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Kauffman Stadium Parking

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Formerly known as the Royals Stadium, Kauffman Stadium is the home of MLB's Kansas City Royals. This makes it one of the prime sporting destinations in Kansas. Since it is part of the Truman Sports Complex, it is close to the Arrowhead Stadium, which hosts NFL games. The ballpark has a rich history of almost 50 years and has the capacity to hold more than 37,000 fans.

The stadium has hosted MLB All-Stars games in the past, but the stadium has also seen non-sporting activities. This includes music concerts, including the 2018 Billy Joel concert that recorded massive attendance. So, if you are a first-timer to the stadium, it would be better to learn about the options for parking around Kauffman Stadium.

Here are a few lots and garages near the Kauffman Stadium.

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Kauffman Stadium Parking FAQ’s

Where can I find parking at Kauffman Stadium?

The first choice is to look for official parking facilities at the ballpark. If you cannot find a vacant one or if it is too expensive for you, street parking can be a lifesaver. But the best choice is always getting an off-site parking garage near Kauffman Stadium at much lower rates.

Is there parking at Kauffman Stadium?

You can find many official parking facilities at Kauffman Stadium that are located at different entry points. Lots A, B, C, D, F, L, and G are general parking lots, and Lot N allows tailgating. Similarly, there is reserved parking at Lot J, H, and parts of A and B as well. Additionally, premium parking at Lot M can also be made use of, and each of these is available at varying parking rates.

Is there street parking near Kauffman Stadium?

Street parking is tough to find in this neighborhood. As there are two stadiums close to each other, most of the street spots will be packed hours before the start of the events. Even if you manage to find a vacant spot on the streets, it will be miles away from the stadium. Also, you do not want to commit a parking violation in these parts as it will severely hurt your finances.

Where can I find a parking garage near Kauffman Stadium?

If you are looking for affordable parking garages near Kauffman Stadium, a parking app can help you find one fast. The Way parking app will list all the nearby off-site garages along with the features and parking rates they offer. If you are lucky, booking parking through Way app can lead to special discounts or gameday deals.

Kauffman Stadium Parking Tips

Kauffman Stadium is home to Major League Baseball's Kansas City Royals. Thousands of fans attend each home game during the season, and major fixtures see record attendance.

It would be better not to look for street parking due to high demand and strict parking rules.

The official parking spaces are available as general parking and reserved parking, but availability during big games is not guaranteed.

Off-site parking garages near the stadium are both safe and affordable. You can enjoy the ballgame without worrying about the safety of your car because of facilities like camera surveillance and valet parking.