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    Parking in the City FAQs

    Where can I park in the city?

    Most cities have on-street and off-street parking spaces. A parking lot or parking garage is an off-street area that provides parking space for a city’s residents and visitors. These include municipal parking facilities owned and/or operated by the city for the general public as well as private parking facilities that provide long-term and short-term parking services for varied rates depending on location and demand.

    What are the types of parking rates?

    Parking services in the city are usually offered at hourly parking rates, monthly parking rates, and overnight parking rates. A flat rate for all-day or overnight parking could be applicable at some private parking lots in the city. Parking vouchers can also be used at parking lots for daily and hourly parking services. Valet parking rates are usually higher than self-parking rates.

    Parking rates are determined on the basis of parking garage location – its proximity to popular city attractions and most-visited neighborhoods in the city – and the demand for parking space, which could vary according to time of the day, seasons, special events nearby, etc.

    What is hourly parking? 

    When you are charged per hour for using a parking space in the city, it is called an hourly parking rate. Hourly parking rates can range from less than a dollar to $10 or more, depending on the city and location in the city. Hourly parking is ideal when you need to park your car for a couple of hours to a day – such as when you are out shopping, dining, sightseeing, or attending an event.

    What is monthly parking?

    When you are charged per month for using a parking space in the city, it is called a monthly parking rate. Monthly parking is the ideal choice when you visit a place frequently and require a secure spot to park your car daily. Monthly parking rates can help you save more money compared to paying hourly parking rates at a garage every day.

    What is voucher parking?

    Pre-paid parking vouchers allow you to drive in and park your car at a garage anytime during a specified period, provided a spot is available. Hourly parking vouchers are often cheaper than hourly parking rates. Vouchers from a parking company could be used at multiple parking lots operated by them in the city.

    How to find monthly parking near me?

    The easiest way to find monthly parking garages is to go online or download a parking app on your smartphone. Parking apps and websites offer convenient interfaces to search, compare, and select parking garages near you -- choose a suitable monthly parking spot that suits your needs and budget.

    Where can I find monthly parking garages near me? 

    Every city has plenty of garages that provide parking spaces for monthly parking rates. If you need to park at a particular location frequently, such as your workplace, monthly parking will cost you much less than hourly parking. Log on to websites like or download a parking app to find the best monthly parking deals at parking garages near you.

    Where can I find the best parking deals?

    The best parking deals are online – get benefits like discounted rates, exclusive vouchers, and the latest offers when you book a parking spot in the city using parking apps and websites. Reserved parking is always cheaper than drive-up parking rates; book your parking spot ahead of your visit for the lowest rates at parking garages in the city.

    Why book parking at an off-street garage or lot?

    Parking at an affordable parking lot or garage will not only ensure the safety of your car but also help avoid any unintended parking violations. While on-street parking might seem like the cheapest option, it comes with the added risk of expiring meters, time limits, parking permit requirements, and other parking rules you might be unaware of. Parking at a secure parking garage is highly recommended, especially if you are new to a city or just visiting.

    Many parking garages also offer safe and affordable parking spots for rates as low as or close to metered parking rates. Unless you are running a quick errand, on-street parking can be a hassle as you will have to keep track of time limits and worry about expired meters.

    Parking garages ensure your car’s safety and help you save more on parking. Book hourly parking in advance for the best rates at premium parking lots. Opt for monthly parking for better daily rates at places you often visit.

    How do I book parking in the city on

    Download the parking app on your iOS or Android device and create an account.

    • Click 'Find Parking' on the top-left corner of your screen.
    • Select the 'Hourly' or 'Monthly' tab and enter your destination or use your current location
    • Add your 'Check-in' and 'Check-out' time, and click 'Search.'
    • Select a garage from the live map of available parking spots near your destination.
    • Click 'Book Now' and follow instructions to complete your booking.
    • You'll receive an order confirmation on the app once payment is made. Click on the 'My Orders' tab to access it.
    • When you arrive at the parking lot or garage, just show the confirmation message on your phone to gain instant access to the spot you booked.

    You can also book parking in the city by logging on to from your browser.

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