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Zoom Your Way to a New Car Insurance Policy in Minutes

  • Car Insurance Tips
  • Jeannie Assimos
  • 2 minutes

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The world has gone digital in so many ways. This includes things like auto insurance, of course. Through the Way.com app, you can literally get quotes for a new insurance policy in about 30 seconds. You can even get a complete policy online without having to talk to agents.

But what if you feel the need for a bit of guidance, but don’t necessarily want to visit an insurance office or get on a long-winded call? Enter the Way.com-Zoom experience, where you can be guided step by step through the Way signup process with an agent on Zoom.

Available starting April 28, 2022, Way has integrated with Zoom, which provides an interactive and hassle-free customer experience. With this, we offer free real-time assistance to customers by providing customized quotes for their vehicles at the best price. All you have to do is log into your Zoom account, visit their app marketplace, and find Way.com.

You’ll get a chance to interact with our agents before purchasing the policy, as they guide you through each and every step. They can take you through the entire process if you like. The best part? Way is the only insurance brand offering this interactive level of service.

Why Way for your insurance? Because we partner with 150 carriers, including Travelers, Nationwide, and Allstate, to provide customers with the absolute most competitive rates available for auto, renters, motorcycle, and home insurance. The days of staying with a carrier for decades are over unless you prefer to just pay more! Through Way, people have saved up to 1,000 per year on their auto insurance.

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