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San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the largest airport in the Bay Area and the 7th busiest in the country. SFO airport serves as a major hub for United Airlines and Alaska Airlines, as well as the headquarters for Virgin America. In addition, SFO has nonstop flights to over 50 foreign destinations and 86 domestic destinations. The SFO Airport map above shows that the airport has a circular layout, with terminal boarding gate sections on the outside and parking and ground transit on the inside.

SFO Airport offers both hourly and daily parking. The SFO Airport parking map above shows which garages are close to which terminals. There are also several offsite SFO parking lots with shuttle services to the airport.

SFO has received recognition for its environmentally friendly approach to sustainability and effect. The airport also has amazing art exhibits, yoga rooms, play areas for children, and a "Wag Brigade" of dogs that greet travelers.

SFO Airport Quick Facts
Airport Name San Francisco International Airport
San Francisco Airport Code SFO
Terminals Four
Airport Address San Francisco, CA 94128
Distance from Downtown San Francisco 13 miles approx.
Official Website
Contact Number (650) 821-8211
No Of Destinations 125 destinations
Hub For Alaska Airlines, United Airlines
Flight Status: Departures and arrivals
TSA Wait Times

SFO Airport terminals

SFO has four terminals in total, three domestic and one international, with boarding areas labeled with the letters "A" through "G." All terminals can be reached by foot or by AirTrain. Most domestic flights, including those operated by Air Tran Airways, Alaska, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, and US Airways, depart from Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is home to American Airlines and Sir Richard Branson's much-loved Virgin America. United departs from Terminal 3. The Foreign Terminal handles all international arrivals and departures and Jet Blue and Sun Country operations in the United States.

International Terminal

The International Terminal includes a central main hall on level 3 for ticketing, services, stores, and restaurants. This is also where travelers may enter the BART Station for connections to San Francisco.

Arrivals and baggage claim are on level 2, and the AirTrain stations are on level 4. The departures area is divided into two concourses — A and G — with parking and AirTrain stations on either side.

Harvey Milk Terminal 1

Harvey Milk Terminal 1 is one of SFO's three domestic terminals, serving American Airlines, JetBlue, and Southwest Airlines. The terminal features one concourse with gates numbered B6 to B27 and a security checkpoint at the gate area's entrance.

Passengers can enter the secure area and walk to the International Terminal to connect to a flight. To get to any other terminal, you'd have to walk outside the guarded area or take the AirTrain.

Terminal 2

Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines fly from Terminal 2's two concourses, C2 to C11 and D1 to D18. Passengers can walk between Concourses C and D or use the walkway to connect to Terminal 3, but they must take the AirTrain to any other terminal connections.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 has 36 gates spread across two concourses. One concourse has gates numbered E1 to E13, while the other has gates numbered F1 to F22. This terminal is home to just United Airlines flights, as well as two United Club lounges and an American Express Centurion Lounge. Passengers traveling from an inbound aircraft to Terminal 3 to an international flight from the G gates can pass through the secure area along the connection bridge.

How to get between the terminals at San Francisco Airport


The AirTrain is a handy people mover that links travelers between terminals as well as to and from vehicle rental and long-term parking. Trains leave every 4 minutes and run 24 hours a day.

The red line circles the airport clockwise, halting at all the terminals, terminal garages, the BART Station, and the Grand Hyatt. The blue line circles all terminals, terminal garages, the BART Station, the Grand Hyatt, the car rental facility, and long-term parking.


As you can see on the SFO Airport Terminal map, all the terminals are connected in one big loop, making it easy to walk between them.

Connecting passengers from the International Terminal to Terminal 1 can leave the restricted area and walk a short distance to Terminal 1. Connections between gates C2 and C11 and gates D1 and D18 do not need reclearing security for passengers.

Passengers traveling between Terminal 3 and the International Terminal can use an airside connection bridge to reach Gates G in the International Terminal without having to reclear security. Two pathways link Terminals 2 and 3; one is pre-security, and the other is post-security. Connecting travelers at the International Terminal headed to gate A must go through security again.

Airlines at SFO

Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 3 International Terminal A International Terminal G
American Airlines Alaska Airlines United Airlines (Domestic) AeroMexico Aer Lingus
JetBlue Airways Delta Air Lines   Air France Air Canada
Southwest Airlines     Alaska Airlines Air China
      Avianca Air India
      British Airways Air New Zealand
      Cathay Pacific All Nippon Airlines (ANA)
      China Airlines Asiana Airlines
      China Eastern Copa Airlines
      China Southern EVA Air
      Copa Airlines Fiji Airways French Bee
      EL AL Israel Airlines Hawaiian Airlines
      Emirates Lufthansa
      EVA Air Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
      Finnair Singapore Airlines
      French Bee Sun Country Airlines
      Frontier Airlines Swiss International Air Lines
      Iberia TAP Air Portugal
      Icelandair Turkish Airlines
      Interjet United Airlines (International)
      Japan Airlines  
      KLM Royal Dutch Airlines  
      Korean Air  
      Philippine Airlines  
      Qatar Airways  
      Virgin Atlantic  

More information on San Francisco Airport

EV parking

All of SFO's public parking garages have special spots for plug-in electric cars. The best part is that the charge is free! Plug-in vehicle parking spots are first come, first served. Each parking spot is close to the building and has access to either a Level 1 charging outlet (110 V standard outlet) or a Level 2 charging outlet (240 V). All of the plug-in spots for electric vehicles are labeled "Green Vehicle Parking." Please note that if you want to use Level 1 charging, you must bring your own connection cable.

EV charging stations at SFO

Garage A of the International Terminal

  • Level 2 has 4 stalls (Near the Terminal walkway)
  • 15 booths are on Level 7. (Near AirTrain terminal)

Garage G at the International Terminal

  • 8 booths are on Level 1. (Near the elevators)
  • Level 3 has 4 stalls (near Terminal walkway)
  • 13 booths are on Level 7. (Near AirTrain terminal)

SFO long-term parking EV charging

  • Each level in Garage 1 from 2 to 6 has 6 stalls.
  • Each floor on Garage 2 from 2 to 6 has 18 stalls.
  • 24 booths are on Level 1.

Domestic Garage

Level 1 has 60 stalls (stalls are located in each section of the garage located adjacent to the elevator lobbies)

Oversized parking at SFO

Cars and trucks up to 8'2 "can park in Garages A and G for International Parking. For cars that are higher than 8' 2 ", you'll need to go to the Long-Term Parking area and ask the parking attendant for help.

Accessible parking at SFO

There are accessible spots close to the elevators in both the domestic and international parking garages that can be used by people who need them. In addition, shuttle buses that can take people in wheelchairs to and from the terminals run between the long-term parking lots and the terminals.

Pet relief areas in San Francisco Airport

All the terminals at SFO have pet relief areas. You'll find them in

  • In Terminal 1 near the Concourse B restrooms and the baggage claim level (outdoor courtyard)
  • In Terminal 2 at Concourse C, near gate C5; Restrooms on Concourse D; and Baggage claim level (outdoor courtyard)
  • In Terminal 3 in the Restrooms on Concourse F and the Baggage claim level (outdoor courtyard)
  • In the International Terminals (indoor area) near the end of Concourse A

Useful SFO Airport phone numbers

  • General information: (800)-435-9736
  • Parking information: (650)-821-7900
  • Airport Travel Agency: (650)-877-0422
  • Airport Butler: (855)-822-9868

SFO Security and Customs

Each terminal at SFO has two security checkpoints, except for Terminal 1, which has only one. TSA PreCheck lanes are available at all checkpoints in SFO for faster processing. The airport also offers a TSA PreCheck Enrollment Center at the G gates security checkpoint in the International Terminal.

How to get to San Francisco Airport


  • Travelers can take the BART rail to and from several Bay Area sites, including downtown San Francisco and Oakland. The BART station is located on the ticketing level of the International Terminal, on the G side.
  • Caltrain is a commuter railway that runs between San Francisco and San Jose. Passengers may transfer from the Caltrain to the BART at Millbrae Station, then to the airport trains at San Bruno Station.


  • SamTrans are public buses that take people from San Mateo County and San Francisco to SFO. Buses leave from outside Terminals 2, 3, and International Terminals A and G.
  • Charter bus services are available for booking. The airport's website has a list of operators.


At SFO, shuttles with shared and private rides are available from each terminal. You can book these in advance or set them up when you get there by check-in at the shared ride van monitor in the arrivals hall.


You can get a metered taxi at the arrivals level of each terminal. A taxi from SFO to downtown will cost approximately $43, depending on where you want to go and how busy it is.


Lyft, Uber, and Wingz are all available at SFO. Drivers can drop off and pick up passengers on both floors of the international terminal. Shared-ride services should depart from level 5 of the domestic garage, while private services should depart from the departures level.

Driving directions to San Francisco Airport

  • US Highway 101 offers a direct route to the airport from either downtown San Francisco or the East Bay after driving over the Oakland Bay Bridge.
  • People driving through San Francisco or Marin County can also use Park Presidio to 19th Avenue, which connects to Interstate 280 south.
  • Driving from San Francisco to the airport takes around 20-25 minutes in typical traffic.

Frequently asked questions

How many airports are there in San Francisco?

San Francisco has three international airports:

  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • Norman Y. Mineta San Jos International Airport (SJC)
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK)

How much is Uber from San Francisco Airport to downtown?

An Uber from SFO to downtown will cost you $32-40, depending on the type of ride and traffic.

How far is Oakland Airport from San Francisco Airport?

Oakland Airport and San Francisco Airport are over 30 miles away. It will take you approximately 30 minutes to get from OAK to SFO.

How far is Napa from San Francisco Airport?

Napa is around 60 miles away from San Francisco Airport. The estimated driving time is an hour and 5 minutes.

Is there a hotel in San Francisco Airport?

The Grand Hyatt at SFO is near the airport's main entrance, making it exceptionally easy to reach from any terminal.

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