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Key Takeaways

  • Having business insurance is a wise decision regardless of your company's size.
  • The average annual quote for small business insurance in the country is only $792.
  • Business insurance can help pay for insured losses like lost income, legal fees, property damage, and other expenses.
  • If you've improved or altered your equipment or high operations, speak with your insurance agent to discuss the modifications and how they affect your coverage.

What is business insurance?

Businesses can be safe from economic damages with business insurance coverage from accidents that can also happen on the job. Many kinds of insurance are available for businesses, including protection against risks relating to employees, legal responsibility, and property damage.

Depending on prospective risks, which might change according to the firm's setting, businesses evaluate their insurance needs.

Why do you need business insurance coverage?

Regardless of what your business does or how big it is, it is a very smart idea to carry business insurance. Every business, whether a small sole proprietorship or a huge corporation, is prone to accidents, natural disasters, and lawsuits. It's an odd truth of conducting business. Therefore, you should obtain business insurance as soon as possible.

Average cost of business insurance

There isn't a good reason to go without insurance when the average national quotation for small business insurance is only $792 per year.

Average Small Insurance Business Cost by Policy Type

Type Of Policy Average Annual Premium
General Liability $792
Business Owner's Policy (BOP) $1,200
Professional Liability (E & O) $1,176
Worker's Compensation $1,344
Commercial Umbrella Policy $1,560

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Average Cost of Small Business Insurance by State

How to calculate business income for insurance

Reporting your sales or gross revenues is the first step in calculating your business income. These include all the goods and services your company offers for sale.

You should subtract the cost of goods sold from your revenues if your company manufactures or purchases things to sell and keep inventories. Therefore, when calculating your company's gross profit, you should do this.

Remember that any money you earn for your firm has business income. So, the majority of your company's income will come from sales as a result.

To begin your computation, take the following actions:

  • Determine your overall revenue.
  • Add up all of your revenue and then deduct all your operation costs. This cost determines the earnings before taxes for your company.
  • To determine the net income for your company, deduct taxes from this sum. Your business's revenue will be your net income.
  • The formula for business revenue is: Revenue minus expenses equals business income.

Types of business insurance

General liability insurance: This insurance helps your company pay for charges if you or an employee accidentally damage someone else's property.

Product liability insurance: If a consumer claims that a flaw in your product caused them harm or property damage, product liability insurance, which is a kind of general liability insurance, can shield your retail firm from having to foot the bill for legal bills.

Commercial property insurance: Nearly all the tangible assets you need to do business can be safe by commercial property. Up to your policy maximum, it will cover replacement expenses for your company's inventory, goods, and inventory and repairs to your building (if you own it).

General liability insurance and commercial property insurance combine into one package known as a business owner's policy (often referred to as BOP insurance), which contains all the coverage offered by those two insurance kinds.

Workers' compensation insurance: Workplace injuries are by workers' compensation insurance.

Business owners' coverage: This can assist in compensating missed wages and cover medical costs if an employee is injured while working. If you purchase business owner's coverage, you can also protect yourself.

Commercial auto insurance: For business owners who own or operate vehicles, commercial auto insurance is a must. If you or an employee is injured in a car accident while driving for work purposes or if the work vehicle is damaged, it may assist cover the costs of the damages.

Professional liability insurance: Professional liability insurance might shield you from lawsuits alleging negligence or work-related blunders. Errors and omissions (E & O) insurance is another name for this type of protection.

Additional business insurance products

Liquor Liability Insurance

Businesses that sell, serve, or distribute alcohol are safe by liquor liability insurance. This kind of business insurance can assist in paying claims for physical harm or property damage a drunken client commits after being provided with alcohol. A standalone policy and an endorsement of general liability insurance are available.

Inland Marine Insurance

A sort of commercial insurance called inland marine insurance helps in protecting goods, supplies, and machinery during on-land transportation by truck or train. In addition, this coverage intends to assist in defending portable, transportable, or utilized for communication company property.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employer's liability insurance is a type of protection that aids in covering a business owner's legal expenses if a worker gets hurt or ill at work. You would have to pay for these legal expenses out of your pocket without the employer's liability insurance, which can get expensive.

Rideshare Insurance

Rideshare insurance is a kind of auto insurance coverage that bridges the gap between your vehicle and the commercial auto insurance policy.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your company's physical assets are safe by commercial property insurance against theft, vandalism, storms, fire, explosions, burst pipes, and fire.

Excess and Surplus Lines Insurance

Excess and surplus lines insurance protects companies with a high-risk risk profile or a troubling loss history. Casualty insurance in high-risk regions and professional liability insurance in high-risk sectors are typical examples of coverage.

Employee Pet Insurance Benefit

Employees can select the coverage their pets require from various pet insurance alternatives their employers can provide. Employees can select a pet insurance plan that matches their pet's risk profile and anticipated care needs, much like human health insurance policies.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a legal agreement that commits an insurer to cover all or a portion of a person's medical expenses in return for a premium. Additionally, it can pay the healthcare provider directly or reimburse the policyholder for expenses incurred due to illness or accident.

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What does business insurance policy cover?

Business insurance can cover a variety of things, depending on the coverage you select and the sort of insurance you require:

  • Theft
  • Damage to property
  • Liability defense
  • Lawsuits
  • Auto insurance
  • Losing money
  • Employee illnesses and injuries
  • Workers' compensation
  • Customer injury

A business owner's policy (BOP) is another option. It is a bundle of insurance that combines general liability, commercial property, and company income insurance under a single policy.

What risks does the business insurance policy cover?

Business insurance can assist in covering the costs of covered losses such as lost revenue, lawsuits, property damage, and other costs. Businesses frequently purchase numerous coverages and combine several into one policy to assist protect against specific risks relevant to their circumstances.

Steps to buying business insurance

  • Examine your risks- Consider the different types of accidents, natural disasters, and legal disputes that could harm your company. For instance, commercial property insurance will assist in loss prevention if your company is in a commercial location vulnerable to seasonal occurrences like fires or hailstorms.
  • Choose a trustworthy licensed agent- Agents for commercial insurance can assist you in locating products that meet your company's requirements. Finding a professional agent who is as interested in your requirements as they are in their own is vital because they are paid commissions by insurance companies when they sell policies.
  • Compare prices- Benefits and costs can differ greatly. For insurance offers from several agents, you should examine prices, conditions, and perks.
  • Reevaluate each year- Liabilities increase along with the size of your business. To discuss changes to your business and how they affect your coverage, get in touch with your insurance agent if you've upgraded or changed your equipment or high operations.

Why choose as your business insurance company? keeps fostering the success of small businesses and the agents that support them, including you. And it has never been more crucial to assist your customers in choosing the proper insurance provider to keep their businesses safe and expanding.

With competitively priced policies, quick and simple quotations, coverages tailored for small business risks, and an unbeatable appetite, we're committed to making that decision simple every day.

Auto Insurance Data Methodology

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Quotes are typically based on a full coverage policy average unless otherwise noted within the content.

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How much is business insurance?

Only $792 a year is the average national quote for small-company insurance.

Do I need business insurance?

Every company with employees must, by federal law, have workers' compensation, unemployment, and disability insurance. Additionally, some states demand supplementary insurance.

How to get business insurance?

Consider your risks

Which small business insurance policies are suitable for your firm depends on the risks involved in your field of work.

Examine commercial insurance options

Research company insurance plans and the security they provide next. For example, if you own commercial property, you might need property insurance and liability coverage to protect yourself against litigation.

Request free estimates for small business insurance.

To compare prices from major insurance providers, complete the free online form on

What does business insurance cover?

Business insurance can help pay for insured losses like lost income, legal fees, property damage, and other expenses. In addition, businesses frequently buy multiple insurance policies and combine them into a single one to help protect against specific risks relevant to their situation.

How much is business insurance per month?

Business insurance costs almost $42 to 65 per month.

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