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Your Guide to Car Registration in Illinois

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If you have recently moved to Illinois, or have recently purchased your car, then driving around this busy state will not be possible without registering your car. Here is your step-wise guide to your car registration in Illinois.  

Where do I register my car in Illinois? 

The car registration in Ohio is processed through the office of the local Secretary of State. The required documents, which slightly vary with the type of vehicle you own, need to be submitted at the office to kickstart the car registration process.  

What are the prerequisites to register your car if you are new to Illinois? 

It is mandatory for all vehicle owners to register their car in Illinois within 30 days after establishing their residency in the state.  

However, the owners must first get their car licensed and titled by the state. Most importantly one must insure their car. The necessary documents that are required before proceeding with your car registration are as follows.  

  • Vehicle’s title 
  • Proof of insurance policy 
  • Odometer disclosure statement 
  • Application for a vehicle transaction (Form VSD 190) 
  • Details of the car 
  • Payment of registration fee, title fee, and taxes 

How do I register my car in Illinois? 

Firstly, one has to go to a local Illinois Secretary of State office or the SOS office to carry out the registration procedures. Secondly, the application vehicle transaction, Form VSD 190 needs to be filled, printed, and submitted within seven days. This form is available at the SOS office or can be availed online from the electronic registration and title system.  

In addition, the vehicle owner must submit a copy of the title and the certificate of origin. Otherwise, one needs to possess the following.  

  • Bill of the sale and copy of loan agreement 
  • Details of the car including the make and model, VIN number, proof of the age of the car 
  • Form RUT-50 or RUT 25, are the required tax forms. It is available in person if purchased from a previous owner or from a dealership respectively. 
  • Payment of the fees 

What are the procedures if you are new to Illinois? 

If you are new to the state, registration should occur within 30 days after you become a resident. In the case of a new car, it must be registered within 20 days of its purchase.  

The car dealership guides you through the registration if it’s a new car. This is not the case if you have purchased it from a private party or if you are new to the state. You will have to go to the local State of Secretary office with the following documents.  

  • VSD 190, the application for vehicle transactions. This form is available offline at the SOS office and online 
  • Vehicle’s title, attested by the previous owner 
  • The details of lienholders, if any 
  • A signed Form VSD 333. This is the Odometer Disclosure Statement for title transfers. 
  • Private Party Vehicle Transaction Form (RUT-50) 
  • Fee payment 

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What are the different fees that need to be paid in the state for vehicle registration? 

The tax fees and the registration fee varies depending on the car model and the kind of license plate opted for. Meanwhile, here is a general split of the different fees that need to be paid during the car registration in Illinois.  

  • Registration fees: $151 to $164 per year 
  • Title fees: $50 
  • Electronic Registration fee: $35 
  • Illinois License Plate Registration: $151 
  • License Plate Transfer Fee: $25 (if required) 

The car owners can apply for a reduction in car registration if they drive an electric vehicle.  

Can I register my car by mail in Illinois? 

If you are not able to go in person to your local SOS office for registration there is an option to send the documents via mail. For this, you can use the Electronic Registration and Title System to get the required documents printed. The filled forms can be sent to the address below.

Secretary of State
Vehicle Services Department
ERT Section, Rm. 424
(If Expedited Title, Rm. 629)
501 S. Second St.
Springfield, IL 62756

Can I add someone to my car registration in Illinois? 

Yes. It is possible to add another person to your car registration in Illinois. These are the steps to follow.  

  • Use form VSD 190 to complete an application for a corrected title in full 
  • Both owners must sign the application 
  • Indicate the current odometer reading 
  • State the reason for correction (Line 19) 
  • Mention the complete address of the lienholder 
  • Submit the original title for correction
  • Use Form VSD 190 to apply for a corrected vehicle registration ID card 
  • Details of the Illinois license plate and expiry date 
  • Payment of fees ($53) 

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What must be done if there is a change in address? 

If you moved to a different place in Illinois, you don’t have to change the title. Instead, the owner can notify the Secretary of State through www.cyberdriveillinois.com or in writing. You must renew vehicle registrations at least ninety days ahead of their expiration date.

 This provides ample time for the registration renewal notice to be mailed to the new address. Above all, one must specify the right mailing address on the renewal notice. 

How do I renew my car registration in Illinois? 

One will receive a renewal notice prior or can keep track of the renewal date on the registration card. In case you do not have a renewal notice or a current registration card, please call the Public Inquiry Division at 800-252-8980 (toll-free in Illinois) or 217-785-3000 (outside Illinois) to obtain your Registration ID and PIN number. 

Once you have the ID and PIN number ready, then the renewal of car registration can be done online, Touch-Tone phone system (866-545-9609), by mail, or in person.  

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Car Insurance in Illinois 

 Car registration in Illinois requires proof of registration. The mandatory liability insurance will cover the property damage and/or injuries you may cause others in an accident. The insurance form is a mandatory document for the registration of your car.  

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