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San Francisco Parking

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Find San Francisco Parking Near You

Get your hands on great deals for cheap parking in San Francisco at secure lots and best rates with Compare rates, access professional parking services with features like contactless parking, and around-the-clock security. If you are a tourist in San Francisco, experience the golden city without worrying about where to park in San Francisco. The best thing about booking your parking spot online through is that you can drive around the city, assured that a San Francisco street parking lot is ready for you to drive-in and park. The Way App, which is the best SF parking app, also lets you pre-check the services offered at a lot, check reviews, and compare prices with other SF city parking lots in the area.

There is so much to see in San Francisco that the last thing you want meddling with your schedule is finding parking spots in San Francisco. Considered as one of the busiest cities in the United States, the task of finding San Francisco parking is not exactly easy. When it comes to popular attractions and hotspots of San Francisco, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, the Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, and the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco parking becomes even more difficult to get. Unless you have a parking garage in San Francisco booked in advance, you could find yourself driving around the city looking for affordable SF city parking.

You can also enjoy parking at tailormade SF city parking spots that have you covered with all your parking needs. Regardless of whether you want to go for hourly parking, monthly parking, covered parking, or valet parking, has you covered with all kinds of parking in San Francisco. Choose your San Francisco parking spot within walking distance of all major attractions and event centers in SF. also has you covered with SF affordable monthly parking deals.

Parking Near Me in San Francisco

Where are parking garages near me?

You can find the best parking garages in San Francisco by using the app or website. would be able to easily find parking near you, it’s rates, and the type of parking such as valet parking. If you’re wondering “Where is cheap parking near me?”, you’re in luck! helps you sort parking rates near you to fit your budget, and at the cheapest parking rates around.

Where is street parking near me?

If you’re looking for ‘cheap parking near me’ options, street parking is definitely a way to go. Street parking near me would definitely mean find a non-main street near you. San Francisco city has plenty of street parking located off the main roads. We recommend going closer to safe neighborhoods and alley ways for street parking at great rates. If you’re looking for more convenience, then go to the main streets most wide area where there’s usually street parking. However, keep in mind that it may not be available! Try searching up ‘parking garages near me’ instead for more San Francisco parking options or use the app or web for an even easier and better experience.

San Francisco Parking Rates

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Parking Type San Francisco Parking Rates
Garage Parking $9.6 - $35
Uncovered Parking $10 - $31
Garage Valet Parking $10 - $43
Uncovered Valet Parking $10 - $31

San Francisco Airport Parking

San Francisco city is home to two major airports – the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and the Oakland International Airport (OAK). SFO is one of the leading airports in the country and serves over 55 million passengers on an annual basis. However, parking spots are very much limited when it comes to passenger traffic. Visitors planning to fly out often end up with no vacant parking spots, which can be frustrating. Your best shot at saving time in transit to the Airport would be booking a spot in advance before flying out. offers plenty of affordable deals for parking next to SFO at premium hotels and parking garages in San Francisco. Most of these San Francisco parking spots also provide all kinds of parking, like short-term, long-term, and valet parking at some of the best possible rates.

San Francisco Event Parking

There is never a dull day in San Francisco and home to numerous professional sports teams like the San Francisco Giants, the 49ers, and the Golden State Warriors. San Francisco is also a proud host of many annual events like the Chinese New Year Parade, San Francisco Pride, and the San Francisco Marathon, which all see a huge turnout. If you thought getting access to SF city parking spots was difficult, you are in for a surprise when it comes to event days. While most of the official parking garages in San Francisco offer parking spaces, they are costly. Your best shot at landing the best deals for affordable event parking in San Francisco would be to pre-book a San Francisco parking spot in advance through Log into the Way App or, search for the venue, select the event, and choose your parking in San Francisco.

Booking a spot through ensures that you get the best rates and premium services for San Francisco parking with details like SF parking map and rates offered at various lots.

San Francisco Parking FAQs

Where can I find the best deals for San Francisco Parking?

There are plenty of San Francisco parking lots that offer premium parking services at really affordable prices. However, most of these lots get sold out fast, and unless you pre-book parking at these SF city parking lots, chances are slim to get parking here. If it’s the best deals for parking in San Francisco that you seek, you need to park at lots like Eliff 344 14th St City Parking, Paradise Parking lot, Costco Impark Garage City Parking, and AA Parking (819 Ellis St.)

What are the rates for parking near San Francisco Bay Area?

Conventional rates for street parking near San Francisco Bay Area vary from $2 to $7 per hour, depending on the location. However, you can access plenty of San Francisco parking garages that offer covered parking in San Francisco starting at rates as low as $2 per hour. San Francisco also provides plenty of street parking metered parking spots, which are enforced from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Saturday.

Where can I find the cheapest parking in San Francisco?

Parking rates in San Francisco vary from one lot to another, depending on location and facilities offered. Parking garages in San Francisco located closer to prime areas like Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinatown, Union Square, etc., tend to be more expensive than those located farther away. If you want the absolute cheapest parking in San Francisco, you need to be parking at SF city parking garages like the Inn on Broadway, 1150 22nd St Parkayo City parking, and the 3400 Mission Street Parking lot.

Which are the most popular neighborhoods to park in San Francisco?

San Francisco is perfect for the explorers who love to roam around the nooks and crannies of a new city. However, it is best to avoid wandering into popular neighborhoods without pre-booking parking in advance for SF city parking. Chinatown, Burlingame, and Embarcadero are some of the most popular neighborhoods in San Francisco. Make sure you have a spot ready to park in San Francisco when you travel towards these locations.

Where can you park in San Francisco to get contactless parking?

The majority of San Francisco parking garages listed in offers premium amenities like contactless parking and covid-19 compliances. All these parking in San Francisco also provide cheap deals and well-maintained lots with security features. You can instantly check out the services provided at these lots by checking out the SF parking app (Way App) or browse the website for more details regarding these SF city parking lots.

Is the Way App a reliable SF parking app?

Yes. The Way App lets you compare the details of different parking garages in San Francisco, checkout services offered, find parking availability, and reserve a spot in advance. The Way App also provides a detailed SF parking map so that you don’t get lost looking for San Francisco parking spots. All you will need to do is search for a location, book parking and reach your guaranteed San Francisco parking spot when it’s time.

Are parking garages in San Francisco safe?

Yes. The majority of the parking garages in San Francisco are paved, well-maintained lots that provide contactless parking, around the clock security, and camera surveillance. However, that does not necessarily mean that your car is secure from everything. Make sure not to have any valuables lying exposed inside the car, as this increases the chance of someone breaking into your car at even the most secure parking garages in San Francisco.

Where can I go for street parking in San Francisco?

Street parking in San Francisco is enforced and maintained by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA). Parking meters in San Francisco are enforced from 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Saturday. You are free to park across all metered parking zones, but make sure you keep an eye out for the colored curb system. All parking meters in SF accept coins, pay-by-phone, credit cards, and SFMTA parking card.

Do SF city parking lots provide in/out privileges?

You can get in/out privileges at some of the SF city parking lots. However, all SF city parking lots do not provide benefits like in/out privileges. All San Francisco parking garages that offer value-added services like unlimited in/out privileges will have it mentioned at the garage entrance or website.

How accurate is the SF parking map provided in

The SF parking map provided in and Way App is precise and accurate. This can be very useful for visitors driving around San Francisco. Select your target destination in San Francisco, check the parking options in the area, and book your parking. The SF parking map can help you reach your San Francisco parking spot without getting lost.