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starting from $250/month
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Unlimited daily and monthly parking in your city

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Benefits of Parking pass


Park in hundreds of lots in your city.

Pay once, park as much as you like,

Garage hop at no extra cost!


Daily or monthly: choose the best option for you.

Start any day, any time.


No minimum hour constraints.

No constraints on frequency of use.


Parking Pass saves you time and money as you travel throughout the city, with access to hundreds of lots for just one cost per day or month. It’s up to you.

Whether you have multiple appointments to go to during the day, or just want to explore, Parking Pass gives you the advantage of unlimited options with no limitations on how many stops you make.

Remove the stress and time it takes to look for those elusive parking spots, and enjoy!

Parking Pass Features:

Multiple lots

Unlike other parking options, you can choose from hundreds of the Parking Pass lots throughout the city.

No restriction on frequency

Park in any of the Parking Pass lots any number of times within the validity period.

No minimum hours constraints

You can park in any of the lots for any duration without worrying about minimum hours.

Select city(s)

Select single city or multiple cities.

Short Duration

Select a single city or multiple cities.


Long Duration

Choose from a single month or multiple months.


Flexible monthly option

Pick any day as your start date.


Easy discovery of lots

Our in-app search feature will help you find the best parking location.


Navigation Instructions

Our in-app navigation will guide you to your parking location.

Find your parked car

We provide walking instructions to the lot where you’ve parked your car.

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