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The only YYZ Airport parking guide you’ll ever need

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Toronto Pearson International Airport (also known as YYZ Airport) is the busiest airport in Canada. It is also the second-busiest airport (in terms of international flights) in North America. Nearly 50 million passengers passed through the airport in 2018. Unfortunately, that puts a premium on Toronto Airport Parking. The most convenient parking options are usually the most expensive. The cheapest parking options are often the least convenient. If you have a flight out of Pearson International Airport, you should know what all your parking options are before your trip so you can plan ahead. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all your YYZ Airport parking options.

Unless otherwise noted, all prices are in Canadian dollars.

YYZ Airport parking guide

Know about all your Toronto airport parking options

Obviously, the most convenient YYZ airport parking is at the airport itself, so we’ll address those parking options first. Luckily, there are many Pearson Airport parking options, from valet to short-term parking to long-term parking. Then, we’ll talk about Pearson International Airport parking options that are available off-site.

Here is a breakdown of all your Pearson International Airport parking options.

On-Site Pearson Airport Parking (Valet)

Without a doubt, the most convenient Toronto Airport parking is the valet option. You can drive right up to the terminal and leave your car safely in the hands of the valet.

Whether you’re running late for your flight, have a lot of baggage, or are traveling with kids, using valet parking is clearly the most convenient option.

Valet parking is available at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. Simply follow the signs to the Valet parking at each terminal.

What could be better than valet parking at the airport? If you do the valet parking at Terminal 1, you can have your car washed or detailed while you’re out of town. What could be better than driving right up to the curb at the airport and coming back to a clean car? Nothing.

Valet parking at Pearson International Airport costs a one-time fee of $56 per day. If you’re gone for at least 7 days, the first week is only $392.

On-Site Pearson Airport Parking (Short-Term)

If you’re parking at the airport for less than one day to drop somebody off, pick somebody up, or meet somebody during a layover, Pearson Airport offers short-term parking.

The closest YYZ parking is the Express Parking Lot at Terminal 1. It costs $4 for every 30 minutes or $59 per day.

Daily Parking is available at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. It costs $4 for every 20 minutes, $38 per day.

YYZ Airport Parking (Cellphone Lot)

If you’re simply picking somebody up, the Cellphone Lot is your best option for Pearson International Airport parking.

You can park for free for up to 45 minutes while you wait for somebody to call and say they’re off the flight and have picked up their luggage. The only caveat is that you must stay with your car the entire time. That makes it more of a “waiting lot” rather than a “parking lot.”

On-Site Pearson Airport Parking (Long-Term)

If you’re the one taking the flight and you need to leave your car for more than a few hours, you will want Long-Term parking.

Long-Term parking in the Value Park garage costs $30 per day. This should be your go-to option during the winter. The last thing you want is to have to clear a bunch of snow off your car when you return from your trip.

To save a few dollars per day, you can park in the uncovered Value Parking lot for $25 per day. Without a threat of snow, the uncovered Value Parking is probably worth saving $5 per day.

For even more cost savings, you can take advantage of the Offsite Parking w/Shuttle for only $8 per day. It will take a little longer to get back to your car after a long flight, but the savings can really add up, especially if you’re going on a longer trip.

Car Cleaning with YYZ Airport Parking

Did you know that if you park at Terminal 1, you can have your car washed and detailed while you’re out of town? YYZ Airport parking doesn’t get any easier than having your car cleaned while you’re traveling.

The attendants are professionally trained so that you can count on exceptional results.

Rates range from $40 for an exterior wash and tire shine on a standard-sized car to $195 for an exterior wash, tire shine, full interior shampoo, and interior cleaning (window, vacuum, dash wipe down) on an SUV, van, or truck.

Prices do not include the price of parking. Car Care packages are only available for the Valet, Daily, or Express Park lots at Terminal 1.

For a standard-size car, pricing is as follows:

  • Classic Package: Exterior hand washes with tire shine. $40
  • Executive Package: Exterior hand wash, interior cleaning (window, vacuum, dash wipe down), tire shine. $75
  • Elite Package: Exterior hand wash, interior cleaning (window, vacuum, dash wipe down), tire shine, full interior shampoo. $165
  • Wax: Polish and wax (can be combined with another package). $75

For vans, trucks, or SUVs, pricing is as follows:

  • Classic Package: Exterior hand washes with tire shine. $55
  • Executive Package: Exterior hand wash, interior cleaning (window, vacuum, dash wipe down), tire shine. $95
  • Elite Package: Exterior hand wash, interior cleaning (window, vacuum, dash wipe down), tire shine, full interior shampoo. $195
  • Wax: Polish and wax (can be combined with a package). $100

Prices include tax and are subject to change. You should add the Car Care service when you book your parking online for the best rates and selection. You can also call (416)776-6842. You may be able to add a Car Care service when you park your vehicle, but last-minute availability is not guaranteed.

YYZ Airport parking guide

Off-Site YYZ Parking Options

For the best daily parking rates, you should look into off-site YYZ parking that isn’t directly affiliated with the airport. Many different companies offer Pearson Airport parking. They all provide shuttle service to and from the airport.

Cheapest Off-Site YYZ Airport Parking Options

The cheapest off-site YYZ Airport parking option is EZ Toronto Airport PARK and FLY Parking. They are so confident in their low parking prices that they will beat any cheaper price you find by 25%.

This outdoor self-park lot is fenced and gated with 24/7 security surveillance. It’s available 24 hours per day, with shuttles leaving for the airport every 20 minutes. They ask that you park at least 30 minutes before you need to be at the airport to ensure you get to your flight on time.

Rates start at $3.25 per day in US dollars.

With a coupon available on their website, Park ‘N Fly offers some of the cheapest parking for CAA members if you’re leaving your car for longer than a week. $99.95 lets you park for up to 28 days.

Another benefit to Park ‘N Fly is that they can give your car an oil change while you’re away. It’s always nice to come back to your car in better condition than you left it.

EZ Airport Parking is 2 minutes away from the airport and has rates from $6.99 per day. They have shuttles from the parking lot to the airport every 30 minutes. However, you must call when you land to get a shuttle back to your car, especially if you land at night.

Looking for valet parking? NU Hotel Toronto has outdoor valet parking available for only $6.99 per day. Indoor valet parking is $9.99 per day. The hotel runs shuttles to the airport every 30 minutes (on the hour and half hour).

Top-Rated Pearson International Airport Parking

Payless Airport Parking is very highly rated and has rates from around $6.95 per day. Their rates aren’t listed on the website, so they may vary depending on when you book. Many reviews talk about how friendly the staff is and how cost-effective the parking is.

Skyway Park is one of the highest-rated Pearson Airport parking options. You can add a car wash, detail, or oil change for an extra fee. They have multiple shuttles running constantly, so you can get to the airport quicker than other parking options.

Rates start at $11.99 per day. Reviewers report that they could get a shuttle back from the airport to their car within 10 minutes, which is much quicker than many other YYZ parking options.

Hate waiting for a shuttle? Park For U picks you up and drops you off at the airport in your own car. Car detailing and other car care services are available on request. Rates start at only $5.49 per day. Reviewers love the convenience of skipping a shuttle to and from the airport.

Skypark Airport Parking offers valet parking at a reasonable rate, starting at $11.95 per day. The shuttle runs 24/7, and your car will be free of ice and snow when you pick it up. For an additional charge, you can get a car wash, detail, or other car services while you’re away. Reviewers report friendly, courteous, helpful staff and say they will continue to use Skypark in the future.

Best Pearson Airport Parking for Corporate Parking

If you own a business and have employees that travel frequently, you should look into Pearson International Airport’s Corporate Parking options. They can offer bulk packages in their garages for Valet, Daily Lot, or Value Lot parking options.

With a Corporate Parking Valet service, you can pre-register, so your car is already waiting for you when you get out of the airport. Rates are not available on the website. You need to talk to a specialist who will find out your parking needs and create the right package for you.

Pearson Airport Parking (Park, Sleep, and Fly)

If you have a very early morning flight, you should really consider a Park, Sleep, and Fly package for Pearson International parking. This is especially true if you live quite a distance away from the airport.

With a Park, Sleep, and Fly package, you get to stay in a nearby hotel the night before your flight. The hotel provides a shuttle for you to get to the airport in time for your flight. They also keep your car while you’re gone.

Taking a red-eye flight instead of a morning flight? You can still take advantage of a Park, Sleep, and Fly Pearson Airport parking package if you choose to spend the night at a hotel on the evening you return instead of the night before you leave. You can even choose a package where you stay both the night before your flight and the night you return.

Pearson International Airport Parking Resources, Discounts, and Coupons

Here are some quick links and discount codes to help you find the best Pearson International Airport parking.

Official Airport Parking Page – This is the page you should check to book on-site parking for Pearson International Airport.

TripAdvisor – Find reviews and recommendations about the various long-term and off-site YYZ parking options.

FlySmart – This app not only helps you with Pearson International Airport Parking. It also shows live flight statuses and more. The app is available for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry.

Park, Sleep, and Fly – To spend a night before or after your trip in a hotel and park your car while you’re away, book a Park, Sleep, and Fly package.

Wrapping Up: YYZ Airport Parking

As you can see, there are a wide variety of YYZ Airport parking options to suit every need or budget. Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the right parking option for you.

Now, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your flight!

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