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Parking in Boston is not something you would look forward to – the city is always struggling to accommodate the intense demand for parking space in its most popular neighborhoods. Boston’s unique attractions representing a rich culture and history draw visitors from across the country. Fenway Park, the Freedom Trail, Financial District, Theatre District, SoWa, and Faneuil Hall are Boston city tour staples frequently visited by tourists and residents alike. Finding on-street parking near these places is almost impossible. If you manage to find a spot to leave your car, there’s always the risk of parking citations for rules you might not even know. And the City of Boston does not go easy on parking violations – Boston parking tickets can be a strain on your wallet.

The best way to avoid a Boston parking ticket is to stay off the street parking spots unless running a quick errand or if you have a parking permit. Metered parking in Boston is bound by time limits, and expired meters are often the reason for hefty Boston parking tickets. Parking in restricted zones and being unaware of street cleaning schedules could also lead to violations. The smartest way to avoid these hassles and ensure your car’s safety is to book your parking spot at the best Boston parking garages. There are plenty of well-maintained parking lots across the city that offer the latest in parking services. Pick a convenient a secure parking garage in Boston to save time and money.

Get the best rates for long-term and short-term parking in Boston on Choose from the top-rated Boston parking garages on the Way app for a convenient and safe parking experience at the lowest prices.

Parking Near Me in Boston

Where are parking garages near me?

You can find the best parking garages in Boston by using the app or website. would be able to easily find parking near you, it’s rates, and the type of parking such as valet parking. If you’re wondering “Where is cheap parking near me?”, you’re in luck! helps you sort parking rates near you to fit your budget, and at the cheapest parking rates around.

Where is street parking near me?

If you’re looking for ‘cheap parking near me’ options, street parking is definitely a way to go. Street parking near me would definitely mean find a non-main street near you. Boston city has plenty of street parking located off the main roads. We recommend going closer to safe neighborhoods and alley ways for street parking at great rates. If you’re looking for more convenience, then go to the main streets most wide area where there’s usually street parking. However, keep in mind that it may not be available! Try searching up ‘parking garages near me’ instead for more Boston parking options or use the app or web for an even easier and better experience.

Boston Parking Rates

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Parking Type Boston Parking Rates
Garage Parking $12 - $39
Uncovered Parking $7 - $52
Garage Valet Parking $15 - $44
Uncovered Valet Parking $20 - $60
Boston Airport Parking

There are multiple options to park near the airport without worrying about your car’s safety while you are away. On-site airport parking is available at the Central Parking Garage, Terminal B Garage, Terminal E Garage, and the Economy Lot. Free parking at the airport is available at the Cell Phone Waiting Lot. The cheapest on-site parking near the airport will cost you a daily max of $26. If you are looking for affordable options, offsite Boston parking garages are highly recommended – well-maintained parking spots near the Boston airport are available for just $11-$17 per day.

Logan Airport Parking
Boston Parking FAQs

How much does it cost to park in Boston?

Boston parking rates are generally on the expensive side due to the high demand for parking space in the city. Metered street parking in Boston costs $2 - $4 per hour depending on location and demand; metered parking charges would be higher in popular neighborhoods and near most-visited Boston attractions. Boston parking garages charge a daily maximum of $30 - $40 on average, while overnight charges can go up to $100. Monthly parking in Boston varies between $100 - $400 depending on the facilities provided and the parking garage location.

Where can I find the best parking in Boston?

Finding a space to park in Boston is not easy; the city is yet to catch up with the growing demand for parking space near its most popular neighborhoods like the Financial District and South Boston Waterfront. But you can still find the best parking in Boston without any hassle by going online. The Way app and website have all the finest Boston parking garages in one place – compare rates and pick a top-rated Boston parking space that suits your needs. Parking garages on also offer premium services and benefits like flexible cancellation, instant booking, guaranteed parking spot, discounted rates, and exclusive vouchers at affordable prices.

Is Boston street parking safe?

There’s no shortage of cars on the streets of Boston, but the city barely manages to provide enough parking space to its residents and visitors. As a result, Boston parking spots are always in high demand – be it on the streets or at premium Boston parking garages. Street parking in Boston has the added disadvantage of strictly enforced Boston parking rules; no matter how well you think you know Boston parking regulations, it’s possible to miss a few such as seasonal restrictions and permit requirements. The safest option to park in Boston is to book your parking space in advance and leaving your car at a secure parking lot closest to your destination.

Where can I find free street parking in Boston?

Street parking in Boston is free on Sundays and national holidays such as New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Independence Day, Christmas, etc. If a federal holiday falls on Sunday, you can use free street parking across the city on the following Monday. On weekdays, free street parking in Boston could be available in some neighborhoods after the metered enforcement ends for the day. Boston parking meters usually run from 8 am – 8 pm; parking at metered spots could be free of charge outside of these hours. However, make sure to check the meter schedule and parking signs every time you use a free street spot to avoid Boston parking tickets.

How can I find cheap parking in Boston?

Boston parking rates can empty your pockets quickly if you depend on finding a last-minute parking spot. While cheap parking in Boston isn't common, it’s not impossible to save a few bucks. The smartest way to find cheap parking in Boston city is to search for the perfect parking spot online and book ahead of time. Boston parking apps and websites like offer a wide selection of affordable and convenient parking spaces across the city. You can not only compare rates and amenities to pick a Boston parking garage that suits your budget but also get exclusive parking vouchers and discounted rates on the Way app.

Where can I find cheap downtown Boston parking garages?

Finding cheap parking garages in Boston might seem impossible, especially in busy neighborhoods like Downtown. But there are downtown Boston parking garages that provide secure and well-maintained parking spaces in the heart of the city for less than $4 an hour. Gainsborough Street is an excellent place to start looking for affordable parking spaces in downtown Boston. You can also try Westland Avenue. Make it easier by going online and get exclusive vouchers and discounted rates too.

How can I book a spot at the best parking garages in Boston?

The best parking garages in Boston are all online – log on to or download the Way app to instantly find and book a spot at top-rated Boston parking garages. You can compare hourly, overnight, and monthly parking rates offered by various Boston parking garages in any specific neighborhood and choose one that suits your budget. You can also review the amenities provided at each garage, such as camera surveillance, aisle access, contactless parking, etc. Pick your check-in and check-out time, and book your spot ahead of your visit for a guaranteed parking space and benefits like discounted rates.

Why should I use a Boston parking app?

With a Boston parking app on your smartphone, you can book a parking space in the city anytime, from anywhere. Instantly reserve your parking spot at a Boston parking garage and get a guaranteed and safe space to leave your car wherever you are in the city. You can also compare parking rates and amenities offered at various parking garages in Boston to pick one that suits your needs.

What are common Boston parking rules?

Boston parking rules are similar to those in other US cities. Be aware of season regulations, restricted zones, street cleaning schedules, and permit requirements. When using free parking in Boston overnight or on Sundays and federal holidays, make sure to double-check parking signs and avoid a ticket. Remember to move your car before the meters become active the next day. In the winter, be aware of snow routes and streets restricted for emergency vehicle access.

How much does Boston parking tickets cost?

Boston parking tickets can cost you $15 - $120, depending on the nature of the parking violation. Pay within 21 days of getting a Boston parking ticket to avoid additional fines. You can pay online, over the phone, in-person, by mail, or on the Boston Paytix app.

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