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Your simplest guide to Phoenix Airport parking 

  • Airport Parking Guide
  • Renee Martin
  • 4 minutes

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Anyone who lives in Arizona knows that when it comes to air travel, you can count on the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). As one of the busiest airports in the country, it handles hundreds of flights a day with ease. Connectivity in the southern United States would be very different without it! However, the large footfall also means that Phoenix Airport parking is a challenge very few people can overcome. 

phoenix airport parking

The reason for it is pretty simple – there is high demand for the limited on-site parking lots. As a commercial hub for the region, Phoenix sees thousands of businessmen, artists, and tourists passing through the airport. They often compete with residents for the best Phoenix Airport parking spots. It doesn’t matter how frequent a flyer you are – unless you know your way around, you’re likely to find a tough time. 

However, we’re here to be that guide! You need to know some basic information about Phoenix Airport parking which will help you nab that elusive parking spot with ease. So prepare to beat out the competition and save valuable time and money! 

Where can I find Phoenix Airport parking? 

This first question is the most important – because there are not one or two but six different parking lots at Phoenix Airport! It’s important that you do your homework, so you don’t get confused about where to park. 

  • West Economy Garage parking lot 
  • Terminal 3 Garage lot 
  • Terminal 4 Garage lot 
  • East Economy Garages A&B 
  • East Economy Lot (Uncovered) 
  • Valet Parking 

What are the short-term rates for Phoenix Airport parking? 

 Short-term PHX Parking 

If you’re only going to be away from home for less than 24 hours, then choosing short-term parking will the best option for you. 

PHX Airport Parking Lot   PHX Airport Parking Rate 
West Economy lot  $4/hour 
Terminal 3 Garage lot  $4/hour 
Terminal 4 Garage lot  $4/hour 
East Economy Garages A&B  $4/hour 
East Economy Lot  $4/hour 

phoenix airport parking

What are the long-term Phoenix Airport parking rates? 

Long-term PHX Parking 

If you intend to be gone for longer than 24 hours or if your turnaround time is uncertain, choose long-term Phoenix Airport parking. You’ll only have to pay a flat daily rate and not an hourly rate. 

PHX Airport Parking Lot   PHX Airport Parking Rate 
West Economy lot  $12/day 
Terminal 3 Garage lot  $27/day 
Terminal 4 Garage lot  $27/day 
East Economy Garages A&B  $14/day 
East Economy Lot  $12/day 
Valet Parking  $33/day 

Are there cheaper off-site options for parking near PHX Airport?

The logic behind parking at the official lots is that they are close to the terminal. While that may be true, parking there can pack a punch to the wallet. If you’re willing to park near Phoenix Airport instead of at the airport, you can save up to 60% over the official rates! All you have to do is choose an off-site parking spot. 

Off-site lots are more convenient than you thought. These lots are owned by airport hotels nearby, which means they are secure and provide value for money. For one, the prices are very affordable. While Phoenix Airport parking will cost you at least $12/day, parking at off-site lots will cost you as little as $3/day! Using Way.com or the Way app, you can easily book a contactless parking spot in a matter of minutes. Another benefit is that they have complimentary services like a free shuttle, contactless parking, car wash, oil change, and much more! 

With off-site parking, Sky Harbor Airport parking will be a piece of cake! 

Is there free parking at Phoenix Airport? 

If you’re only at Phoenix Airport to pick up a passenger, you can find free parking at the Cell Phone Lots. There are 3 cell phone lots in total, all of which are easily accessible from the terminal. All of them have a time limit of 30 minutes. The only other condition is that drivers must not leave the vehicle unattended.  

How early should I leave to reach PHX Airport in time? 

PHX International Airport is 6 miles from downtown Phoenix. Though the normal journey time is within 20 minutes, you should factor in any delays. Ideally, you should leave 30-40 minutes before check-in to be on the safe side.  

Tips for parking at PHX Airport   

  • Phoenix Airport is located at the following address: 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85034, USA. 
  • Parking coupons are often available for PHX Airport parking and can be accessed through sites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates.  

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phoenix airport parking

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