Parking pass

Park as much as you want in your city

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for daily pass


for monthly pass

The most convenient way to explore your city with hassle free parking experience.

How it Works?

Park anywhere

Park anytime

Park unlimited

Benefits of Parking pass


City parking is never made so easy.

Park in any of the multiple (>100) lots

Pay once and park any where in our partner lots

Eliminates need for multiple reservations


Daily/Monthly: Buy parking pass for duration of your choice

Have a need for multiple days and months? We provide that option too.

Flexible months: Pick any day as a starting date for monthly options.


Freedom from minimum hours constraints

No constraints on frequency of use


Parking pass offers access to multiples (hundreds of) parking lots in your city to help you park closer to any place you may visit in you city in most convenient way.

If you need to visit multiple places in your city, parking pass is the best option for finding parking lot closer to all such

If you are exploring city and wants to stop at any place that catches your eye, look no further than parking pass.

If you want freedom from picking time slots for each reservation, buy the pass for a day and stop worrying about leaving your lunch or dinner table in a hurry.


Multiple lots

Unlike other parking options, with parking pass, you can park in any of the parking pass lots.

No restriction on frequency

Park in any of the parking pass lots any number of times within validity period.

No minimum hours constraints

You can park in any of the lots for any duration without worrying about the minimum hours.

Select city(s)

Select single city or multiple cities.

Short Duration

Pick for one day or multiple days.

Long duration

Pick for single month or multiple months.

Flexible monthly option

Pick any day as a starting day.

Easy discovery of lots

In-app search features to help you select parking lot.

Navigation Instructions

In-app navigation to reach the lot selected by you.

Find your parked car

In-app walking instructions to reach parking lot when you have parked your car.

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