concourse. Metro-North Trains also serve the stadium. However, driving to the Yankee Stadium is super convenient too. You can take the Major Deegan Expressway (I-87), Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95), Bruckner Expressway (I-278), and other highways that connect Yankee Stadium.   

Gameday traffic is undoubtedly chaotic, but even taking public transportation can’t help you much. When arriving by car, one trick is to arrive early and park further away from the stadium for quick entry and exit to your parking lot space. Keep enough buffer time to find your way around, especially if it is the first visit.   

Where to park at Yankee Stadium  

Around 9000 Yankee Stadium parking spaces are available near the ballpark, but none of these facilities are managed by The Yankees. On-site Yankee parking is privately operated, and pre-bookable spots are available for online reservations. Yankees Stadium parking garages and lots are all located within a mile of the stadium. 161st Street Garage, Gerard Avenue Lot, and River Avenue Garage are the closest options, while the Harlem River lots are at least a 15-minute walk away. These lots open 2-3 hours before the high; make sure to check for updates before you head to the stadium.  

The limited street parking near Yankee Stadium is unreliable on a game day. Apart from safety concerns, keeping track of time limits is highly stressful when attending a game or special event at the stadium. If you are looking for affordable alternatives to the Yankee Stadium parking lots, the best option is an off-site garage. 

Yankee stadium car parking outdoor lot 

You can easily find top-rated parking lots and garages near Yankee Stadium online, using a parking app or website like Way.com. For gameday parking, it is best to pre-book your spot as early as possible. With demand, parking rates will also rise, and it gets tougher to find a secure parking space.   

How much is parking at Yankee Stadium?  

During the regular season, Yankee Stadium parking costs around $25 – $35. Be aware that the Yankees do not control the parking lot rates, rules, or policies. Pre-paid event parking passes are available for purchase online. You can also pre-book cheaper parking near Yankee Stadium on parking apps. Look for six- or twelve-hour parking vouchers for the best deals. 800 Concourse parking garage is less than half a mile from the ballpark and offers a 6-hour parking voucher for just $15. West 161st Street parking Corp, 145 Bradhurst Garage, and 779 Riverside Parking also offer this deal. You’ll also find all-day parking for as low as $11 – $16 online.   

Yankee Stadium Parking tips   

  • Book early: When it comes to parking in NYC, time is of the essence; it all comes down to when you book a parking spot. Planning to pay as you drive up? Get ready to spend a fortune on secure garage spaces. Always pre-book your NYC parking spot near the Yankee Stadium or anywhere else.  
  • Arrive early: Even with a guaranteed parking spot, it’s best to arrive early on a game day. The Yankee Stadium neighborhood would be packed, and getting in and out of a garage can take up more time than you anticipate.   
  • Park further away: One way to skip the game-day rush and delays is to stay away from the on-site parking lots. Park further away from the stadium for cheaper and quicker parking.   
  • Do your research: You are off to a good start already! Having a good idea of finding the best parking spots helps save up to 50% on Yankee Stadium parking costs. Make use of online promotions and discounts on pre-booked spots available on parking apps and websites.   

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