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Your Guide to Driver’s License Renewal in Florida

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Renewing your driver’s license in Florida can feel like a continuous process. This is because it is mandatory to renew your driver’s license in Florida every eight years. Therefore, if you are a resident of Florida, then stay ahead of the renewal curve by reading further. 

In Florida, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV or DHSMV) takes care of the car registrations and the driver’s license renewal process. There are different kinds of licenses that are functional in the state. The most common ones are Class E driver’s licenses. Therefore, we look at the procedure involved in the renewal of a Class E driver’s license in Florida.

How often should you renew your driver’s license in Florida?

Florida requires its drivers to renew their license every eight years. However, this is mainly because the Class E license expires every eight years. License holders in Florida can renew their credentials up to 18 months before the expiration date. The front side of your license will have the expiry date.

Can Florida driver’s license be renewed online? 

Yes, your Florida driver’s license can be renewed online through their DMV portal. However, you cannot renew it online if you are renewing a commercial driver’s license, if you are not a permanent resident or if you are not a US citizen.

However, you will also not be eligible if your last renewal was online, this license requires a new photo, if your name or address has changed, or if you have been carrying a temporary driver’s license.

How to renew my Florida driver’s license? 

You can renew the license by mail, in person, or online with the required supporting documents.

Renew the license online

There might be certain prerequisites that you require to renew your driver’s license online. The services for the same can be availed at the virtual office set up by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles .

You will receive the license within two to three weeks after filling in the details and making the payment online.

Renew the license in person

You can certainly renew your license in person if you wish to do so. However, if you are not eligible for online renewal, you must visit a local FLHSMV office. Meanwhile, to make it a less cumbersome process, it is of help if you carry the required documents for the renewal.

  • Your current license
  • Proof of identity which can include a birth certificate, passport, or citizenship certificate.
  • Proof of your Social Security Number (SSA 1099, W-2 Form, or Social Security Card)
  • Your address proof
  • In case there has been a change in your name or address, then a proof in support of the change.

Renew the license by mail

In Florida, this option is only available to drivers who have received a renewal invitation by mail. If receive a reminder via mail, it will contain instructions to complete the renewal application and payment. However, it is crucial to maintain an updated address to get these notices.

A late fee will apply if your license has expired. After submitting all required documentation and payment, your license will be sent within one week.

How much does it cost to renew a license in Florida? 

It costs $48 to renew your driver’s license in Florida, along with a convenience fee of $2. Meanwhile, if your license has expired, then an additional fee of $15 will be charged.

What happens if my Florida driver’s license expires?

Drivers whose Class E driver’s licenses have expired for more than a year will be required to pass the knowledge test and vision test for Class E drivers before they may receive a valid Class E driver’s license. However, it is possible to finish the knowledge test for a Class E license up to a year before submitting an application for a Class E license.

If it has been more than a year since you passed the knowledge test for a Class E driver’s license, you will need to retake the test before your license may be issued. This rule applies even if you passed the test the first time.

How do I renew my license if I am a senior citizen?

If you are 80 or older, you are required to renew your license every six years. To renew, you must also pass a vision examination. During the license renewal process, you can take the test at an FLHSMV office, but you may also be able to take the test in other locations as well.

Is the procedure for license renewal the same for military personnel from Florida?

In this case, if you are stationed outside Florida, you can plan an early license renewal. The state allows the renewal of your license 18 months in advance. Similarly, you can always renew it online if you are out of state.

If your license nears the renewal date during active duty, any immediate family member can apply for a military extension card. This will keep your license valid until 90 days after your discharge or until you return to Florida to reside. In the same vein, this can also be used until you obtain a Florida driver’s license.

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