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Chicago Parking

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Anyone who’s been to the bustling city of Chicago knows that the sights are an absolute delight – but finding cheap Chicago parking spots are the exact opposite! Whether you’re an out-of-towner just passing through or a long-time resident, parking in Chicago can be a bother. But don’t worry - there’s an easy ‘way’ out. With, you can find cheap street parking in Chicago at the touch of a button. Be it cheap parking in downtown Chicago or Chicago street parking catering to the city’s many attractions, has got you covered.

Finding a spot to park in Chicago amid the maze of restrictions and regulations can be an impossible task. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have other options – you just need to know where to look! With the app and website, you can pick from hundreds of cheap Chicago parking spots, all barely minutes from your destination. makes it easy for you to park in Chicago with minimal effort.

We can help you find parking garages that are barely a 5-minute walk from any Chicago stadium, theater, or attraction. All you need to do is get on the website or app, enter your Chicago parking destination and choose your check-in and check-out time to view all the Chicago parking spots near you. Choosing the best parking in Chicago is as easy as that!

Need to find cheap parking in Downtown Chicago, one of the more crowded parts of the city? Not a problem! Whip out the app and pick the best spots for downtown Chicago parking, all at great deals. You don’t even need to be in your car! Pre-book a Chicago Downtown parking spot from the comfy confines of your couch without having to suffer the traffic.

The best way to win at parking in Chicago is by reserving your Chicago parking spot ahead of time with

Parking Near Me in Chicago

Where are parking garages near me?

You can find the best parking garages in Chicago by using the app or website. would be able to easily find parking near you, it’s rates, and the type of parking such as valet parking. If you’re wondering “Where is cheap parking near me?”, you’re in luck! helps you sort parking rates near you to fit your budget, and at the cheapest parking rates around.

Where is street parking near me?

If you’re looking for ‘cheap parking near me’ options, street parking is definitely a way to go. Street parking near me would definitely mean find a non-main street near you. Chicago city has plenty of street parking located off the main roads. We recommend going closer to safe neighborhoods and alley ways for street parking at great rates. If you’re looking for more convenience, then go to the main streets most wide area where there’s usually street parking. However, keep in mind that it may not be available! Try searching up ‘parking garages near me’ instead for more Chicago parking options or use the app or web for an even easier and better experience.

Chicago Parking Rates

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Parking Type Chicago Parking Rates
Garage Parking $8 - $25
Uncovered Parking $10 - $16
Garage Valet Parking $10 - $35
Uncovered Valet Parking $10 - $17
Chicago Airport Parking

Chicago hosts two of the country's busiest airports – Midway International Airport (MDW) and O’Hare International Airport (ORD), which serve 22 million and 83 million passengers a year, respectively. Understandably, finding a drive-up spot for parking near either airport can be difficult. Reserving your Chicago parking spot in advance is the best way to avoid last-minute travel stress. has some of the best spots for parking near both the airports in Chicago. Most of these spots provide free shuttles to MDW and ORD and are located right next to Chicago’s best hotels. Choose from a wide variety of short-term, long-term, and valet parking options near Chicago MDW and ORD Airports at some of the best rates possible!

Ohare Airport Parking
MDW airport parking
Chicago Event Parking

Chicago is big on sports, having hosted professional sporting events for more than 150 years. The city has two Major League Baseball Teams – the Chicago Cubs of the National League, who play at the Wrigley Stadium, and the Chicago White Sox of the American League, who play at the Guaranteed Rate Field. The Chicago Bulls Basketball Team, the Chicago Blackhawks Hockey team, and the Chicago Marathon are also major draws.

Event parking in Chicago can be challenging to get. Unless you have a spot pre-booked in advance, it could be difficult to get event parking near Chicago stadiums or event venues. Avoid the unnecessary hassles by reserving a spot for Chicago downtown parking with Compare the facilities offered and prices across the different lots, and book your Chicago parking spot ahead, so the only thing you'll need to worry about on game day is whether your team will win!

Chicago Parking FAQs

Where can I find all-day parking in Chicago?

All-day parking in Chicago can be found in downtown Chicago, but parking restrictions vary depending on the street you're parking on. In the city, many Chicago parking garages offer all-day parking. Parking in residential areas is an option, but there are residential parking zones that strictly enforce Chicago parking permits. Chicago parking passes for guests can be purchased by someone living in a Chicago residential parking zone.

Where can I find Chicago street parking?

Street parking in Chicago can be found in downtown Chicago, the central business district, and the Loop areas. The hours of operations and cost (will be on the parking meters and signs) for Chicago parking meters will vary depending on where you park.

How much is Chicago street parking?

Chicago street parking rates vary by area and are usually limited to two hours. Street parking is highly enforced, and you will receive a Chicago parking ticket if you go over the paid time. 

Where can I find overnight parking in Chicago?

Overnight parking in Chicago can be found at metered spots after the hours of enforcement are over. Chicago parking garages that have 24-hour parking will have overnight parking available. Overnight Chicago parking is allowed on most downtown streets in the city, but make sure to check for no parking signs.

How much is overnight parking in Chicago?

For free overnight parking, downtown Chicago metered parking from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am will be your best bet.  Be sure to check the enforcement times on the meter to avoid getting a Chicago parking ticket.  Cheap overnight parking in Chicago is available in the Loop and will cost you about $3.25 per hour from 9:00 pm to 8:00 am. 

Where can I find monthly parking in Chicago?

When looking for monthly parking in Chicago, you need to consider a few factors like:  how often will you need your car? How big is your vehicle? How much do you want to spend? 

How much is monthly parking in Chicago?

Monthly parking in Chicago, on average, will cost you $180 - $300 for unlimited in and out privileges. If you do not need frequent access to your car, some monthly Chicago parking rates drastically decrease to $70 - $125 

If you're going to park your car for long periods and do not require frequent access, monthly downtown Chicago parking and Lakeview will be the best option.  24/7 parking is the most sought-after and most common type of monthly parking, giving you parking access at any time. 24/7 parking can be mainly found on the city's outskirts and is a more expensive type of monthly parking due to the Chicago parking tax. 

Where can I find free parking in Chicago?

Free parking in downtown Chicago is available at the meters on Sunday and after 9:00 pm to midnight. For street parking in Chicago, try unmetered parking spots on the street for free parking. Make sure to check all parking signs before leaving your car because hours for free parking may vary. There is free street parking in Chicago near downtown and the Loop at the United Center, west of Fulton Market.  Several stores and restaurants will validate a parking pass at nearby Chicago parking garages, making your parking free! 

How much is all-day parking in Chicago?

Chicago parking rates per day can cost up to $50, but on average will be around $34. However, these steep prices do not include ins and outs, because the city of Chicago parking tax is a tiered system based on each parking period. This means every time you leave, the garage gets taxed on parking rates of $2 and more.

Can Chicago parking be reserved in advance?

Yes! You can visit to reserve Chicago parking, daily parking, and monthly parking. If you are looking for the best Chicago parking app, download the Way app! 

Where can I find Chicago parking discounts and coupons?

You can find cheap parking in Chicago and discounted parking in Chicago through websites and parking apps like, Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Ebates.

What are some common Chicago parking rules?

The unofficial Chicago dibs system will not result in a parking ticket. Still, it could land you in hot water with your neighbors. The 'dibs' system is when someone shovels the snow out without a parking spot and puts a marker to save the parking spot for later.

How can I pay for a Chicago parking ticket?

Chicago parking ticket payments can be made online on the City of Chicago payment portal or at any city of Chicago payment centers. Make sure you pay your Chicago parking ticket as soon as you can. If you have 3 or more Chicago parking tickets, your vehicle may be booted by the city.

Which is the best parking app for Chicago parking?

The Way app is one of the best parking apps for Chicago parking. The app is pretty simple to use. All you need to do is get on the Way App, browse through hundreds of parking lots near your destination, choose the Chicago parking spot of your choice, and book instantly.

Chicago Parking Tips

On average, Chicago's automobile drivers waste around 145 hours waiting in traffic. Whether you commute to work in the morning or leave work in the evening, you face the possibility of getting stuck in the heavy Chicago traffic.

Here are a few tips to help you find parking in Chicago.

15 Minute Standing Zones - If you need to park in Chicago only for a few minutes, keep an eye out for these zones. Keep your hazard lights on to signal any nearby parking enforcement officials that you know the rules.

Validate your parking – Several Chicago restaurants and stores will validate your Chicago parking and that will let you park for free in a nearby garage. Make use of this facility to save some money on parking in Chicago.

Use to find affordable parking in Chicago - At, we have curated some of the best and affordable Chicago parking spots for your convenience. For regular commuters to find parking in Chicago, can be your solution. You can begin your day with the daily habit of using to find your convenient Chicago parking spot. As you drive through the city, your Chicago parking spot is already there waiting for you.

Choose contactless parking spots in Chicago for safety and ease of parking.

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