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What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy for Movie Tickets

Unfortunately, we can’t issue any refunds for movie ticket orders that have been processed. If you ordered the wrong movie tickets, please call us right away before we process the order. If we can’t give you a refund because the order has already been processed, don’t worry! We advise that you contact the theater directly and, in most cases, they will honor the tickets for a different show or a different time!

Refund Policy for Purchases other than Movie Tickets 

Way.com is a marketplace that allows vendors to market their services and products. In the event that a service or product was unsatisfactory in any way, please Contact Us and we will work with you and the vendor to generate a refund (full or partial) as agreed in the User Agreement.

What if the merchant goes out of business? 

A refund is in order! No questions asked.


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