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Your Guide to TEDx Portland 2023: Tickets, Speakers, and Parking Info  

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Once again, it’s time for one of the largest TEDx events in the world to inspire you. 2023 marks the eleventh anniversary of TEDx Portland and will feature 11 TED Talks + 4 musical shows. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming event in May 2023.

This year “fluidity, strength, and balance” takes the spotlight at Tedx Portland as the event celebrates “contrarians, open-minded thinkers, and doers” contributing to a better future. The lineup spans leading voices from business, tech, and design to food, music, and mental healthRead ahead for more about the TEDx Portland 2023 speakers, venue, schedule, tickets, and parking information.  

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What is TEDx Portland 2023?  

TEDx Portland 2023 Year 11 is the eleventh TEDx convention in Portland. The local community of Portland organizes the event to spark conversation and promote “ideas worth spreading.” It is inspired by TED but is independently organized. The conference will see inspiring talks, performances, and demonstrations to provoke conversations.  

When is TEDx Portland 2023?  

This year the Tedx Portland conference is on May 20, 2023, at the Keller Auditorium. It’s a single-day event. 

Where can you watch TEDx Portland 2023?  

TEDx Portland events
Image Credits: TEDx OaklandUniversity on flickr

This year, on its 11th anniversary, TEDx Portland will be held at Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland. The performing arts center on Clay Street was previously called Portland Municipal Auditorium. 

The recorded talks will be available on the online channel after the event concludes.

What are the main attractions of the event?  

Apart from the speakers, the TEDx Portland events include entertainment. This includes music, comedy, poetry, and more.

See the Tedx Portland 2023 lineup or speakers and performers here.

How to get TEDx Portland tickets?  

The tickets for TEDx Portland 2023 are on sale right now. You can get one from the event’s official website or Ticketmaster. According to the Tedx Portland website, ticket rates start at $79, but they are currently going for at least $157 on other online ticketing platforms. 

Who are the TEDx Portland speakers?  

According to the TEDx Portland 2023 schedule, there will be 11 TED talks and 4 music performances at the one-day event. These speakers and musicians at this year’s event are:

  • Kiauna “Kee” Nelson
  • Aarthi Ananthanarayanan
  • Dr. Yuan-Po Tu
  • Reyna Tropical  
  • Trevor Beaman
  • Kim Scott
  • Thunderstorm Artis
  • Sam Diaz
  • Sarah Edmondson
  • David Lucas
  • Toby Barnes
  • Emily Stutzman
  • Gza
  • Kyle Thornton
  • Meghan Diana

David Rae, Renny Gleeson, and Luis Vargas are the hosts and closers. 

How do you apply to be a speaker at the event?  

Since TEDx events are independently organized, it is easier to get into the speaker’s list than TED. So it helps if you are a friend of the organizer or a previous speaker who could recommend you.  

For the same reason, there is a high chance the organizers will request you to be a part of the conference if they feel you are worthy of contributing something new. So be findable! Make sure you make your presence felt on social media and share your ideas through blogging or other talks.  

TEDx Portland tickets
Image Credits: TEDx LazarskiUniversity on flickr

Before starting your TEDx speaker application for 2023, there are a few things to take care of first. Some of the TEDx events have an open call, and for those that don’t have one, proposals are the way to go. Certain TEDx events will be based around a theme, and you will have to make sure your idea relates t it before applying.   

Similarly, the TED Talk application 2022 is much more complicated than TEDx. There are a few ways to be a speaker at the TED conference- getting nominated and the TED fellowship program. You can suggest a speaker (even yourself) who you feel has an idea to share with the world. The speaker nomination form is available from the official website of TED.  

Another way to speak at a TED event is by getting accepted to the TED fellowship program. A TED Fellow has a guaranteed chance of being a TED speaker. Read more about the fellowship program here

How to get to Keller Auditorium?  

Keller Auditorium is at 222 SW Clay St. in downtown Portland, on the corner of SW 3rd Ave. and Clay Street. You can drive to Center City or take a Tri-Met bus that stops near the auditorium. Northbound buses head up 6th Ave. and southbound buses go down 5th Ave. See more directions here or use the map below:

Is there parking at Tedx Portland?  

On-site parking is limited and street parking near Keller Auditorium is metered till 7 pm. If you risk street parking, make sure to check posted signs and avoid unnecessary parking violations. Street parking might seem cheaper and convenient. However, a parking lot or garage near Keller Auditorium is safer – for you car and your pocket. You’ll find plenty of options online and it’s cheaper to pre-book Keller Auditorium parking on apps like Way.

Keep in mind that the availability and the parking rates are subject to change depending on the event.  So make sure official parking is available for TEDx Portland before getting in your car.

How to find cheap parking near Keller Auditorium?  

If you are unable to find parking at official garages or lots, or they are too expensive, cheap parking can be found easily near the auditorium. You can park in on-street spots during the TEDx Portland 2023 conference. But the risks associated with street parking can cost you dearly.  

Since the authorities view parking violations seriously, you may end up with hefty fines. In the worst-case scenario, you will see your car being towed once you get back from the event. But there is another safe and affordable way to secure parking for TEDx Portland 2023.  

Use a parking service like Way.com or the Way app to locate affordable Portland parking garages near the Tedx venue. You can get features including valet parking, covered parking and aisle access at discounted rates at these garages.

Lot NameParking Rates
845 SW 3rd Ave Parking$9/day

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